Some people are urging sober, politically conservative Republicans who don’t like an extremist social agenda to be upset that the religious fringe, could lead to the kind of government looking over your shoulder world that they abhor, since McCain isn’t in the best of health due to his POW years. Others urge those who call themselves pro-life, but don’t think rape victims should be forced to have to be reminded of the goon who raped them, when they look at their child, for the rest of the woman’s life, urging these conservatives to realize that there is more than a touch of meanness behind Sarah’s sweet smile.

Some want people to see the bloody moose’s point of view, that in a photo-op, one of her kids was happily leaning against. But David Lifdorff did something different in that before he condemned Palin’s attitude toward animals. Lifdorff spent a lot of the essay on how much enjoyed hunting as a little child,

This reminds me that during the Vietnam War, some antiwar vets told of how much solidarity they once felt in the army before something happened that freaked them out. Or how important they once felt it was for the US to stand firm against communism (etc)., some may even still feel they did the right thing when killing someone saved a buddy’s life, but had other incidents which haunted them.

When Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, the movement cheered, but in this war, Scott McClellan came out with insider revelations, the chorus was, “Why didn’t he say so sooner?”. Anyway, we need some new organizations such as “Hunters Against Sarah Palian Extremism”, along with an ex-hunter group, which someone like Lifdorff could head, and also“Pro-Lifers Against Sarah Palin’s Extremism”, which I might be able to be an official in, even help start. In 1983 there is a news article in charged for Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News archives about me being one of the picketers at Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. Some of the escorts gave me dirty looks when they saw me at peace demos. The only recent blog material were comments on Huffington Post and the AlterNet, about pro-abortionists particularly being harsh on and trying to chase out and prevent getting into office pro-lifers who aren’t hypocrites, people like Huckabee and former PA Governor Casey while complaining about so many pro-life politicians caring little about a child after they are born. There was recently a back and forth discussion between myself and another blogger at CapitolHillBlue who picked up the hint that I wasn’t politically correct on abortion and gay rights that for some reason I can’t retrieve. Unfortunately I can’t link it.

Let’s stop talking about all those closed-minded people and start criticizing the staunch extremist who dreams of leading the Western World toward her vision of God’s Will, as we note she declared that “US troops are fighting for God in Iraq”, somewhat like a certain Muslim fanatic dreams of baiting, finagling and inspiring Muslims, to become a united force toward his vision of God’s Will.

Some may feel I’m leaving Bush-McCain off the hook. After 9/11, Bush urged us not to deface Muslim property, and humbly visited a mosque. Though switching somewhat into using, instead of cooling anti-Islam prejudice, is still trying to be friends with the Saudis. When McCain first became a senator he was against animal experimentation, probably a flash-back to when he was, like an animal, being mistreated in a Vietnamese prison. He was also willing to stop the Conservative vendetta against North Vietnam ahead of most Conservatives.

There is now a concerted attempt to use anger against Muslims and baiting Russia to do belligerent things to distract the voters’ eyes away from domestic economic issues, rather than actually toward war with Russia and the entire Muslim world. Pre-World War I, shows this kind of game can lead to war. But I’m sorry folks, (to me) Palin and her desire to change the world toward what she thinks God wants is the issue, even though to say this may insult the memory of people like Dr. King, who also seemed to feel that God’s Will steered him in the direction King took in life. McCain’s maverick streak that I hoped was there in a significant way, even while I screamed against him, has been erased by his willingness to pick Palin and to my way of thinking, by nothing else.

By Richard Kane of PA Google RichardKanePA