Fred Thompson.
No, wait, let’s make him exciting.


hmmmm. Not working.

* F R E D * – * T H O M P S O N * * ! ! ! *

Forget it. As will 99.98% (same as Ivory Soap) of the population that managed to refrain from changing the channel or those too deep asleep to find their remote.

What on earth could be more enticing to a half filled stadium of extremely white, bald, fat, elderly, deaf, toothless GOP delegates who had just enough energy to realize which sign to raise on cue? At least those not following the lead of Hookers and Blow from the night before.

Joe Lieberman.

Amazing. The GOP outdid itself. They found someone even less exciting and less appealing than Fred. Joe did manage to mangle his facts, claim that some trips to Iraq (with 4 blackhawk choppers, 100 heavily armored and armed troops) was simply a shopping trip, not a PR move. Yet, when a democrat does Berlin, you can and should ignore it.

Kinda like when a 16 yr old family values daughter gets herself in a family way, it reinforces their family values, but when an inner city or rural girl finds herself in the same way, it is a failure.

Hippo hippo, wait, it will come to me. Hippo-cracy! Looks like an elephant, by the way.

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