When the newspapers reported that Pakistan was going to allow Ossama and gang to set up shop in their country, I wondered why the Bush Administration was not screaming its empty head off.

It was obvious, even to a non-soldier like me, that terrorist bases just across a border would be used to strike and harass our forces in Afghanistan. Don’t we pay some senior military officers a lot of money to know that simple fact? Even Nixon wised up and bombed Cambodia when he learned the North Vietnamese were detouring the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Cambodia to get safely down to the South.

NOW our esteemed “War President” is approving secret (if it is secret, it must be deadeye dick cheney doing the deed) raids into another sovereign nation, Pakistan. Could it be that Pakistan was a little upset when the Chief Idiot gave loads of nuclear secrets and supplies to it’s sworn enemy, India? Do you think that Pakistan decided to ‘strike’ back in a more subtle manner than the usual heavy-handed clutziness of the Bushites?

Seems to me we have had our heads far up that place where the sun don’t shine. Now there is a possibility that our assets will continue to be depleted in Iraq (if M-P win) and we will continue to see escalating losses of our young men on station in Afghanistan. Well, the skirmish in Iraq was winding down and the Republicans needed a new place to continue their war, so why not Pakistan?

What if they gave a war and nobody came? What if all these troops said “NO!” Maybe George and Dick could team up with John and Sarah and go over there and kick some ass. Wow, wouldn’t that be delightful!

Watch out Ossama–the four horsemen of the apocalyptic republican party are coming to get you. Well, at least they will try to make it appear that way. Eight more years…maybe we can build a bigger and worser Memorial Wall on the Mall.

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