Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:

All a part of the irresponsible Bushian design

Thanks to the Bush administration U.S. taxpayers have watched helplessly as TRILLIONS of their tax dollars were diverted to Iraq and other areas of the Mid-East in the first movement that brought BILLIONS in profits to wealthy special interests.

Then the administration ensured that easy credit was made available to businesses and citizens so that plastic ruled our fates, as foreign nations like China provided huge loans to cover irresponsible goals and objectives.

Loan companies irresponsibly permitted and approved questionable and ill-fated business, personal and home loans without reservation.

Enter the “Red Dragon”

Now the administration and Congress approved the largest bailout ever in U.S. history, eliminating the huge debt of AIG, so that more BILLIONS will be diverted and forced upon U.S. taxpayers to burden more irresponsible actions by the corporate sector.

No wonder the stock market started its progressive rebound. The slate has been wiped clean for one of its primaries — so, the question is, “Who will be next in a bailout of debt?”

Now that U.S. debt has increased substantially and our interest payments to foreign nations will continue to hover over U.S. taxpayers for many years to come, what will happen next?

American voters must realize that if the McCain / Palin administration seizes power in the White House, it will enable the next phase of the Bush administration’s plan.

McCain and Palin will announce that due to the huge U.S. debt many critical programs, agencies and social services must be privatized.


Medicare and Medicaid Social Service Programs
Medicare Prescription Drug Program
Social Security Administration [retirement]
Veterans Administration Services
Border Patrol Management
Public Schools
Universities and Colleges
Various Federal and State Pensions Investments.

Privatization has been the Bush plan all along. It will provide endless profiteering to wealthy special interests who during the past 7 years already have made more profits than ever before.

As special interests continue to gain more wealth and power, the majority of Americans will NOT share in that inverted “prosperity”.

To vote for McCain / Palin assures Americans that the economic tragedy will continue for most U.S. taxpayers. Consequently, it is imperative that voters become aware of the progressive steps taken by the Bush administration.

It is vital that American voters recognize that the Bush doctrines and policies will continue under the McCain / Palin administration.

Make no mistake. Regardless of the current GOP rhetoric of “change”, there will be no change for the better — there WILL be a progressive change for the worse.

Americans can NOT afford a continuation of GOP rule. The Bush dynasty must end in January.

We must vote AGAINST the McCain / Palin ticket. It is our manifest destiny.

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