It totally amazes me how John McCain can stand up and say with a straight face that he will bring change to Washington since McCain’s campaign is run by lobbyists and his campaign manager is a big-time lobbyists.

All one has to do is search the words “McCain” and “lobbyists” on any news site and you will find a very long list of articles detailing the information. For instance here is a story dated July 30, 2008:

McCain Campaign Manager: We Do Hire Lobbyists

Last night, Rick Davis, the campaign manager for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gave CBS News’ Katie Couric a confusing answer to a question about lobbyists working for the campaign.

“How many lobbyists work here?” Couric asked from McCain HQ.

“We don’t make it a litmus test for employment at the McCain campaign,” Davis said. “It goes without saying that some people who are involved in the lobbying profession do it because they are interested in that side of the equation. They’re interested in government, they’re interested in Congress, they’re interested in public service.”

“So lobbyists equal public servants?” Couric asked.

“No. I didn’t say that,” Davis said. “How do you distinguish someone who, you know, lobbies on behalf of cancer, from one someone who lobbies on behalf of an oil interest? I wouldn’t call them the same thing but they’re still lobbyists.”

Here is another story dated August 13, 2008:

McCain’s Lobbyists Raked In $1 Billion From U.S. Clients, Study Says

According to an analysis performed by the group, McCain’s top fundraisers and aides have collected nearly $1 billion in fees from U.S. companies in the past decade — specifically, $930,949,819. Using numbers provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, the group also found that officials of those very same companies have given nearly $12 million to McCain’s presidential campaign, so far.

“The McCain campaign relies on big money lobbyists, and they’ll rely on him,” said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. “In the ‘you-scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours’ world of Washington, $931 million gets the special interests the best government money can buy. But just think of the payday these lobbyists might expect in a McCain Administration.”

If you want to know all of the lobbyists working for and contributing to the McSame/Bush/Palin campaign, here is a site with an acurate list where users can track the special interests represented by 40 of John McCain’s top fundraisers and advisers.

But there are many, MANY other links. These are just the tip of the iceberg:

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McCain Campaign Paid For And Run By Lobbyists

Lobbyists Have Donated Over $181,000 To McCain Even As He Denounces Their Profession

McCain Camp Quietly Reassuring Lobbyists

Top McCain Officials Were Paid Oil Lobbyists

Lobbyists Forsee Business As Usual, Reforms A “Nuisance”

I could on and on. There are pages of this stuff. But I will end with a link that shows another example of how McCain = Bush!

Bush’s Top Donors Signing On With McCain

Senator John McCain’s presidential fundraising apparatus is increasingly beginning to resemble that of George W. Bush. While the spectacular amount of cash that the president raised in 2004 may not be the same with McCain four years later, many of the major donors are.

So remember:
In 2001, when GW Bush took office gas costs $1.46 per gallon. Remember that when you vote for McSame!

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