The GOP and the press are manufacturing a Sarah Palin made of gold, a pure honeysuckle rose with some independent “kick” to her.

Well, God bless Sarah Palin but is anyone or anything ONLY great?

Palin is PRO-oil industry. It is the BIG DEAL up in REAL Alaska. Her husband works for BP. Her motto: “Drill, Drill, DRILL!” now is legendary.

Being so pro-oil industry means more than people are realizing:

And as for her core energy policy? Sarah Palin is one of those in the pockets of the oil industry.

And then the GOP highlighted Palin’s “strong” background in Border Security and Foreign Affairs:

“Well, Russia is real close to Alaska. You can see Russia from Alaska — at least you can from one of Alaska’s islands.”

So, let’s at least take a good long realistic look at the next VP of the U.S., shall we?