It just amazes me that people are crying about the Media’s treatment of VP nominee Sarah Palin. They are saying some really stupid stuff like give her a break because she is a woman.

McCain Camp Levels Charges Of Sexism

Well, I’ve been accused repeatedly of being a Clinton Hater even though I have nothing but respect for both Clintons. But I would like to make a valid point here about Hillary.

Hillary Clinton, the woman who came closest to being POTUS, has been taken through the ringer by the lie, cheat and steal Republican party over and over and over again.

They have called her every name in the book. They have questioned her sexuality. They have questioned her marriage. They have dug into every part of this woman’s life for 2 decades. They have made joke after joke about her life and her family.

Hillary has like a true candidate of stature and character has stood up to it like a warrior. That’s one thing I like about the Clinton’s…they stand up to the Republican hate filled garbage.

Sarah Palin as VP is just a breath away from being our POTUS if McCain seizes control of our country. And despite what McCain says I don’t see him releasing his medical records(maybe I missed it) guaranteeing that this 72 year old man won’t die in the next 4 years.

Perhaps he has made a deal with the devil and that’s why he is so sure of himself. But never the less, there is no guarantee that he won’t drop dead on the job and we would be stuck with this woman is more conservative than perhaps God himself picking Supreme Court Justices. Please, give me a break. That is the most frightening aspect of it all.

One thing is for certain though. If you are going to play with the big boys in their political arena you cannot use the feminism role to divert legitimate questions away from your family, your choices in life, and every single aspect of your background.

So if we have to put on kid gloves to deal with Ms Palin’s nomination as our next VP, well then perhaps she isn’t up to the job. Because as the old saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

My only question right now is, “Where is Hillary’s response to Sarah Palin?” I would think that Hillary would be outraged by the GOP using her name over and over again. And I am dying to hear what Hillary has to say about Sarah Palin.

One thing is for certain, SNL ought to be a hoot over the next couple of months.

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