Charley James, in Online Journal wrote: “Alaskans speak (in a frightened whisper): Palin is “racist, sexist, vindictive, and mean”,
This article has wide coverage on the internet but instead of being persuasive, it despite wanting to cheer, makes me, despite what I want to feel, feel she is being picked on.

However Dave Lindorff wrote a somewhat similar article about Palin being a hunter, but didn’t seem mean-spirited, because much of the article was on how much he liked to hunt as a child,

When Dave Lindorff called Palin, “The Real ‘American Taliban’”, and when he talked about Palin’s daughter’s marriage, the essay should have instead been written by a conservative who takes religion and traditional marriage seriously,

Therefore before I try to dwell on writing about a 42 year old woman with four kids deciding to have another, fully aware in advance that Down’s syndrome at that age was very likely, I am going to state that I used to picket abortion clinics urging that I would do what I could to help them keep their child if they would let me. When I attended antiwar demos some of the clinic escorts gave me dirty looks.

Sarah knew that Down’s syndrome was very likely, and now parades her child around as if it was a gift from God to help be chosen to spread God’s will upon the earth. I would like to add something concerning her comment about American troops are “fighting for God” in Iraq, and about both her and bin Laden having large families to serve God better, but I am not the person to complete the thought. An American fundamentalist and a devote Muslim must do it for me. If I push too hard it will backfire, just making me look mean spirited.

In the 60s when a former administration official came out for peace, such as Daniel Ellsberg, the antiwar movement cheered. Today when a former White House official comes clean people say “Why didn’t they speak up sooner”. When someone joins a progressive cause they learn to keep quiet about any politically incorrect views. Gone are the antiwar activists GIs pointed out how at one point they found the army fun, or at one point felt really felt proud of saving a buddy’s life by shooting someone, and a few who ended up antiwar activists even enjoyed their job until a traumatic incident got in the way.

If someone basically progressive joins a specific Conservative cause they are put to work if possible talking to other progressives about that issue. Anyway Sarah Palin is an extremely determined, dedicated, hard working individual who is for the most part on her own on, no abortion for rape, and there is something in God’s plan about hunting for sport. The more we cheer people who criticize her who are conservative on the issue they are dwelling on, the more likely we are to live in a world without greater war and hunger.

We have a long way to go. Those of us who hang around progressive causes, almost by habit expect the most right-on person to be the spokesperson. This makes very little sense when the person we are up against is so far away from the mainstream.

Richard Kane is a retiree in Philadelphia
Google, RichardKanePA

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