When master Republican strategist Charlie Black convinced John McCain to put an unknown Alaska governor on the ticket as his vice presidential choice, he had two goals: throw the smooth-running Obama campaign machine off-track and rev up the GOP base that wasn’t all that thrilled with McCain.

Mission accomplished. Sarah Palin has Democratic thongs in a knot and Obama fumbling. The rabid right wing of the Republican Party is as happy as the Klan at a lynching party. Light up the cross Joe-Bob: The Grand Old Party is back.

Palin represents everything Republicans love: Creationism, right-to-life, the charade of family values and repression of the highest order. She’s a woman who hunts, rides a Harley and takes no prisoners. As my granddaddy used to say, she’s "the kind of person who will drink gasoline and piss on your campfire just to scare the hell out of you."

Qualifications? We don’t need no stinkin’ qualifications. This is an election about image and testosterone and, right now, Sarah Palin has bigger balls than McCain, Obama and Biden combined.

So far, Obama and the faltering Democratic Party have played along with Republican plans. The Senator from Chicago is so far off message he will need a GPS to find his way back. Biden is now a forgotten afterthought and speculation on some blogs say Obama will dump him and put Hillary on the ticket. That’s a stretch but the discussion shows just how afraid the left is when it comes to Sarah Palin.

What is it about Sarah Palin that strikes such fear in Democrats?  It’s not so much her inexperience as it is her lack of real political history, the same lack of political background that first turned Republicans into jelly when they realized they would be facing Obama in the Presidential race.

Campaign ’08 established itself early on as a race that defies logic and the enthusiasm over Palin continues that tradition. Even though she represents the opposite end of the political spectrum from Hillary Rodham Clinton, a surprising number of white women voters who supported Clinton in the Democratic primary tell pollsters they will now vote for McCain because Palin is on the ticket.  And while her politics is pure status-quo GOP, she is now touted as the real "change" candidate.

Palin is a political enigma and for a nation that will try anything after eight years of George W. Bush, an enigma may be good enough when the other choice is bright star who may be burning out while saddled with a vice presidential candidate who represents old school Washington politics.

The irony is that John McCain’s vice presidential pick could win the election for him while Obama’s choice could cost him the chance.  Obama is also a black man and America is more racist than sexist.

If McCain wins – and that is a very real possibility – Charlie Black should get most of the credit. With Sarah Palin, the political consultant who helped give us Ronald Reagan in 1980 may have found a way to keep America in the dark ages for at least four more years.


  1. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman, or that she’s ‘intelligent’ (if ignorant of many important things). It doen’t matter that she can kick butt or ride a Harley or drink beer or whatever. The important thing is that her beliefs, religious and otherwise, simply preclude her from any position of power or responsibility.

    But what do I know? I tell you what, just vote for McCain and Palin then see what happens. The fact that half of America sees these dangerous people as being qualified for Pres and VP means that you need more years of pain and war to bring you to your senses.

    Go ahead, vote ’em in. Then watch strategic alliances between the likes of China and Russia grow stronger. Watch as your allies edge towards the exit door. And watch as the Middle East continues to burn, it’s flames fanned by the stupidity and ignorant foreign policy of people who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery without setting the place alight.

    Because obviously the last eight years have been SO successful you obviously need more of THAT don’t you?

  2. Bill Clinton had a heck of an economic team and we all benefitted. Sadly, Ted, Nancy, Harry and Howie decided to go with the leftist of the left. A guy who spent 143 days as a US Senator before running for POTUS. The arrogance alone is breathtaking.
    I always wanted a First Lady with so much class she would tell a reporter she “would like to scratch Bill Clinton’s eyes out”.

  3. I usually only post when I have an additional perspective to contribute to the discussion. In this case I break with principle:
    Spot On, Doug!!

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  5. I never cease to be amazed at how adept the Democrats are at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Haven’t they now piddled away an approximate 16 point lead from early summer?

    Of course, Rove will be blamed for all of it.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. The worst depression in the history of the world is soon to occur.

    All I can say is it will be great to have a old guy who wants to blow everything up and a beauty queen as his back-up.

    I would have a lot more, of well, ANYTHING going into the next 4 years with Bill and Hill.

    NO! You wanted Obama! Way to ruin our lives and America.

    If Doug, Hal and the rest of you wore a t-shirt saying “I’m with Stupid” you would go around in circles.

  7. “As my granddaddy used to say, she’s “the kind of person who will drink gasoline and piss on your campfire just to scare the hell out of you.”… :))

    Thanks Doug Thompson for both the spot-on and “fun” rant…! 😀

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. The Republicans have fielded the worst possible candidates for President and Vice President.

    They will win.

    This saddens me.

    — Kent Shaw

  9. O TJ, payback is bliss………
    Honestly, since Palin was chosen, I can’t stop laughing.
    Yo Bama, you stepped in it now.
    Now that I have accepted the disaster that will continue the next presidency, this soap opera is almost fun to watch.

  10. Concur!

    Any tactician, military or political, tries to force the opponent to fight the battle on his terms. Obama did that to Clinton, and McCain/Palin now appear to be doing the same to Obama/Biden.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  11. George Bush and Dick Cheney, for starters, are the stupid, swinish old men. How would they wish her to die in some urban street? By ignoring what’s happening in Afghanistan, where our enemies are training to make that happen while we chase a failed and stupid ideology in Iraq. Does she live in all these places? No, but I do, and you do, and so do millions of other Americans.

    Whimsical? I don’t think so. The September 11 attacks weren’t whimsical. The attacks that could come in the future surely won’t be whimsical.

    How would Barry and Joe protect us? By getting our troops and resources out of Iraq and applying them to Afghanistan, where we would encounter and defeat the enemies who want to kill us and who are becoming more capable of doing so because Bush and Cheney insisted on wasting our blood and treasure in Iraq.

    Is that specific enough for you?

  12. I was sending the witch emails in protest because of her: wacked out views on the aerial hunting of wolves (allowing them to be hunted from low-flying planes, in the snow, then having their left legs hacked off for a bounty of $150)….

    Let it be noted the witch in question is the Hon Sarah Palin[R-AK], governor. FWIW, Congress passed a statute granting the states discretion for aerial hunting of wolves and other predators under certain conditions. Alaska had those conditions. Can you give us some example of the lies that need to be called out? Thanks in advance.

    Hill Country resident

  13. And I will be damned if I have to live through 4 more years of disrespectful stupid old men stealing from me and mine while they live off the hard work and sweat of the American people. Those pigs, and I do mean pigs – I’m not afraid to call SWINE what they are…That swine who could care less if we die in the streets of Denver, St Louis, Chicago, LA, Detroit or some desert in the Middle East or some other hell they create out of their whims

    Could you be more specific? Who are the swinish, stupid old men who wish you to die in some urban street ;do you live in all these places? How would you be forced to die in some whimsical hell devised by these swine and how would Barry and Joe protect you?

    Hill Country resident

  14. Sarah Palin is an evil, anti-environmental, wolf-killing, pollution enabling cancer that has to be stopped. Months before McCain picked this horror, I was sending the witch emails in protest because of her: wacked out views on the aerial hunting of wolves (allowing them to be hunted from low-flying planes, in the snow, then having their left legs hacked off for a bounty of $150); suing the Department of the Interior to remove polar bears from the endangered species list because protecting them interferes with oil exploration; ordering the slaughter of up to 60% of the black bears around Anchorage, despite the fact that bear watching brings $100 million into Alaska’s economy each year, so there would be more moose and caribou for hunters; fighting mining laws that would’ve prevented pollution from the Pebble Mine from flooding into some of the world’s best Sockeye salmon streams,as well as polluting the area’s drinking water (mining copper and gold ore are quite toxic without proper precautions, and if the dumping of pollutants is allowed to occur); it goes on. This is the person that McCain says has all that energy experience. Of course she does: and she’s polluted and poisoned every single area she’s touched. Apparently, that’s his grand design for the rest of us.

    They have to be stopped. I’ve spent more time on this campaign than any since I was in college. McCain is dangerous all by himself; Sarah Palin is a disaster just waiting for her chance. We need to call them out on their lies loudly and often.

    They’re both scum.

  15. Fear of sexism, fear of appearing to beat upon the poor little woman?
    Rovian attacks on everything said to twist the democrats verbiage into some type of sexist slur….
    The poor little Sarah, the fighter for feminine power in a sea of male domination….NOT
    She is an enigma? No, she isn’t she IS A female that stands as the biggest anti-feminist since Phyllis Schafley.

    NO….Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist. She is exactly the model I have spent nearly 45 years fighting…The concept of Donna Reed in pearls, stiletto heels and shantung with petticoats supporting the most ridiculous and extremist part of the conservative male agenda using her femaleness as a covert weapon to manipulate that testosterone laden good ol boy network.
    A beauty pageant smile and “feminine wiles” to garner power….then twisting the language around to compare herself with Hillary Clinton who actually DID do something for the cause of women instead of riding on the hems of the true feminists who came before.
    Palin’s Anti-Feminism meets Karl Rove, Head Coach and Master of Team Neo-Con …the professor emeritus of double speak, fear mongering and social terrorism wrapped in a bloody American flag…The man who took Nixon’s Playbook and rewrote it for the 21st century – The neo-Con Bible of lies, deception and smear campaign.
    Together they are taking the current “Noise” media, whose focus has been the “bimbo of the week club” for years …the “all Brittney or Paris or whoever, all the time”.
    Campaign season comes and the focus was changed to Hillary, forgetting the bimbos and substituting the only woman in the campaign to make it “all Hillary all the time” during the month pre-Democratic Convention but in a manner that was insulting and demeaning to women….She was not treated equally, she was given more coverage but made out to be less than the rest with focus on Bill, the problems and the ridicule of how she went about winning….OK for a man but a woman?
    The Republicans jumped right in knowing exactly what would happen. It is now the “all Sarah all the time” club.
    The sexism is rampant but it is on the part of McCain and his pick using the so-called “liberal media” which is about as conservative as they come…The good ol’boy camp trying to look like they aren’t
    Using the “cause” to stop focus on the issues by calling Obama, Biden or anyone saying anything against the Republican Party a sexist.
    McCain brings new meaning to the word Chauvinism as does Palin. She is using her female-ness to manipulate and that is about as ANTI-Feminist as one can get.

    This race is not just disgusting because of the games played with the psychology of manipulation, it is disgusting because of the total lack of respect for the American people. WE DESERVE BETTER. WE DESERVE a leader who respects us and not manipulates for their power games.
    WE deserve answers and support, not Rovian Crap covered with thinly veiled pandering

    AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE for the survival of this nation.
    We have been led into the bowels of hell by one Neo-Con idiot placed out as the front man for greedy old F***S that care nothing about the country and the people.
    Now they are about to steal it again for 4 years using this.
    Palin is a danger….She is not just extremist rhetoric but a threat to our country and our way of life.
    And MOST of all, she is absolutely a threat to all women who have fought for the lives of women and their rights.
    If McCain wins, they stack the rest of the Supreme Court. They have another 4 years on top of 8 years of death and destruction.
    The threat is real and the threat had better be taken seriously.
    McCain/Palin is worse than more of the same – they will suck the last breath out of this nation and out of a movement that my sisters fought hard to bring ….
    And to that – I will fight harder than ever to get this vote to bring about Obama and Biden to the White House. Not because I think they are the greatest but because I will be damned if I have to go back to a time when 13 and 14 year old girls die of infections and blood loss from back alley abortionists; I will be dammed if I have to go back to a time when women have to die during childbirth and labor because the fetus is to be kept in spite of the cost;
    I will be damned if that child raped and mutilated by some unknown monster or a monster that they knew and trusted will have to endure every day for 9 months and years afterword the symbol of that hate-filled heinous crime.
    And I will be damned if I have to live through 4 more years of disrespectful stupid old men stealing from me and mine while they live off the hard work and sweat of the American people. Those pigs, and I do mean pigs – I’m not afraid to call SWINE what they are…That swine who could care less if we die in the streets of Denver, St Louis, Chicago, LA, Detroit or some desert in the Middle East or some other hell they create out of their whims

  16. Every word you say may come to pass, Doug. But at the moment, it strikes me that you’re running around saying the sky is falling. There are others out there who are saying that McCain’s candidacy is already coming apart because people are starting to recognize the charade that is Sarah Palin. Maybe they’re wrong. Or maybe you’re wrong.

    So many people seem to want Democrats to start flailing away as wildly as McCain and the Republicans have been. I don’t think that’s necessarily such a good idea. Obviously, you’ve got to fight back and do it hard and soon, but it seems to me that you’ve got to do that in a manner that clearly exposes McCain for the soul-less, bargain-with-the-devil liar he’s become and reveals Palin as the new right-wing demogogue-in-waiting that she obviously is. And you can’t do that as quickly as the Republicans have swamped us with vile attacks on Obama and flatfooted lies from McCain/Palin.

    It also seems to me that to get into some kind of wild fistfight with the Republicans is exactly what they want right now because they know that will get everybody’s passions up and keep them from focusing on the absolute hollowness of McCain/Palin. And if they can keep everybody agitated and clawing at each other’s throats for only a couple of months, they’ll win.

    I don’t know what will happen between now and November. It’s deeply disheartening to see the ardor with which so many people have eagerly embraced Sarah Palin, who seems to me to embody so much of the willful shallowness and cheerful ignorance of popular American culture. And I say that as someone who has fond memories of the long-gone days when I was a cheerleader-chasing jock who had an awful lot of fun at frat parties and undoubtedly was as shallow and ignorant as they come.

    You don’t know what will happen any more than I do, Doug. Seems to me the last thing we should be doing is throwing up our hands and second-guessing everything when the election is still two months away. Did anybody really think it was going to be a cakewalk to throw Bush and company out of power? Those guys not only have the advantage of eight years in power, they also have no qualms about using shameless and even illegal tactics whenever it suits their needs.

    Don’t quit yet.

  17. UhhhDude, you are right on target! The press has found a new ‘cash cow’ in Gov. Palin; and, they are going to milk her dry. As long as the media can divert attention from the salient issues of today and can stay focused on superfluous, inane, commercial peddling hyperbole, they will do so with great zeal! Today’s press is a big part of the problem — they could care less about a solution… Charlie Couser

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