A campaign issue that must be addressed by all parties, all candidates

Wind, Solar Investments In Jeopardy As Tax Credits Are Set To Expire

With energy becoming a major issue in this forthcoming election, this is an issue that EVERYONE from POTUS to Senators and Congressmen MUST ADDRESS.

John McCain wants to try to drill our way out of this mess which has been repeatedly pointed out will not make a significant difference when really needed. He also wants to build <MORE NUCLEAR PLANTS.

Nuclear Plants take A LOT of money and decades to build. Not to mention the issue of what to do with Nuclear Waste which John McCain wants to dump on some unsuspecting state but not his state of Arizona.

Here is the deal. The money that would be spent to do these things could be used TODAY to get new and BETTER technology like solar shingles and radiant heating/cooling homes to people NOW!

These technologies not only bring a lot of jobs to America but they bring immediate releif from high heating & cooling bills just to name ONE benefit.

But they want to let these incentives retire so we can waste more money on OLD technology that serves ONLY to make a handful of people rich and brings absolutely NO IMMEDIATE relief to anyone. In fact it only places more burden on the American public’s tax burder ESPECIALLY if McCAin takes control of our govt.

Because McCain will keep Bush tax cuts for the very rich in place, cut taxes for corporations and keep spending $4566 PER SECOND in Iraq. So somehow he has to pay for his policies which will ONCE AGAIN be on the backs of the Average Joe who will pay while watching their bills keep going up and they lose thier homes, their jobs, and their health insurance.

While the Obama/Biden ticket actually has some 21st Century strategies that will make our lives a bit easier and our future a bit brighter. What a contrast when the veil of GOP duplicitous disinformation is separated from the equation!

Obama-Biden: A Science and Education Ticket We Can Believe In

Here are some facts about job creation in the Green sector:

Top Jobs — Sustainability Expert


  1. pollchecker

    Of course the Republicans don’t want to talk about issues, they are all about dispersing lies and propaganda. I’ll bet anyone a buck that John McCain and Sarah Palin NEVER HEARD of a solar shingle.

    Rove urges GOP money to outside attack groups

    Just more same old, same old. Obama lays out a concise and workable plan for the future while the Republicans want to continue to fund the oil and nuclear cos and then attempt to make it look like they are more qualified.

  2. griff

    In a single blog you complain that the GOP is blocking the renewal of tax cuts for corporations while you also complain that the GOP gives too many tax cuts to corporations.

    I happen to have radiant heat in my home, and it also happens to run on an oil- or gas-fired boiler. Mine runs on oil. Marginally more efficient than forced air or hot water baseboard, and far more expensive to install.

    Furthermore, I can’t cool my home with the same system. An independent cooling system is needed, and I’ve never seen one that doesn’t run on electricity.

    Perhaps the government, being closely intertwined with the corporate establishment, isn’t the best judge of what the best alternative energy solutions would be. All the government is capable of doing is distorting the market and playing favorites with their corporate cohorts.

    The countries that have vast oil reserves aren’t concerned about any lack of supply. We need to pump our own, and let the free market work on alternative solutions, free of government intervention. In time, we will have them. Forcing false or hurried solutions for political reasons is no answer.

    Our perceptions are so narrowly managed by the media that it becomes impossible to think outside the two-party control system. It never occurs to us that neither party is capable or interested in solving these problems, but are only interested in maintaining or gaining power for themselves by pretending to care. It should be readily apparent that they don’t.

    So of course energy is an important issue. They’ve made it so. Energy, along with food, is the ultimate means of societal control for the Political Class. The two parties are more than willing to play the partisan game in order to maintain that control, and we dutifully fall in line every time, boxed in by the narrow spectrum of Establishment-sanctioned alternatives.

    Let’s face it. The moneyed elite will always be the ultimate benefactors of government policy, and the people will always remain the victims. Obama won’t change that. He’ll only expand the umbrella of benefactors and, as usual, leave the people with the ultimate bill.

    While we continue to be manipulated by social issues and false partisan fighting, the real problems – such as monetary policy and foreign policy – will continue unaddressed and unchanged. Contrary to Democrat myth, Obama will continue our interventionist foreign policy.

    The basis of any successful and prosperous nation is the strength of its currency. Ours is in big trouble, and not a whisper from either party on that. The only parties that dare address these underlying isues are the third parties. It’s no surprise that they are marginalized and excluded from all spheres of debate, including this “non-partisan” site.

    No. it’s much easier and requires less effort on our part if we allow the media and the two parties to control what the issues are and what the narrow spectrum of possible “solutions” will be. We will simply pull the lever for the party that lies the best.

    Abortion will never be banned, yet we continue to be manipulated by this issue. We continue to choose our candidates based on a personal belief. Emotional issues take precedence over real and fundamental issues. We’ve been manipulated by this issue for decades and nothing changes.

    Racism is beyond the scope of government control, but some think that by merely electing a black President the problem will go away. The opposite is likely to occur in some circles. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, but that’s human nature. The cure for racism, if ever one is to be found, is equality – not special priveleges for select groups – under the law, and prosperity. And frankly, the whole racism issue has been fueled by the media since day one of this campaign.

  3. pollchecker

    In your typical fashion, Grif, you take a post which is about energy, new technology and govt investment into something TOTALLY UNRELATED to this blog like racism.

    FYI – In the future, I will not waste anymore of my time answering your insessant and redundant long winded negative garbage. Post what you will. It’s always nothing but belittling name calling anyways.

  4. pollchecker

    Nope I just point out again and again how you take EVERYTHING off topic and twist it around for your own hateful agenda calling people names.

    Once again, you don’t let me down. I’m sick and tired of the haters. I will not talk to you again.

    You are so full of yourself it makes me sick! Typical Republican garbage.

  5. griff

    I’ve read and reread my post and can’t seem to find any hatred or name-calling in any of it. Must be my imagination – or yours. Come to think of it, aren’t you rather fond of using pet names for those that you hate? At least I have the respect and maturity to refer to people by their proper names, no matter how much I despise them.

    Although I took the opportunity to make a few more general points, I did address the topic of your blog. If you can’t defend it or prove it, then so be it, but don’t play the hateful partisan card with me. Who the hell do you think you are?

    You think that being an Obama supporter gives you some kind of moral or intellectual superiority? It shows me the opposite. It shows me that you’re incapable of thinking outside the Huffington Post/MSNBC box. But I’m the partisan hack? Please.

    Contrary to what the glowing hypno-box in your living room tells you, there are more than two political parties in this country, and there are more than two candidates for the Presidency. There are other ideas – better ideas – outside the ‘mainstream’. Real ideas – sound ideas – far from the lame utopian dreaming of the Left and the…well…I can’t even categorize what the Right is doing. It’s beyond my comprehension, so I won’t even try.