John McCain has a gambling problem

    McCain’s Gambling Problem

    Only six members of Congress have received more money from the gambling industry than Mr. McCain, and five hail from the casino hubs of Nevada and New Jersey, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics dating back to 1989. In the presidential race, Senator Barack Obama has also received money from the industry; Mr. McCain has raised almost twice as much.

    In May 2007, as Mr. McCain’s presidential bid was floundering, he spent a weekend at the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas strip. A fund-raiser hosted by J. Terrence Lanni, the casino’s top executive and a longtime friend of the senator, raised $400,000 for his campaign. Afterward, Mr. McCain attended a boxing match and hit the craps tables.

    For much of his adult life, Mr. McCain has gambled as often as once a month, friends and associates said, traveling to Las Vegas for weekend betting marathons. Former senior campaign officials said they worried about Mr. McCain’s patronage of casinos, given the power he wields over the industry. The officials, like others interviewed for this article, spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Do we really need someone like this gambling our money and future away?

    We’re finally seeing who the true Elitist is. The man who wears $500 shoes, the adulterer and gambler with a wife with a drug problem, the man with 7 houses and 13 cars, the man raised by an absentee Admiral father. Yes John McCain whose only credit is being shot down in Vietnam and captured by the enemy is the TRUE Elitist. A man completely out of touch with the rest of America!

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