Dear Congressman Waxman;

I disagree that failing to bail out these idiots who over-extended themselves will result in financial disaster for the entire country. Our nation is more than AXN, or WAMU, or Lehman or Bear Stearns.

We are better than that, Congressman. Have some faith that the resilience of the American People will not permit a total chaotic situation to occur in our country and around the world. Pushing this huge aid package thru without careful consideration and much better planning than that which caused the trouble in the first place is foolish and irresponsible. You and the rest of our congressional representatives need to step back, take a deep breath, and consider some alternatives before dumping a huge pile of money after the bad to try to plug holes. You need to fix the holes first, then carefully put small amounts into the system with meticulous oversight from all angles and aspects of the situation. To give the Secretary of the Treasury such far reaching and unfettered power is far worse than foolhardy, it is stupid and unwarranted, and is in violation of Constitutional protections. We’ve already lost enough of THEM to Bush/Cheney power grabs.

There is a suggestion floating around the internet to give every American over 18 years of age $450,000 and allow them to spend it in ways such as paying off mortgages, paying down College Loans, paying taxes on the money, and pretty much eliminating personal debt and obligations while at the same time putting a lot of dollars into the bank and into the economy. It makes a lot of sense, and with the taxes we would have to pay it would cost substantially less than the $700,000,000,000 Bush is demanding. I would be happy to forward you the letter, but I have given you the essence of the idea.

It is time to stop giving the President everything he asks for because he is pushing panic buttons. You believed him about WMDs and the terrorists threats. Big mistake! Bush & Cheney continue to lie to us and to try to frighten us into doing what they want. Well, it is time to stop them from “crying wolf” whenever they want to seize a bit more power and usurp a little more of our Constitutional Protections. They were wrong, or they lied to all of us about almost everything in the past. Don’t believe them now, Senator. You are too intelligent and too experienced and you should not be fooled into dumping huge sums after bad debt and stupid business practices.

Remember the saying: “Act in haste, repent at leisure!” Please slow down and stop giving Bush control and everything else he asks for. He is a fool and why should we believe a lying fool? Just because he has the title does not mean that he has the intelligence to act wisely. He proved that time and time again. Now it is time to stop. Table everything until after the elections and the new President takes over. I’ll vote and hope that it won’t be McCain.

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