Amy Goodman Violently Arrested Today at RNC

Echoes of Tiananmen Square…Apparently it’s okay to arrest someone for doing their jobs. Freedom of the Press is another right down the drain.

News people covering legitimate stories of the protestors at the RNC are arrested and (here comes the worst part) without telling them what they were arrested for and holding them without charges.

Finally they were released but that doesn’t mean that the PIGS can’t come back at a later date and trump up some false charges.

I think it’s interesting that at the DNC, all the loonies were allowed to protest without significant incidents. But right from the get go, the RNC demonstrates clearly how it has enabled a police state and given law enforcement power to do whatever they want to do to anyone for any reason.

Coupled with the corparate cronyism, this has put the policies of Bush/McCain up there with some “really bad guys” in history.

If McCain is allowed to seize control of our government it will be nothing but a 3 term of the policies of GW Bush and the victorian hypocrites that fund and enable them.

Not since the days leading up to the American Revolution, has there been such a double standard in our country. People wonder why there is such an uproad about Sarah Palin? It’s because we all KNOW what the lie, steal, and cheat Genuis of Proganda Republicans would say if the situation is reversed. Their hypocrisy has been well displayed all summer long from saying Sarah Palin is “qualified to be POTUS after incessantly attacking Obama as not having enough experience.” From calling Sarah Palin a reformer when every new fact we learn about her says she is anything BUT a reformer.

If this is the type of judgement we can expect from McCain as POTUS, he’s got a lot of nerve even saying he is fit to be POTUS because everything we are seeing this week in Minesota only proves beyond any reasonable doubt why this party needs to go. AMERICA should not be a POLICE STATE for any reason including terrorism. And it should especially not squash people’s rights to get the truth about what is going on to the public. If they get away with this behavior, the bad guys win. Yep…Echoes of Tiananmen Square.

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