Nothing could more handily refute the claim that the media is at bottom liberal than the new lovefest for Sarah Palin.

Which is not to say that the media isn’t liberal — really, it is. The MSM is based in big cities, and big city ‘reality’ and cultural mores differ sharply from so-called Small-Town America (STA).

But, as one witnesses from recent coverage, those liberal-leaning worldviews are tossed out the window when it comes time for a juicy story. The MSM will dump a candidate in a heartbeat when it comes to ratings. It will ‘follow’ the story — i.e. let a made up political ‘narrative’ take its course — regardless of whose it is, if it is a good one for ratings.

The MSM is also shrewd enough to know when it might really earn the ire of STA, and avoids it conscientiously. Sensing by instinct the new ‘connection’ STA has with this misguided political figure (Palin) the MSM will stop just short of ever truly savaging her, or even appearing to do so. (In other words, expect all genuinely damaging stuff to be swept right under the rug.)