Questions for Bush/McCain Voters.

President Bush took us into a war in Iraq after 9/11, assuming the voters would realize that Saddam was responsible. He had talked about this action of entering Iraq even before 9/11 to clean up Bush 41’s unfinished war. 43 did his job and convinced the Congress to give him the power to act without their consent. Is that all there is?

Bush 43 took America into a war that may not have been justified and caused a debt for America higher than ever seen in the past. He took the lives of 4000 soldiers and then signed out of his responsibility. He has shown little regard for America even during the Katrina mess. He took no responsibility for the failed infrastructure surrounding New Orleans and surrounding cities. He would have done better putting Boy Scouts in charge of FEMA.

His desire for a Christian nation is now up to the voters. Is it possible that McCain and Palin actually believe that prayers will solve the problems that we all face at this time? Do the voters believe that God wanted 9/11 so we would destroy Islam? Will the GOP bring out the nukes as their killing machine?

This is not a plea for my wanting anyone to vote for Obama but for some reason I had to add a blog here.


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