Would you bring a baby to a bull fight?

Noting the baby on super-mom Palin’s convention platform my friend said “someone should have called DSS.” She should know because in addition to her own she’s has had more than 100 foster babies and children. She knows how DSS views child abuse and neglect. So there’s baby Trig Paxson Van Palin being subjected to the din and chaos of a political convention.

Down syndrome or not, no baby is going to be thinking about how wonderful it is that his eardrums are ringing because everyone loves his mother.

I know the Republican convention on Wednesday night wasn’t a bull fight, but as Republican Peggy Noonan said there was plenty of political bullshit.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t there because as a clinical social worker I’m a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse or neglect. I would haven been obligated to call the Ramsey County Minnesota Department of Social Services and make a report.

Who knows, even knowing about it I may have that obligation. I’ll have to look it up.

Maybe that’s how they do things in Alaska, but in civilized Minnesota I rather doubt it.

I doubt they have bull fights in Alaska though.

Perhaps they have pit bull fights, with or without lipstick. On Saturday nights are mothers with nursing infants half price?

And Sunday morning, hangovers not withstanding, there’s nothing more exhilarating than an afternoon of shooting wolves from an airplane.

It’s never too soon to give a baby, even one with Down’s syndrome, the taste of a blood sport, so the governor Alaska environmentalists call the “killa from Wasilla” would probably take the tiny suckling along on the next search and destroy mission.


  1. Lillibet

    You Call the Twin Cities Civilized?

    Maybe that’s how they do things in Alaska, but in civilized Minnesota I rather doubt it.

    After all the rights-stomping, storm trooping, voice silencing, gun wielding, arresting for possession of empty glass bottles in the home, you call the Twin Cities civilized?!?

    I’m from there, and recently moved again from there, and I don’t even recognize the place. It breaks my heart.

    As for Trig, and being very sensitive to loud noises myself, I was also appalled. Even if he didn’t have Downs Syndrome, it would be damaging to his overly sensitive ears, for babies do have better hearing than the rest of us. We start out with great hearing, and it’s all downhill from there.

    As for the pitbull fights, with or without lipstick, I’ll have to leave the analysis of the why’s and wherefore’s to others. But, no matter what, this was not a ‘civilized’ convention, especially when judged by what was going on around the big arena of the Excel Center.

    I was just curious why the daughters were both in black? And the mother figures in the Palin family.

    Whatever happened to that Republican Red? It shows off the lipstick so much better. Even on pitbulls. [snark]

  2. Harve3

    Hal & Lillibet; Just as a reminder, it is “Down Syndrome” not “Downs Syndrome”; ignorance is no excuse.
    Hill Country resident

  3. Lillibet

    Sorry about that. Heavy third finger on left hand. Thanks, I did know, but am gifted with lousing proofreading skillss. Lillibet

  4. Hal Brown

    Yes and no…

    Down syndrome is the preferred and most common spelling and how it is spelled on the Down Syndrome websites. However Down’s syndrome as a variant spelling according to dictionaries such as Encarta, Bartleby American Heritage, and The Free Dictionary.

    It is named after its discoverer, British physician John Langdon Haydon Down (1828-1896).

    In any case, I changed it in the column.

  5. Hal Brown

    Done with spelling…

    now back on topic… okay…

    Judith Miller, in her harsh assessment of Sarah Palin ( read The Mirrored Ceiling, agrees with the point of my column:

    Why does this woman – who to some of us seems as fake as they can come, with her delicate infant son hauled out night after night under the klieg lights and her pregnant teenage daughter shamelessly instrumentalized for political purposes — deserve, to a unique extent among political women, to rank as so “real”?

    I’m going to attempt to restrain myself and not write any more columns about Sarah Palin. Arianna Huffington suggested that we need to focus on McCain (see “McCain is Running on the Amnesia Platform, But It’s Democrats Who Need to Forget Sarah Palin” ) and I agree with her although I’d add independents and disgruntled Republicans as well.

  6. Lillibet

    As long as we’re giving loving correction to eachother, your post cites Judith Miller, long gone from the NYTimes. The correct author is Judith WARNER,

    Of course, substantively you are right on the mark. As is Ms. Warner.

    I must add, Ms. Palin reads a good speech. Well.


  7. Stratocaster

    I want to know what type of mother would want her son to go to Iraq. She seems to be sacrificing her children to her ego. I wish I could get a psychiatric evaluation of her.

  8. zuzumamu

    Our Caribou Barbie’s son is going to Iraq, because he broke into a liquor store and got busted. He was given the choice of Jail or Iraq. Mom decided I’m sure, it would look better on the resume for him to go to Iraq. As a mother, I cringed throughout watching that poor baby, obviously dosed for the occasion, as well. Sarah Palin has galvanized mothers against the Republican ticket~she is there to create a mythical voting block of “Disaffected Hillary Voters”,to cover their plans to steal this election too…in say, Pennsylvania with Tom Ridge’s help.