Wind, Solar Investments In Jeopardy As Tax Credits Are Set To Expire

With energy becoming a major issue in this forthcoming election, this is an issue that EVERYONE from POTUS to Senators and Congressmen MUST ADDRESS.

John McCain wants to try to drill our way out of this mess which has been repeatedly pointed out will not make a significant difference when really needed. He also wants to build <MORE NUCLEAR PLANTS.

Nuclear Plants take A LOT of money and decades to build. Not to mention the issue of what to do with Nuclear Waste which John McCain wants to dump on some unsuspecting state but not his state of Arizona.

Here is the deal. The money that would be spent to do these things could be used TODAY to get new and BETTER technology like solar shingles and radiant heating/cooling homes to people NOW!

These technologies not only bring a lot of jobs to America but they bring immediate releif from high heating & cooling bills just to name ONE benefit.

But they want to let these incentives retire so we can waste more money on OLD technology that serves ONLY to make a handful of people rich and brings absolutely NO IMMEDIATE relief to anyone. In fact it only places more burden on the American public’s tax burder ESPECIALLY if McCAin takes control of our govt.

Because McCain will keep Bush tax cuts for the very rich in place, cut taxes for corporations and keep spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq. So somehow he has to pay for his policies which will ONCE AGAIN be on the backs of the Average Joe who will pay while watching their bills keep going up and they lose thier homes, their jobs, and their health insurance.

While the Obama/Biden ticket actually has some 21st Century strategies that will make our lives a bit easier and our future a bit brighter. What a contrast when the veil of GOP duplicitous disinformation is separated from the equation!

Obama-Biden: A Science and Education Ticket We Can Believe In

Here are some facts about job creation in the Green sector:

Top Jobs — Sustainability Expert

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