First of all, it’s impossible to believe that this is a genuine crises and not an October Surprise Heist created by the Crooks and Liars that have been running our country into the ground for the last eight years. It amazes me that an entire Congress full of blowhards and lawyers, can’t find a way to articulate what the hell is going on to the American People. Even Barack, so deft with language, cannot convey what Pelosi, Paulson, Boehner, Reed, Dubyah (well, forget him, I might as well add Palin if I include him),have failed to. Reason? They don’t know. Or in the usual authoritarian style, refuse to.
The fact of the matter is, Congress, has a conflict of interest. I don’t have a pension, a 401K, over $100,000 in the bank, or investments at risk. But the members of Congress do.
I say we insist that We The People be able to vote on this or NO DEAL. It’s clear to most of us, that this is most likely Robbery, and nothing else.
I can see personally, uneducated as I am in high finance, that many common sense solutions are available. $700Billion is a lot of money. Economists, have offered all sorts of solutions. But, we are, and the Congress is, being bullied with fear, for a fast solution.The only reason they give us is that if we don’t turn over the last dollars in the coffers, credit will dry up. To me, that sounds like a good idea. Isn’t it time to for the whole country to stop getting more credit when we can’t afford to buy any more? Credit, is the whole problem in the first place. I say if you don’t have money, you can’t buy. If that hurts Walmart or Gap or Exxon or the gamblers on Wall Street, so be it. If you got suckered into putting your home at risk so you can go on vacation, or put your kids in private schools, or buy overpriced crap for Christmas, tough.
Now, we’re supposed to just what, feel sorry for how hard and long the Leaders and banking committees have had to work for the last few days and based on that, give them what they want? Huh?
Stop the war in Iraq for one. These guys just appropriated billions more for THAT money pit.I’ve never run a huge complicated business, but I’ve run a small one or two. And, when I’m not making the kind of money I want to be making because the buyers aren’t buying…I don’t go to the government and ask them to give me money and continue sinking bucks I don’t have into the same losing proposition. First, you try to improve your product, or try another. If that doesn’t work, you try to get your money back, being resigned to not getting it all back, but enough to not go under or wind up in debt. AS far as I can see, no one is making that effort at all.
What if banks, made mortgage payments affordable,and stop penalties, and interest rate hikes,rather than foreclosing and winding up with a property they can’t sell, and throwing people into an even more unstable economic situation? What if credit card companies do the same?
Imagine if $700 Billion were used to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles or even small fuel efficient ones to sell to Americans so we can stop using so much gas, or invest in public transportation, or green industry training programs, or reopening closed factories and reclaiming America’s manufacturing sector?
I know this is unsophisticated as hell, like I said, I’m no financier..but the idea of giving over the treasury so more credit can continue being manipulated, seems insane to me.
The Congress has been intimidated and can’t be trusted to make this decision.
The so called rebel Republicans in the House seem to think perpetuating the Insurance business will save the day. Insurance, as far as I’m concerned, should be against the law. This is the perfect opportunity to just let that concept go down the tubes. I’d trust the Mob to come through before today’s insurance companies!
So, in my humble opinion, I say we demand to be able to vote on this giveaway. I say we threaten to not pay our bills, or taxes, credit cards, car payments, none of it, if we are not allowed to make this decision. The Congress are self involved with fear of losing their own wealth.
Meanwhile, it seems that the very merging that created the too big to fail situation, is perpetuating. Now we have TWO giant banks too big to fail. I don’t see any end to it.
I say, NO DEAL. America says NO DEAL.Since Congress is not listening, demand a vote.Enough is enough.

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