Do you have a plan?!

What if, just what if you wake up one day and discover that the U.S. dollar has imploded to half its valuation, then the day after half again, etc.?!

Think it can’t happen then you best think again. It’s happened many times throughout history when “check-kiting” promissory thieves debased a nation’s currency over a many year period with the end result a nation of broke citizens! Folks, it’s called “hyperinflation” and it seems where the USD is headed…!

Franklin Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of gold from the citizenry in the 30’s claiming it would be beneficial for recovery from the depression. The scheme was to take something of value away from the people so the Federal Reserve could go on its merry path to create fiat money; ie., prosperity out of thin air.

Lyndon Johnson further debased our currency by taking silver out of circulation by discontinuing the redemption of the U.S. silver certificate;ie, the U.S. dollar for silver.

Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1974 when foreign banks began to drain our national gold reserves by demanding payment concerning the balance of trade in gold bullion.

Our coinage has been debased by turning once copper pennies into copper plated steel slugs. Dimes, quarter, half dollars, and the once vaunted silver dollar has been reduced to nothing but “pot metal” slugs only fit to operate vending machines!

These thieves that we’ve so foolishly sent to D.C. are no different than the “James Gang” robbing trains loaded with gold coins and bullion as their shipment.

My unsolicited advice to all Americans at this time is to consider buying physical gold with any excess capital that might be at their disposal. Buy 1/10th ounce coins and pay the premium because gold is headed for a “moonshot” in time. Whole ounces are too dear of an investment, but you’ll be glad you have protected some of your meager or greater savings in the form of gold bullion coins. Do not get involved with silver. Those that have the gold will make the rules in times to come.

The next to address is your family stores in terms of food, toiletry, first aid and general items that might be necessary for your basic survival. You stock up on whatever you feel you need on a daily basis. Forget about superfluous items and focus on that which it truly necessary.

Stick to canned goods and stay away from expensive freeze dried foods etc. Canned goods are packed in their own juices or water and there’s no need for water-based
reconstitution. You can heat the cans directly. Can grips for doing so are available in most camping related outlets nationwide. It’s a gripper that allows one to grip a hot can while you are heating the contents over a fire or on a stove.

Purchase butane/propane camp stoves provided by Coleman and other companies that provide a comfortable, user friendly cooking surface for your activities. Also have basic fire starting devices, such as waterproof matches, long nosed butane lighters, and even the high tech friction spark lighters that are available. Being able to start a fire either high or low tech is fundamental to survival. Learn how to start a fire with bow and drill like “Survivor Man” and you’ll feel quite smug and empowered with your ability to make fire.

Purchase a compliment of fresh water storage bottles in order to store water for cooking and consumption. For families a 55 gallon blue plastic barrel/s would be appropriate with a hose bib installed at the bottom elevated on cinder blocks. The water can be treated with a teaspoon of bleach for the entire 55 gallon contents. Change the water out at least bi-monthly and retreat as necessary. Also stock up on bleach which is the cheapest way to disinfect a large array of containers and receptacles.

Sleeping bags, warm, lightweight comforters and other such necessaries are imperative depending on your climatology. Synthetic insulation techniques are superior to goose down etc. So Dacron Fiberfill II or whatever the current technology might be is best since they repel the absorption of water and can provide warmth much more quickly to the human body.

Flashlights, extras batteries in quantity, long burning candles both large and of tea candle size, first aid supplies are in order. A battery operated AM/FM/Shortwave radio with a hand crank Faraday type of electromagnetic power supply is in order for your link to what’s happening in the outside world. There are solar battery chargers available too, so look into obtaining one.

Also sanitation needs to be considered; such as toilet paper. My recommendation is to purchase portable toilet seat affairs available through Cabelas and other outlets that allow one to fasten such to 5 gallon poly pail containers. They also have a chemical additive to sanitize and to stretch the usage between disposal to deeply dug sanitation disposal holes. Also purchase a bag of quicklime available Ag supply stores for the facilitation of the breakdown of organic matter. Lack of attention to proper sanitation can have deadly consequence.

Stock up up on your prescription meds and other over the counter meds that are part of you daily regimen.

As far as defense is concerned the best weapons of choice are the .22 rimfire round and the 12 gauge shotgun. My suggestion is to purchase a Ruger .22 semi-auto rifle and the Model 1200 Winchester Defender pump shotgun. The .22 rimfire is available in many different loadings from subsonic 60 grain rounds to to higher velocity 38 grain rounds approaching that of the .22 Winchester Magnum load. There are many different loads availble for shotguns from 7 1/2 birdshot to 00-000 buckshot to rifled slugs etc. These various rounds will provide protection for various situations and one can stagger the content of their tubular magazine, starting off with the first round a the bird shot level to the final at the buckshot zone.

So my recommendation is to have some plan for survival and to not stupidly have faith in your 401K or bank statements as being physical realities. Cash in some of your “paper holdings” if any, and take care of family survival priorities first. Pay the meager 10 percent early withdrawal penalty plus taxes if under age 59 1/2, but feel smug knowing you kicked the habit of being a “printout junkie” and living in the far off “Fantasy Island” world of being a retiree living on the many years building of a retirement fund. It’s “bullshit” and you are not going to retire under this bogus paradigm. Sorry, but it’s a “FACT”. Doubt me at your own peril!

They’ve got your money and they in turn supply nothing, but monthly printouts stating what you might be worth in time; in the meantime they’ve got your life’s savings in their criminally disposed mitts.

This is my first blog posting to this site and it’s my concern for my fellow CHB and RR members relative to their ultimate survival that has prompted me to do so. Too bad it has to be under what I consider to be grave, impending circumstances. I can see fear in the eyes of these lying sob’s that run this once great nation when they stand before the cameras. They surely have a “plan” for us…NOT!

The U.S. and the Western nations are going to go down and they are going down “hard”, it’s simply a matter of time and we are now in the countdown mode to midnight!

Feel free to ask questions or supply additional ideas concerning these survival related issues.

God bless America and its good citizens and it is my hope that the criminals that have taken over this once great Republic pay for their crimes against “we the people” and those that have shed their blood so dearly for the maintenance of our freedom since its founding.

Truly a tragic ending for that which is the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known…!

Carl Nemo **==


  1. bryan mcclellan

    Might I add to the list Sir; A water purification unit made by British Berkefeld. Total gravity water purification which through the use of reusable/ceramic stone filters can take pond or stream water and make it potable.This is not a pressurized system.

    We have had ours for over ten years now and though the old filters appeared new when washed we opted to change the filters once in that time as our city water is suspect/full of carcinogens and ecoli/fluoride and chlorine. These units remove heavy metals and bacteria by trapping them on the surface where they can be easily removed with a green scratchy and water,simple and efficient.

    This system is also known as the missionary’s safe water source as it was developed by an English company for use by aid workers/military when Britannia had many interests in third world countries where potable water was nearly non existent.

    Great heads up info my man, people really need to wake up to the fact that if the crash hits as hard as it may ones neighbors can be just as dangerous to contend with as the government when food and staples become scarce.My advice is not to sing too loudly, but be quietly prepared and potable water is #1 on the list.Thanks again.

    P.S. Clean water may also be a bartering chip in the future, it costs more for a quart of water at the local convenience store than a quart of beer.Un freaking believable!

  2. Carl Nemo

    I’ve been meaning to thank you Bryan McClellan for your suggestion concerning water purification. I’ve researched the product and I must say this is the premier water purification system bar none.

    I have a well water system that’s been tested as extremely pure with little to no trace elements and zero pathogens, but since I have a well system I must use my generator to bring the water up from its 144 foot depth in the event of a power outage. Of course I store potable water in 5 gallon bottles so I don’t have to do so on a short term basis, but a lengthy outage requires me to fire up the gen. I also store water in 30 and 55 gallon barrels supported on cinder blocks with convenient hose bibs. I can tote water from these barrels into my home and fill toilet tanks so one can flush to the septic system. I really don’t like generators because of the noise and prefer powering electrical items via inverters driven by batteries that can be recharged.

    So your gravity fed water purification system is ideal for survival purposes. I have ponds on my property and living in the Pacific Northwest we have no shortage of water. This will allow me in the event a lengthy outage should occur to simply gather pond water and to pour it into the top chamber of the Berkefeld system and be supplied with safe drinking and cooking water. I could still use pond or gray water for toilet purposes in the event fuel should not be available for running a generator.

    Here’s a handy link to the product. I’ve ordered one, although I have no need to put it to use immediately due to the fact I’m blessed with quality water from my well which is fed by an underground aquifer from the Mt. St. Helens drainage system.

    I have no financial interest in the James Filter Company. People are encouraged to search various sites for the best price etc. As Bryan, I highly recommend this product to folks that need to address their drinking water situation on a daily basis or for those that might have a need in a grave domestic survival situation.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. woody188

    I am going to suggest foregoing the precious metals. You can’t eat gold. The government will confiscate it if you try to trade it. Go for more supply type items like sewing needles, soap, bulk emergency candles by the case, and camping type supplies. Get food, food, and more food. Perhaps some types of fuel. Don’t forget the aspirin and some of the other cold and flu drugs. And have a few first aid kits as doctors may not be available.

    Have things that are small, necessary for life, and easy to barter as bartering locally will replace currency until the Amero is unveiled.

    Skip the propane and white gas camp stoves and go for Sterno type cooking fuel. It’s cheap, portable, easy to use, and lasts a long time. One can the size of a cat food can lasts 6 hours. It also doesn’t require pressure or any maintenance. It’s easy to fashion a stove from an old tin can or even from sticks.

    I also prefer higher caliber rounds. 22’s are great cheap ammo and they will make a person think twice about bothering you but I would not go below a 9mm. I prefer a 44 special. I also reload so I prefer center-fire rounds so I can reuse my shells. Probably the thing I hate most about my Glock is that it destroys casings so they can’t be reused. The shotgun is more for hunting small game like rabbits than protection.

    Skip the toilet paper and use your hand or scrap paper. Don’t be a wuss, it’s not that gross. It went in and came out of you. My relatives used the Sears catalog in the outhouse. Spend the savings on more bleach and food. A small amount of bleach can also be used to clean drinking water in a pinch. Just be careful as too much would be bad for your health too.

    Build a windmill and add solar panels. Centralized power generation was always a bad idea. You’ll save money now, and you will have power when no one else does. Gas generators aren’t any good when gas stations do not have any power to pump the gas into your can. Gas also may not be affordable. Not to mention the danger of having volatile fuels stockpiled. Or the fact that gasoline goes bad over time.

    Colder climates will want to have a wood burning stove or some other type of back-up heating.

    Make sure you have a working bicycle. People power might be the only means of getting around. Don’t forget a manual pump to keep the tires inflated and some grease for the chain and axles. Might not be a bad idea to have some spare parts for that bike as well.

    Some great advice. Just adding my 2 soon to be worthless cents.

  4. Carl Nemo

    Thanks both to Bryan and Woody for your constructive feedback.

    Obviously I couldn’t cover every aspect of preparedness, so follow up ideas will surely help. My recommendation concerning the purchase of gold coins is mainly for when the dust settles and the possibility of the government reissuing a new currency. Those with no assets will be issued a starter amount of cash, and those with holdings will have their old money redeemed on a reverse scale; ie., for every $100 of the old currency you’ll get x number of dollars of the new etc. or it won’t be linked to an exchange rate at all. They may even try to launch their NWO dream of a cashless society.

    Gold, then as now will be worth far more than any government hatched scheme to reissue new currency. If they confiscate gold again then there will no doubt be a black market in gold. People as now will have little trust in their government after having had their way of life destroyed by irresponsible governance and won’t be keen on turning their gold, silver or whatever else they’ve hoarded of value to government authorities.

    Also it is not advised to get involved with precious stones such as diamonds etc. I once had a diamond broker tell me why “diamonds are forever”. He said once you buy them, you are stuck with them forever relative to redeeming them anywhere near what you paid for them. Take a diamond ring to a pawnbroker and it will give you an idea as to how much its worth. Take a gold bullion coin in to the same shop and he’ll redeem it for it’s true value less a fee for its redemption no different than a coin dealer. Gold is recognized worldwide down through the ages as a totally liquid, fungible form of money. Silver is not a precious metal and although better than nothing will have questionable value to people that are in need of survival stores.

    During the crisis period, barter will be the order of the day whether it’s drinking water, boxes of ammo, canned goods or whatever else one can imagine. Only an idiot would flash gold coins during such a crisis.

    Little do people realize except those that have been through massive earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters that their fellow men and women might represent a far greater threat to their personal safety than the event itself.

    I’ve talked to several old timers who fought in the Greek resistance against the Germans during WWII. They did so as very young men too; ie., in their early teens. One thing they discussed were the hazards of hoarding food, water or anything when your neighbors or those in your community are starving. If people suspect you are hoarding they will take you out in order to get to your stores. They said they witnessed roving bands of hungry people going from house to house tearing them apart to hopefully find food.

    So don’t think you’ll be sitting smugly with your generator putting away, your family eating three squares a day while those that are less than prepared will sit idly by allowing you to enjoy your cache of preparedness. The bulk of your stores will have be secreted in some way and only the minimum kept available for current consumption. Also have a plan to black out your windows so light cannot escape showing signs of habitation and the possibility of creating a secret room in your dwelling or outbuildings to hide if the need should arise. If everyone is without power then the lights and the sound of a generator coming from a dwelling will attract trouble no differently than insects to an outdoor white light at night.

    These WWII survivors said if you get in a situation where you are confronted by angry, hungry people and you have no way to assert your authority, then sharing is the best until supplies are gone and then let them go on their way if you are lucky enough to extricate yourself from such a situation. Each of these men had their own personal laugh as to how modern folks think survival will shake out whether you are dealing with your neighbors or a hostile military contingent as they did against the Germans in WWII.

    As far as tweaks concerning toilet paper substitutes and larger caliber weapons, I concur, but this article on my part was simply to get people to think about alternatives if the balloon goes up. This is not something we should be looking forward to with relish. A scenario such as this is deadly serious business and it’s my hope that financial disaster is averted, but it doesn’t look all that good at this point in time. People in the inner cities and more densely populated areas will suffer far greater than those living in rural areas relative to personal violence. The most dangerous aspect of this frightful scenario will be the irresponsible, deadly acts on the part of fellow citizens and a government operating under the auspices of martial law. We all know how Blackwater Security thugs have conducted themselves in Iraq. So don’t think contract mercs won’t do the same to U.S. citizens if contracted by our government to maintain order. Accounts indicate they acted in a heavy handed manner in New Orleans post Katrina.

    More thoughts on this subject are welcome.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. bryan mcclellan

    I would also suggest a supply of spirits such as grain alcohol and bourbon for medicinal purposes of course.
    The list can be endless and as you suggested, focus on staples such as whole grain flour,baking powder, sugar, etc.And for Gods sake don’t forget the coffee!

    This situation/scenario is indeed painful to contemplate as my parents told me many times of their struggles during the depression and how life did not fully turn around until after WW2.Here is where their strength of conviction began to shine and molded their behavior.

    Alas as I look around me I see little of their sand in my fellow Americans.
    Mom always said; Want shall be your master, be wary of what you wish for, for more often than not it won’t feed you or keep you warm.