Is that her claim to fame?

The GOP gave up the “inexperience card” against Obama when McCain made one phone call to confirm with Palin her agreement to become the second woman in American history to become a Vice Presidential candidate.

Does the pick have anything to do with the fact that the GOP and McCain are salivating about drilling for oil in Alaska (ANWR) and that just maybe the governor of that state would be on an inside track to accomplishing that goal?

Just because Obama highlights an affiliation with Hawaii, did McCain want to trump that re: his new affiliation with Alaska?

Just how far will the “woman” issue go towards getting McCain more votes? Is a former beauty pageant participant enough to make McCain more appealing?

Where exactly does Sarah Palin stand on the important issues?

You can assess some of Palin’s views at:

However, don’t expect too much. After all, she has NOT publicized any stance or background on:

o Corporations
o Drugs
o Family & Children
o Foreign Policy
o Free Trade
o Government Reform
o Immigration
o Principles & Values
o Technology

Seems like Sarah Palin needs to get on the fast-track re: important issues.

She already is on the fast-track to becoming president if Grandpa McCain “hits the bucket”.

Now there’s a scary thought. Makes you want to think a little harder about Obama, doesn’t it?

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