The fall-in-line-if-you-want-to-keep-your-job media is again, driving this political train, and our scant defenders who still have jobs, (Remember Peter Arnet? Who dared to question what the hell was going on during Shock & Awe? Gone! Works for Al Jazeera last I heard; or Christianne Amanpour? Well she’s over in London now..CNN Abroad~SHE wondered why the tank on the bridge in Bahgdad was firing on the hotel where the journalists were staying;Dan Rather, Phil Donahue,Air America is disintigrating before our eyes),now Olbermann and believe it or not poor old Mathews, have been tamped down…(but Pat Buchanan is just fine of course).So now they’re helping Rove invent “angry small town people that Obama the elite is out of touch with; disaffected Hillary voters; Walmart women;” AND they’re eating up the new polls with zero reasons for them:the Fallwell whackos are now on board because of Palin.duh. And about those numbers viewing the speeches: Democrats watched BOTH conventions, and a handful of Republicans watched only theirs, thus, a touch higher than Obama’s speech. Palin was of course going to be watched by anyone paying attention. But the media drives it as a Bewildering Plus for McCain, who will never again appear at a rally without Palin! Look: Two things. Obama has to get back to his message of Unity, the UNITED States of America. He has to point out the McCain Campaign’s efforts to divide us again. The Democratic Convention in Denver was a festival. A celebration of hope that we’d all drop the sports like aspect of our politics and get it together and start the work of rebuilding our country. Iraq is destroyed by bombs, our country is destroyed by Division. E PLURIBUS UNUM. Forget about tit for tat or tearing Sarah Palin apart. I watched her debate on cspan and she’s quite capable of doing well in that venue. The only way to win this election is stick to the truth, be on the right side of issues, and really believe that we can bring the American people back together. I would love to do an ad using stills from the Republican Convention of the various snarling faces and mispelled was shocking.The Ugly Americans. Secondly we really have to hone in on their second tactic: Inventing a mythical voting block so that the race seems close, and they can steal it again. It was so easy before, why not again? I’m sure Leibermann will go to the other side when Congress comes back,giving the Republicans back the majority and the Bushies will be able to finish up whatever else they want to do. Namely, give the gas companies more leases of American soil.It’s all about real estate. When Bush said Ownership Society, he meant it..that they want to own it all. Let’s see how much McCain bucks his party THEN!

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