Claiming McCain is indecisive interferes with claiming he is a monster. People trip over themselves when they claim McCain is both a waffleler and a monster. If he is just a waffleler, we really have no idea what he would be as President. Pointing out that he is now against for instance, driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, but when he first became Senator of Arizona went out of his way to be on Hispanic Board of Directors, might make people wonder if he will be for immigration again after becoming President.

He is, by the way, very much for immigrants who want to join the US army to become US citizens, and praised them in a campaign ad.

I personally see McCain as a confused old man. He comes from a proud military family tradition, and badly wants America to be feared and respected again. However, when first elected to Congress, he was suddenly against torture and animal experimentation. Perhaps he related his POW experience to envisioning himself as being experimented upon and tortured.

At one point he expressed extreme anger at religious fanatics, and unlike some POWs, didn’t discover Jesus in a foxhole or a POW isolation cell. At one point he was very much for gun control, perhaps in a flash back, seeing himself as the animal being hunted by the VC. My guess is that he will sacrifice everything in the name of grandeur. But if any one of us was honest we would admit that we have no idea what McCain would do if he became President.

With Obama, we know that Obama really doesn’t like guns but that what to do about guns is of low priority for him, so we know he will not take the effort to fight for gun control, also while for choice, will probably have more important first priorities in choosing a Supreme Court justice than the candidate’s views on abortion.

Certain organizations like National Right to Life and the American Gun Association have been around for a long time, and think they will be around a lot longer. However the NRA won’t be around much longer if a very determined McCain after the next Columbine wants them not to be. In 2006 the NRA didn’t support Bob Murtha as Majority Whip, possibly because they feared that switching on the war could mean future having second thoughts about domestic guns as well, and conceivably after some horrible incident urge the country to united around a new Bradley Bill.

The possibility or likelihood that at times McCain can identify with a victim being tortured, doesn’t necessarily mean he at all for divided Constitutional Government, so he could push for executive power harder than then Bush.

As a possibly troubled old man he is a real question mark, far more likely to surprise us as President than the inexperienced Obama would. Other than craving for US grandeur, none of us have any idea who McCain is. Perhaps he doesn’t know himself either.

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