I thought that this article from a forum friend was worth posting here, even though I don’t necessarily agree with Doc Carney’s conclusion.

We have gone through a series of know-nothing, anti-immigrant, anti-Irish and anti-Catholic periods in our national history, as well as the ongoing anti-black attitudes that persist to this day. But we got past part of it at least enough to elect an Irish Catholic man who became one of the most popular icons of our national political history. I’d hope that we can do the same with a black person.

Please, don’t mistake my reasoning. I have no intention of voting for Obama, and it has everything to do with his politics. Nor do I plan to vote for his rival, and that also has everything to do with his politics. I’d hope that Obama or any other candidate would stand or fall solely on the issues and not on his/her ancestry.

Most sincerely,

T. J. Flapsaddle

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