The McCain presidency may hinge more on the one vice presidential debate than on all the presidential debates. We still don’t know whether Sarah Palin was given an IQ test before being selected, but Republican vetters would have been stupid not to have done so. During the debate she will be asked numerous questions on a variety of topics. All she has to do is mispronounce one world leader’s name or make a major gaff showing her ignorance and Biden will eviscerate her.

Not only will she have to avoid serious mistakes in the debate, but all through the campaign she will be standing in front of microphones. One statement showing ignorance will be all over the news within minutes.

If she turns out to be totally unprepared to step into the role of commander in chief, this will prove that McCain’s judgment is seriously impaired.

Considering the fact that starting yesterday she’s joined the whirlwind “Straight Talk Express” much of her time will be spent campaigning.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

She’s a nursing mother.

She has to sleep.

It’s quite possible she has a 180 I.Q. and a photographic memory.

No amount of briefing will prepare her for the debate with Joe Biden unless she’s able to retain what she’s being presented and mouth it back with some indication she understands what she’s saying.

My personal views on social issues lead me to consider taking up religion and praying ardently for McCain’s health should he become president, lest he die and a right wing fundamentalist who doesn’t even believe in abortion after rape or incest ends up as president.

Stating that, I hope for the sake of the country that if McCain does win Sarah Palin is a wunderkind with an incisive intellect who will perform admirably in whatever role she ends up taking.

Watching her since her selection I don’t see signs of this. She seems to me to have a pedestrian above average intelligence like both Bush and McCain.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are brilliant, Joe Biden is what I’d call very very bright; but let’s not quibble about ten I.Q. points

If ideology wasn’t an issue at all, I’d want a president and vice president that didn’t rely on advisers for brilliance, not that the brainy Condi Rices and Paul Wolfowitzs of the Bush cabal had intellectual chops which served the nation well.

I’m trying to keep an open mind on whether or not at the very least Sarah Palin is wickedly smart, but I have to admit that considering that she seems to think creationism is worthy of being taught in science classes, I have serious doubts.


  1. In many ways Palin is not a typical evangelical. When I was young my neighbors were Assemblies of God members. Quite conservative but not bad folks. One thing though, they were never dishonest.

    Hiding her daughter’s pregnancy seems dishonest to me. Now for the comment that will insult most everyone:

    When my Mom was pregnant with my brother a man named Korth, a noted photographer of Chicago and author, said to my Mom, “I suppose you will push them out like rabbits now!” She was so insulted, she never forgot it but…

    Seems like the Palin’s are very fecond.!! *&%$#@!!

  2. Underestimate Sarah Palin at your own risk. She is a natural in front of an audience. She is Mother Middle America.

  3. Not a racist that I can see

    but the attitude, the insensitivity to people’s feelings, demonstrated here

    Palin Laughs As Opponent Is Called “Bitch,” “Cancer,” Mocked For Her Weight (AUDIO)

    are what led me to suggest she is a fit for McCain.

    Issodhos, listen to this audio, to what I’d describe as her inane laugh at the host’s obnoxious remarks, and share your interpretation.

    I would have hoped this hockey mom who choose to have a Down’s syndrome baby would have admonished this “shock jock” rather than rewarding him with what sounds like a bimbo beauty queen laugh.

    Now I can mentally put her into the scene Doug Thompson describes with McCain telling crude jokes, and her laughing right along instead of being taken aback as Doug was.

    Labor Day OdEd suggestion: Read what conservative critics of Palin have to say here.

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