After viewing Palin’s strange discombobulated blathering on the podium of her Church in Wasilla I think not only is her own sanity in question, but I feel the founder of it, a guy named Ed Kalnins, should be scrutinized as intensely as Reverend Wright was. Wright, was merely ranting about injustice~and it wasn’t Obama taking up the rant. In this video,(NOT for before bedtime), you see Sara Palin promising to fulfill God’s work by getting the pipeline up and running so that when the planet goes to hell and a handbasket, the faithful can flee to Alaska and have ample fuel..apparently the chosen place…Endtimer’s Israel. She is here to do God’s work, and it doesn’t include those in the lower 49 except I GUESS those snarling cretins in McCain’s GOPOW Convention Hall. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve had enough of these screwballs. NO MORE DYING FOR GOD! NO MORE WARS FOR GOD! I think it’s time for an explanation McCain. I utterly reject both of these candidates, and we’d better nip this in the bud or we’re in for a hell of a lot longer stint than 8 more years. The media is making a big deal about Bush not being mentioned at the convention. That’s because they still regard him as their leader, so McCain COULDN’T promise separation from Bush. I think we need to dig deeper into all this and heighten the awareness…get Olbermann to show that video. I used to have tolerance for religious faiths before Dubyah started cramming his down our throats~but no more! ENOUGH!

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