I posted an piece on my blog a while ago addressing the pending financial crisis. Right now it seems pretty relevant so I’m posting it here as well. You can find it @: http://twocanpete.blogspot.com/2008/03/if-you-pint-it-they-will-spend.html I’ve added a bit of an epilogue for the Paulson / Bush gang, not that they didn’t allready have steps 11 and 12 memorized.

Follow the instructions below for economic disaster.

1. Ship your manufacturing base to a third world country.
2. Convince working class that they will be ‘retrained for better jobs’.
3. Replace some manufacturing jobs with service jobs that pay much less.
4. Actually improve the lot of a select few so that you can tell the rest they are just lazy.
5. Leave millions unemployed or underemployed.
6. Refuse to pay unemployment benefits after six months and refuse to count anyone who is not receiving benefits as unemployed.
7. Lend several trillion dollars to the newly underemployed so that they will feel like they are still getting ahead.
8. Ship remaining good jobs to third world country.
9. Cut off credit line to indebted, underpaid former factory workers and middle managers.
10. Print more money like there’s no tomorrow so that all the banks and credit card companies can be reimbursed for their bad loans.

post script
#11. Now tell Congress they have to give you blank check to pay for the whole mess or the sky will come fall down on them. They’re mostly all chickens anyway so this shouldn’t be a problem.
#12. Finally, cash in all your worthelss dollars for commodities, and foriegn currincies and tell the suckers in America to kiss your butt as you head for the nearest tax haven of your choice!

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