EPA won’t limit toxic pollutant in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided there’s no need to rid drinking water of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has fouled public water supplies around the country.

The ingredient, perchlorate, has been found in at least 395 sites in 35 states at levels high enough to interfere with thyroid function and pose developmental health risks, particularly for babies and fetuses, according to some scientists.

This should be a crime. If this was China, or some other country, we would be in an outright uproar.

Well, if the officials at the EPA, FDA, FCC, etc. etc won’t do their high paid jobs and protect the people of the USA from this crap, it’s time to just get rid of them altogether.

We’re so deep in debt right now, that we could use the extra money. Let these damn bureaucrats see how the Average Joe lives without a Federal job and all it’s cushy benefits.

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