I posted this on my blog a while back and I think it’s due to post here. With the economy in crisis the way it is I just haven’t had time to keep up with my blogging on Sarah the Liar Palin. Hope you like it. Stop by the blog if you want and remember to support the sponsors, they make it happen. http://twocanpete.blogspot.com/

Back in April I did a piece, entitled How Many Pull-Ups Can She Do?, on the double standards in the military for physical fitness and how unreasonable it is to hold female recruits to ridiculously low physical fitness standards while male recruits are forced to tow the line or get out. I seems we also have a dual set of standards in our political arena. Only this time it is the conservative Republicans that are trying to bend the rules in favor of an unqualified woman. John McCain and the Republican party have decided to field an untested, unqualified, and scandal plagued woman as their Vice Presidential candidate and the minute someone criticizes their choice they are branded as a sexist. It is high time to exercise some common sense in this matter. The Vice President’s office is far too important a job to be handicapped. Remember, nine of them have become President while serving as V.P. That’s over 20% or one in five! There is no room for the B-team in the White House. We must demand first-stringers only. Sarah Palin is no more qualified to be the Vice President of the United States then the female recruit in the military is qualified to wear the same uniform as the male recruit who is required to pass an entirely more demanding set of physical tests. Sarah Palin can no more lead this nation then a 95 pound female recruit can drag a full grown man out of fox-hole across a bullet ridden battle zone. And no, I don’t care about the one in one million female that can pull that soldier to safety. Let her pass the same test as the male recruit and when she does more power to her. Let John McCain bring out a mentally fit and experienced female V.P. candidate and her gender will not be an issue. As they say, equal pay for equal work.

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