When Obama says “John McCain just doesn’t get it“, he is correct according to a helluva lot of military families.

Military Families For Obama Disgusted With McCain Pandering

I can tell you that there are many military families who not only DON’T hero-worship John McCain, but resent deeply his seemingly endless ability to play on his war service and navy family for political purposes while, at the same time, voting against veteran’s benefits time and time and time again.

As one said, “I’m glad he keeps bringing up his support for veteran’s issues. That only gives us an opportunity to point out the facts of his record.”

I concur with what one family wrote….McCain is shameless.

If he gets control of our gov’t he will continue to exploit our troops for his own shameless purposes. In fact the bookmaker’s odds of bringing back the DRAFT are 4 to 1 under a McCain presidency.

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