In a day’s time we now have discovered that Palin’s visit to the Irag combat zone wasn’t much more than her visit to Ireland, and she’s hired at least five high school friends with questionable credentials to well paid state jobs. If this doesn’t reveal the true Palin to those who think she’s a reformer I don’t know what will.

Palin’s Alaska experience features Personal Vendettas, Censorship, Cronyism, Secrecy And Lying.
With thanks to Huffington Post for the applicable terms.

The liar story broke in The Boston Globe and it was a doozy, “Palin camp clarifies extent of Iraq trip: Says she never ventured beyond Kuwait border” HERE:

Sarah Palin’s visit to Iraq in 2007 consisted of a brief stop at a border crossing between Iraq and Kuwait, the vice presidential candidate’s campaign said yesterday, in the second official revision of her only trip outside North America.

Following her selection last month as John McCain’s running mate, aides said Palin had traveled to Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq to meet with members of the Alaska National Guard. During that trip she was said to have visited a “military outpost” inside Iraq. The campaign has since repeated that Palin’s foreign travel included an excursion into the Iraq battle zone.

and was picked up by The Washington Post in an article HERE that also notes a Bloomberg article that indicates the McCain camp has been vastly overestimating the crowd sizes at McCain/Palin events (23,000 vs. 8,000). I’d say this is a polite way of saying they were lying.

And guess what? Even Fox News is reporting the Iraq lie, albeit in sugar coated terms (HERE):

John McCain’s running mate has faced questions about her foreign policy credentials. In her interview with ABC News on Thursday, Palin referred to her 2007 trip, which also included a stop in Germany, as a life-changing experience. She did not mention Iraq in the interview.

“That was a trip of a lifetime, to visit troops in Kuwait and stop and visit injured soldiers in Germany,” she said. “That was a trip of a lifetime. And it changed my life.”

Did she think nobody would notice that somehow Iraq dropped out of her international travel resume?

Perhaps she did. As we now know from a New York Times article, aparently she’s accustomed to getting away with a hell of a lot. To use Charlie Gibson’s term, the woman has hubris.

The most important political story this week is on the N.Y. Times front page above the fold (view front page) next to the hurricane article.

In a long expose the New York Times reveals even more disturbing information about this so-called reformer:

Gov. Sarah Palin lives by the maxim that all politics is local, not to mention personal.

So when there was a vacancy at the top of the State Division of Agriculture, she appointed a high school classmate, Franci Havemeister, to the $95,000-a-year directorship. A former real estate agent, Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as one of her qualifications for running the roughly $2 million agency.

Ms. Havemeister was one of at least five schoolmates Ms. Palin hired, often at salaries far exceeding their private sector wages.

When Ms. Palin had to cut her first state budget, she avoided the legion of frustrated legislators and mayors. Instead, she huddled with her budget director and her husband, Todd, an oil field worker who is not a state employee, and vetoed millions of dollars of legislative projects. A great deal of work went into putting together this expose and I recommend you read it “In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics” HERE

Perhaps in addition to her being able to lie without guilt and her penchant for secrecy, the most disturbing quote attributed to Palin leads me to say that nobody in their right mind would do anything, including voting for a third party, to put her in line to the presidency:

Laura Chase, the campaign manager during Ms. Palin’s first run for mayor in 1996, recalled the night the two women chatted about her ambitions.

“I said, ‘You know, Sarah, within 10 years you could be governor,’ ” Ms. Chase recalled. “She replied, ‘I want to be president.’ ”

Best related Sunday OpEd

“The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket ” by Frank Rick

WITH all due deference to lipstick, let’s advance the story. A week ago the question was: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? The question today: What kind of president would Sarah Palin be?

It’s an urgent matter, because if we’ve learned anything from the G.O.P. convention and its aftermath, it’s that the 2008 edition of John McCain is too weak to serve as America’s chief executive. This unmentionable truth, more than race, is now the real elephant in the room of this election.

Added Comments
Our Messed Up Media

The competition between news organization is beneficial to the public when it leads them to devote resources to investigative journalism. Examples are the Boston Globe uncovering the lie about Palin’s Iraq visit to a combat area, and the New York Times exposing the vendettas, censorship, cronyism and secrecy practiced by Palin in her two elected positions.

The competition is decidedly unhelpful when other news organizations ignore the such revelations in their own reporting. An example this morning was on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos when three OpEds in the Sunday NY Times were mentioned, and nobody brought up the front page article.

On Meet the Press Sen. Chuck Schummer mentioned the NY Times article about cronyism but Brokaw didn’t follow up on it.

On Face the Nation with Bob Scheiffer with a show focus on Sarah Palin and four female guests, former Massachusetts Jane Swift -R- (one of the least popular governors ever), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schutlz -D-, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison – R – (a far more qualified VP candidate than Palin), Gov. Janet Napolitano -D-. Each gave their party talking points about Palin.

Bob Scheiffer failed as a journalist because he didn’t bring up the Boston Globe or the New York Times revelations. Wasserman-Shultz brought up the lie about going to Iraq. Schieffer never took the lead but had to follow up on the Iraq visit story since Wasserman-Shultz brought it up. Viewers can decide for themselves how relevant a lie it was that she embellished that she never got more than a quarter mile into Iraq into sounding like a visit to a combat zone in Iraq. Swift tried to defend this somehow saying that she really did go into Iraq.

Nopbody on Face the Nation mentioned the cronyism described in the NY Times.

Does anybody want to volunteer to watch Sarah Palin’s interview with Sean Hannity on Fox on Tuesday and Wednesday (LINK) and report back to our readers?

Big Palin lies and little Palin lies

If the lies above are big ones, let’s not discount the little ones. For example:

On Thursday, Palin blew her own energy-knowledge horn during Part 274 of her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, noting that she was governor of “this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy.”


Alaska produced 14 percent of the oil produced from U.S. wells last year, but that’s not all of the nation’s energy supply, which includes nuclear, coal and hydroelectric power. Of the nation’s total energy pot: Alaska dropped only 3 percent in the bucket.

Not even close. from San Franciscon Chronicle

Apologies to my porcine friends

I grew up before the most famous pig among folks today, the wonderful Miss Piggy. Of course there were the The Little Pigs and the nasty wolf, and Porky Pig and Petunia (left from Wiki) the first pig who actually wore lipstick. All of these pigs were wonderful. If they were real I’d gladly have them to a kosher dinner.

Now with Palin and McCain lamenting that Obama’s lipstick on a pig reference was a personal sexist insult, and their other dirty political lies, I’d sooner have the wolf, if he survives being hunted by Palin’s airborne friends, to dinner than Palin.

At least when the wolf huffs and puffs he’s not pretending to be your friend.


  1. The secret emails:

    If you can’t get on Wikileaks try Gawker here.
    If this is genuine and not a well crafted hoax, and nobody already knows better than Palin herself since there are supposed to be her to/from emails, it is VERY noteworthy that the hackers say they haven’t YET found anything politically significant but if they do they will post it.

    If they were smart enough to hack into the accounts and no doubt they’d copy everything before publicizing what they did.

    If Palin in her haste to have all them deleted she may not be quite sure if anything implicates her in wrong doing, or politically explosive doings.

    If there’s anything there, or anything she thinks Might be there, the woman won’t be resting easily tonight.

  2. Sarah’s secret emails hacked.

    Thanks to one of our CHB bloggers for alerting me to this (link)

    I like the part about their deleting all the accounts and that this could lead to a charge of destroying evidence. Isn’t that a felony?

    Note that you can read the actual email addresses on Mother Jones here.

    I doubt you’ll be able to get on the actual source to read the zip archives from HERE.

    Of course this could be a hoax, but if it is, it is a damn good one, especially considering it would have come from Democrats who would have trouble pulling a rabbit out of a hat even if the entire rabbit population of Australia lived there.

  3. I bow down to your knowledge of message board acronyms. I had to look up DNFTT in the Urban Dictionary (here).

    Paliban Mom isn’t a troll. Her website is a satirical ant-Palin website. It is just getting started but if you look at the page with the bumper stickers it’s obvious what her sentiments are, for example: 50 Years – Make it 100 – McPain

    Spare American the McPain

    4 more wars – McPalin

    Book Burners for McPalin

    Her site isn’t nearly as good as the Landover Baptist Church, which is often hilarious in how they skewer the fundamentalists. Don’t miss reading their latest piece here Celebrate Sarah Palin Week.

  4. It’s one of life’s great ironies that something so NOT funny as Christian Fascism can be so funny in the form of satire. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. How delightful that Sarah Palin is getting so much attention! It’s a shame so much ignores her Evangelical Christian roots, and how she will bring God’s Law to this once-great nation.

    Don’t we all want God to Bless America, as He once did?

    The Paliban ( supports Sarah Palin, our next Christian (vice) President! Come visit us and learn why God’s Way should be the American Way!

  6. Unfortunately, I am as old as McCain! But, in all those years, I have not seen a less qualified person presented for VP as this lady! She has not one iota of qualifications to serve in that position, let alone if the unfortunate situation arises and she would have to step in as president. Dan Quayle looks like a genius as compared to this lady! What has this nation came to, when there is serious consideration given for someone with not one qualification to serve in even a cabinet position, let alone as the President!

  7. I know you guys have your bacon in a twist, but the polls show this strategy is working.
    Note to Obama. You know what they say about payback…

  8. Apologies to my porcine friends

    I grew up before the most famous pig among folks today, the wonderful Miss Piggy. Of course there were the The Little Pigs and the nasty wolf, and Porky Pig and Petunia (left from Wiki) the first pig who actually wore lipstick. All of these pigs were wonderful. If they were real I’d gladly have them to a kosher dinner.

    Now with Palin and McCain lamenting that Obama’s lipstick on a pig reference was a personal sexist insult, and their other dirty political lies, I’d sooner have the wolf, if he survives being hunted by Palin’s airborne friends, to dinner than Palin.

    At least when the wolf huffs and puffs he’s not pretending to be your friend.

  9. How many chickens does it take to peck a vulture to death?
    When I read this last night I found myself wondering where the Ladies of Alaska have been, or if they we’re being suppressed through the media.

    It will be interesting to see how far this goes mainstream.

  10. The McCain campaign excuses for the Palin Iraq visit gaff sound like the rolling excuses indicted politicians have been using lately. As each new day’s revelations come out, they change the story a bit to fit it. Of course, in the end, they almost all take the perp walk.

  11. The pretty pig may be all that counts.

    It’s quite possible that enough voters will vote for the image the Republicans want to present of Palin, and of course of McCain, as reformers who care about them and their day to day concerns. After all, companies like Revlon make millions selling lipstick.

    Here’s some disquieting quotes from a new HuffPo article by Thomas Edsall:

    If, however, the current Republican strong-arm approach to this year’s contest proves effective, not only will Democratic expectations be crushed, but the triumph of image over substance, of playing to bias, and of coded rhetoric will mark a significant advance of the dominance in politics of advertising “ethics.”


    The McCain strategy is based on a series of major premises. These include, first, that what many thought was the fading salience of wedge issues — evoking stereotypes of liberals as ‘weak on terror’ and ‘sexually permissive’ – can be revived; second, that Obama is particularly vulnerable to these stereotypes, in part because he is African American; third, that standards of accuracy and truthfulness in political competition have eroded; and fourth, that the traditional authority of the national media as arbiter of what is legitimate in political discourse has disappeared.

    Preliminary evidence suggests the McCain wager to abandon restraint is paying off. Read “McGamble”

    I would add to the Republican campaign abandoning restraint their willingness to play fast and loose with the truth, otherwise known as lie.

  12. Alaska rape statistics

    are nothing to brag about either. They are the highest in the nation. And when she was mayor it took a new law to stop her town from being the only one in the state to bill rape victims for their forensic medical exams. Reference

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