Sarah Palin is going to bring “God” to America

Sarah Palin wants to spread God to the world. She agrees with Bin Laden that God sends His troops into battle. With her in eventually charge of the US and bin Laden eventually in charge of Pakistan they can together bring God to the Planet. She and bin Laden have big families and they together are willing for them all of them die in service to God. She believes that McCain has seen evil and too is qualified to eliminate evil in service to God.

Despite what I said above, I do believe that sometimes belief is God can help some people do good in a gentle and tender way instead of trying to impose God on the world around them.

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  1. griff

    Therein lies the difference. Belief is acceptable while imposition is detrimental. While the morality of a candidate should be examined, religious belief or non-belief does not necessarily or automatically define an individual’s moral code. Simplistic groupthink.

    That’s why we have a Constitution. Well, that’s why we had one.

  2. RichardKanePA


    Why Palin’s Speech will not Win over all Evanelicals, from New Republic

    PS, I’d like to point out that many Muslims were upset with bin Laden and others found berkers appalling. Even the few who liked Bekers didn’t like the idea of women and children being soldiers of the lord. But every time people criticize bin Laden they criticize head scarves, driving some Muslim’s in bin Laden’s direction. Sarah Palin, if you don’t believe in artificial birth contrail, couldn’t you even as a total fanatic refrain from sex rather than have a mongoloid child due to approaching change of life. I personally can’t understand why building sports stadiums has anything to due with serving Christ, but I guess to say so, means I am also criticizing side issues, since most of us too far away from food sources, as the currency collapses to barter for.

    By the way even a Redneck who is upset with having to work for a Black boss since he didn’t quite, should vote for Obama rather than face the Dark Ages in a desperate world.

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