Of McCain, the GOP and Change mutation

    Experience works
    In national security, foreign policy, economy,
    It works, it works
    So the slogan in all our undertakings one
    To continue his majesty’s mission
    Under his likeness
    A sacred halo on our crowns
    Experience, experience, experience.

    A young lad unknown, questioned experience failures
    Called for review, the kind that rumbles
    Judgement is better, change must happen
    Change in national security,
    Change in foreign policy,
    Change in economic policy
    Change of failed experience
    Change, change, change.

    Like California fires it burned
    From Capitols to Washington none spared
    Anger at failures, failures of experience
    The GOP in flight
    Retirement in mansions rich in lobbyist double-take.

    McCain on his own none to the rescue
    A leader is a good follower, McCain must follow
    Change is new, experience old
    McCain is old, the damsel new
    A bait artificial though she is
    Old crone’s fishing trick here at play
    Pity the fish hooked on this old crone’s bait.

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