Turns out the McCain Palin ticket IS a Bridge to Nowhere. The weak minded are starting to cross. Whaddya gonna do except keep your eye on the voter registration, the Bush approval rating, state polls..which are all clearer indications of what’s going on.I really don’t think MOST people are that stupid, and quite a few have been down it before..TWICE.Mostly,I think people are furious. A whole new sector of dummies has been created by Rush Limbaugh over the last eight years;however, Eisenhower Republicans are horrified,and will vote Obama;most of the military and their families, will vote Obama; young people whom the pollsters aren’t reaching because they have cell phones are mostly voting Obama; (frankly I’ve never been polled and know no one who has). The "News" yakkers on television keep assuming things about "blue collar working women" that is outrageous. They haven’t got a clue.LOTS, of otherwise higher paid people, are working crappy blue collar jobs, and they are fuming, repulsed, outraged and audaciously hoping their votes will be counted.The Talkers,keep telling us what The American People think,and they assume we are not paying attention, don’t have any facts. I think most of us know, that McCain is a lying groveling aging opportunist suffering from PSD and still fighting the Vietnam War because he blames America for his imagined loss of honor, and willing to drag us all through his insanity with him~ paralelling emotionally, our previous nut case President Dubyah. McCain Palin: A Bridge To Nowhere.