Cost of gasoline is going down, so why isn’t electricity?

Answer: Because Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) is greedy for profits.

For the 3rd straight month my electric bill totals more than $500, which is double that of all my previous bills.

It is outrageous that PEC is being permitted by the legislature to continue its aggressive billing, simply because Perry and special interest directed elected officials agreed to deregulate the industry, which enables the company to charge absurd costs to members.

This also is the 3rd straight month I have requested legislators to become more active in harnessing this runaway electric company. Fortunately, I can pay these bills, but many of my neighbors can’t.

Previous PEC leaders must be forced to repay the money they took as perks, bribes and contributions from their special interest contributors.

But most of all, the Legislature must act in good faith to the Texas community. PEC requires oversight and reality must enter to ensure members pay affordable and honest electric costs. Don’t just sit there and watch it happening, do something about it!


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