However certain scientists like Otto Rössler are scared it may get out of control and consume the earth, A few others fear intense radiation.

Let’s stop discussing and start defending ourselves from the madness of trying to create a mini Black Hole.

When the first Atomic Bomb was developed many scientists feared it would consume the earth. Next was the fear that gene spicing insecticide into plants would kill off all insects, and might even poison mammals. Maybe this is what is killing the bees.

Perhaps we can luck out and the earth not end up being destroyed by a Black Hole after all. But if we stop this, it could be a precedent for stopping the next doomsday machine or experiment that might.

Let’s stop being sheep and cows and march on our UN and demand that our United Nations stand up for us all for a change. We can have a sit-in if need be. But UN officials getting some real respect as world government leaders might make them show a little responsibility for a change.

I know little about the danger except for Black Holes passing thru the earth near the speed of light can cause far less damage than a more stationary object. With 9/11, I know the government could have seized construction secrets, which would explain no good picture of the Pentagon crash. Since few people strangely died on the ground at the Pentagon.

Let’s defend our earth! Normal everyday mad science can be as dangerous as bin Laden. There is a good chance, that if it is dangerous to create a Black Hole as the Atom Smashing scientists get closer and closer, there will be some kind of warning that it is really dangerous, but that could inspire future bin Ladens to try to make it dangerous enough to be a powerful weapon without destroying everything, or perhaps threatening to destroy everything unless the world gives him what he wants. If curious scientists are prevented on finding out how to make massive implosion out of raw research, it will delay anyone trying to do so for military reasons. Let’s march on our UN and demand our limited world government institutions firmly say no. say no?

What day should we choose to march on the UN and demand that our UN world governmental leaders, say, “no”.

A friend of mine an armchair scientist, got me to read this material, but I freaked out when I discovered that mini Black Holes passing all the way thru the earth at nearly the speed of light was used as a debating tactic to belittle the dangers of a stationary Black Hole. Would a scientist join me in presenting a call to march on the UN with a little more scientific detail included?,

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