“We had to act quickly to resolve this issue.” — GWB


Since when do Bush and Congress move quickly to resolve issues unless it benefits special interests?

They moved quickly to deregulate certain industries, e.g., health care, electricity, higher education, etc.

They moved quickly to increase overseas expenditures into the TRILLIONS, e.g., Iraq war and reconstruction.

They did little or nothing to ease our daily living costs, e.g., health care, utilities, energy [gas, oil, electric], pharmaceuticals, public school and higher education, etc.

They did little to regulate fast and easy credit that got AIG and others into this mess in the first place.

Little was done to curb THE NEED FOR GREED that pushed for endless profiteering among the Bush administration’s special interest comrades.

To listen to his reasoning you would think no one in the administration or in Congress saw this coming.


It’s a financial Armageddon that already has hit most Americans and now is trickling up to financial institutions, the stock market and businesses.

Bush further states that it won’t help to point fingers at whose fault this is because it is his fault. It is the fault of his administration and the fault of our do-nothing Congress.

This issue slowly blossomed into a devastating financial tsunami that everyone could see beforehand, if anyone was watching it.

Consequently it is not far-fetched to consider that this occurrence fits into the plans of the current and future administrations. When the new administration takes over the White House it will be hard-pressed not to push for the privatization of various federal and state programs and services, after all, the government won’t have enough tax dollars left to manage and operate them.

Beware, voters and taxpayers. Keep your savings in your mattresses.

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