Why vote for Obama?

John McCain has had approximately 20 years of being a senator: however, where are those accomplishments as a legislator?

More often than not McCain agreed with and voted for the Bush administration’s bills and packages that have led us all to this unsteady point in history.

McCain voted for the deregulation bill that enabled most of the financial problems we are having today.

McCain is one of the few who continue to want to stay in Iraq with a full U.S. military presence. Even Bush has moved towards a timeline of withdrawal.

McCain wants to break-up the “good ol’ boy” politics in D.C., but he has been a part of that sort of politics for more than 1 decade.

The fact that Obama is intelligent and a good problem solver is one of the best qualifications for the presidency — or are Americans just willing to have another rigid thinker in the White House?

McCain has about the same “lack of experience” becoming a president as does Obama, just being a senator for all those years does NOT automatically determine that he will be a better president.

By his own admission, McCain has failed leadership skills throughout his life.

Physically, Obama is younger and in better health than McCain. Health becomes a major factor in doing a job well under constant stress and must be a consideration in selecting the next president.

When I listen to McCain, I consistently hear lies and/or cover-ups. I also often hear the diversion of many questions that are asked of him. I mostly hear rhetoric instead of real solutions.

With Obama, he answers each question candidly and honestly. He is a thinker with rational responses.

Obama has EXCELLED at most everything he has accomplished — including being at the head of his Columbia and Harvard Law classes.

In comparison, McCain has been close to last in most of his efforts and achievements. At best, McCain is mediocre.

In addition, a president is as good as the team of advisors he brings to the table. Obama will have a host of military, industrial and financial leaders, just as McCain will have. These are the people who will advise and guide us all into the next decade.

While a long-time member of the Republican Party, I will vote for Obama.

The mere presence of Palin on the McCain ticket is a “slap in the face” of American taxpayers and is another reason to vote for Obama and Biden.

I hope more people will consider voting for Obama.

We need a REAL change in presidents — NOT a 70-year old “maverick” who will continue most of the Bush policies that have and still continue to hurt the majority of Americans.