Why not? It worked before.

After all, this is the nation that voted twice for the Bush administration.

“We need to bring change to Washington, D.C.”

Sound familiar? It should.

George Walker Bush promised to bring change to Washington:


William Jefferson Clinton promised to bring change to Washington:


Now John McCain and Barack Obama each are promising to bring long-needed “change” to Washington D.C.

But is a “do-nothing” Congress ready for change?

The term “History repeats itself” is no more clear than when we review the the past 20-year history of our own Congress. It seems incapable of any sort of positive change.

John McCain is little more than “a lying sack of manure” while Barack Obama systematically tells people what they want to hear.

Both men continue the American political history of promising everything but delivering little.

Rhetoric is the name of the American political history and the U.S. media also is guilty as hell of doing so.

In an age where information is power, the American people continue to permit its own computer-generated weakness.

Instead of viewing and discussing REAL issues and promoting their resolutions, American voters let themselves focus on the non-issue rantings of their candidates.

The American people have no one to blame but themselves.

No matter who wins the election in November, unless the American people learn from their ongoing mistakes, Corporate America will continue to dictate U.S. global and domestic direction and future political path.

This is a monumental wake-up call for Americans, but will they do little more than hit the snooze button to doze-off for another 4 years?

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