Since the announcement of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, I’ve watched numerous Republican and John McCain supporters try to convince the American people that she is a qualified nominee. Their focal point seems to be that she was a mayor and now Governor of Alaska and that gives her more executive officer experience than Barack Obama. How does being the Governor of Alaska for LESS than two years give you executive officer experience? Granted, there have been successful Governors turned Presidents i.e. Bill Clinton, but this experience (as we call it) has also back fired- GEORGE W. BUSH. If being a Governor gives you the experience you need, it seems like the Democrats are much better at taking that experience and being productive than the Republicans. I believe it’s pretty safe to say that Bush has driven our country into the ground. It’s a pretty harsh observation but it’s my opinion and the opinion of a large group of Americans. If this is the way the Republicans take their executive “experience” to the highest office of the land, then I prefer to vote for someone without experience.