McCain picks a Trophy Veep, Sarah Palin

She’s more conservative and pro oil than Dick Cheney.
She’s more anti-abortion than Mike Huckabee
She’s more ultra-religious than most televangelists
She’s a firm believer in Creationism, hates those who teach evolution.
She’s about to be indicted for firing a State Commissioner who refused to fire her ex-brother in-law Mike Wooten.
She’s pro drilling off shore
She called the Exxon Valdez accident a minor mistake, with no long term effects
She thinks global warming does not exist.
She was a mayor of town for 8000 for one term, then governor of ALASKA for little more than a year.

That constitutes a trophy Veep.


  1. Gloria Bryant

    Trophy is right! This twit is the poster child for those who hunt from airplanes, gunning down wolves & probably anything else that moves (a la Cheney).

    When I last spoke to a representative of one of the wildlife organizations, I was told there were several who would cheerfully donate to a bounty fund on Palin. Alas, there is no season on Republicraps.

    But a Republicrap who thinks his wife is worthy of a wet T-Shirt contest, thinks with whatever elderly gonads he has left, far below the human brain.

  2. Hal Brown

    Polar Bears and Palin,

    she’s not a big fan, Read this LINK.

    This is from Gene Washington’s long comments section in the Washington Post today (on page 16):

    New face, same old tired agenda of fear based politics.

    Palin is simply Huckabee in a girl suit.

    America (and more specifically American women) will not be fooled by more of the same in a dress.
    Posted by cynford

    My response:

    Come to think of it, in general American women may be more politically savvy than men. Certainly, again in general, they may be more concerned about politicians telling them what to do with their own bodies.

    They also may be a bit concerned about a mother whose son recently enlisted and is bound for Iraq saying she was so busy running Alaska she hadn’t given the war much thought.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that those who have said this is McCain’s attempt to rally the fundies the way Bush did are correct.

  3. knockknock

    And if McCain croaks, she’ll be the Veep? Are you kidding me??

    The best thing about this news is that it will light a massive fire under Hillary, who will simply not stand for any other woman becoming the first female president.

    McCain is a womanizer so it’s no surprise he’d choose one for a running mate. But Biden is a gentleman and may not let loose on her in a veep debate.

    Go get her Hillary!!! Bring Bubba with you!!!!!

  4. colocritic

    Gloria, what a great post! You’ve provided my best laugh for the day! Three strikes, POW! POW! POW! Keep them coming!

    Hal, where did you find the info about her 180 I.Q.? Looked at the pictures you suggested and her hair is still a mess. Sorry, don’t mean to be catty.

  5. heinrich66

    Say what you will, but McCain may have locked up the election with this choice as VP.

    For one, Biden was chosen to be an attack dog. If Biden attacks this eminently lovable choice for VP, he’ll look mean and churlish, and all sorts of sympathy will go toward the GOP.

    If the Democrats attack her AT ALL — this mother of five, mother of a child with Down Syndrome — they will make themselves so unlikable that McCain will coast to victory on that alone.

    Think about it: By choosing someone so far out in the sticks, and someone as authentic as she is — she is authentic — McCain has made a choice that practically resembles Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In this case, it will be Mrs.-Soccer-Mom-whose-conservatism-can-be-forgiven-because-she-comes-from-Alaska (and therefore is authentic).

    If she comes off as likable, approachable, and competent — simply competent — in the VP debate, McCain will benefit. If she tries hard to look smart and loses that soft, approachable texture, then McCain will be seen as having made a serious error — but only then.

  6. Hal Brown

    180IQ – I made that up! I meant EVEN IF she was that smart….

    and that about hair, not to be catty but I am only conveying what my wife said: “she’s not going to get the hair dresser vote.”

  7. JerryG

    Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen! Temper yourselves in this moment of twists and turns and what, to many, seems to be an odd and bizarre decision. Allow yourselves a bit of time to let this play out. I bet what we will find is that John McCain was quite disengaged from the entire selection and vetting process outside the obvious choices – Romney, Lie-Berman, Huckster, Pawley-Man, Jindal, Christ, wait Crist, et al.

    Give the media time to do its job, namely, worm its way into the McCain campaign and use its moles to discover just how detached he was in the selection of Sarah Plain, uh, I mean Sarah Palin. What we learn may be something like this:

    ***Somewhere in middle-America 30,000 feet up***

    Rove Protege 1: “Where’s POW?” (JM’s nicname in air)
    Rove Protege 2: “Napping, why, what’s up?”
    Rove Protege 1: “We’ve got another! Wake him up!”
    Rove Protege 2: “Another what?”
    Rove Protege 1: “God damnit, another potential VP patsy!”
    Rove Protege 2: “Christ Almighty! Are you kidding me? What’s that, number 10?”
    Rove Protege 1: “How the hell should I know, just wake his ass up! They tell me this is the one!”

    (Rove Protege 2 can be heard yelling in the background)

    “Hey Cindy, get ’em up and put a fresh pair of Depends on him, they’ve picked his running mate and we need to brief him”

    Patience folks, patience!

  8. Rob Kezelis

    LOL. you should take this space and continue on. Apparently, the dino-matic do-over team of Palin and McCain met exactly

    wait for it


    before the decision was made.

  9. keith

    I’d love to know how many of the others turned him down when they were asked….like Colin Powell, for example.

    Seems like he scraped the bottom of the barrel.

  10. sherry

    My mother was voting for a GOP for the first time in her life this November. She is now quite happy with the decision.
    Poke fun all you like. This may be a poor choice for McCain, but no one is talking about toga man. It’s all about McCain and Palin.

  11. JudyB

    McCain does not even know the Palin..he had spoke to her twice before considering her as his running mate. I find this a slap in the face to all the many qualified women he could have chosen. Palin may be a sharp young woman in many fields but she has not earned her brownie buttons yet, and has in no way the experience necessary to step up and take over the presidency if it should become necessary! WHAT WAS MCCAIN THINKING? Hell, when Palin was asked about Iraq she made the comment that she had been so involved with issues in Alaska that she hadn’t given it much thought..does that sound presidential ???? It scares the bejeezes out of me! I was never considering voting for McCain no matter what, so his choice of Palin will not affect my vote, but it does make me think even less of McCains leadership ability (if that were possible). I am another one who thinks the Obama camp must be rolling on the floor laughing.

  12. VietnamVet

    Dream on my friend! Your analysis is not even close to reality. To believe what you have written would require that one assume that the American people are just down right stupid…they are not. Why he chose her is obvious and the females of our voting society will have absolutely no problem is seeing through THAT scam. Again, dream on!

  13. ekaton

    Oh, man, you are SO right about the last paragraph. I just read the article. She definitely should have just suggested it to Biden and not taken it herself. I wonder how she spells potato(e) Mr. Quayle?

    — Kent Shaw

  14. Hal Brown

    I enjoy watching some of the Republican talk show regulars try to mouth the talking points praising Palin’s leadership and make the case for her being qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    But it was amazing to see former New York moderate Republican congresswoman Susan Molinari, who served for three terms and is pro-choice.

    She must have had trouble keeping a straight face promoting Palin. If I was the host I would have asked her “come on Susan, don’t you think that if McCain really wanted a woman running mate there are many others who are more qualified, including yourself?”

  15. Timr

    According to various reports, McCain sent people up to vet her only within the last 2 weeks and they were only to vet her on the trooper problem, nothing else. Without a real vetting, we will now have the MSM in a swarm trying to find every tidbit of info. Since they are not allowed to follow up any story on st john, maybe they will be allowed to dump on her as I am quite sure that this was also a surprise to our current power brokers/rulers the NACN(oligarchs)-New American Century Neocons which currently consist of Big Energy,Big Arms,Big Media and Big Jesus. Or maybe not, she looks to be in sync with at least 3 of the groups

  16. keith

    Sherry wrote:

    This may be a poor choice for McCain, but no one is talking about toga man. It’s all about McCain and Palin.


    But news cycles are short, and so are people’s memories.

    Once the talking heads and spinmeisters are finished putting the backgrounds of both Mr. Biden and Ms. Palin under the microscope, the headlines will shift.

    Right now, a fellow named Gustav down in the Gulf of Mexico is about to wipe ALL of it (and possibly even the Republican Convention’s timetable) right off the front page.

  17. keith

    …all of which simply lends more credibility to my hunch that she was NOT his first choice.

    Like I said, I’d love to know how many people turned him down before he extended the offer to her.

  18. issodhos

    Just a few questions, Mr. Kezelis.

    Do you know Governor Palin to be ultra-religious, or does she instead have a strong spiritual faith? Yes, there is a significant difference.

    Have you any evidence that she has expressed hatred toward people who teach evolution, or is that an extrapolation or stereotyping on your part?

    Lastly, if all the attributes you list were descriptive of a McCain VP selection that was male, would you still use the prejorative, “trophy VEEP”? Just mildly curious.;-)

  19. bryan mcclellan

    Johnny boy pulled this one out of the great void that is the sphincter of todays politics. Karl Roves mouth.

    As one of the voting public I view this as nothing more than another, up yours America, from the people that gave us Nixon, Bush one and two, James Dobson, Good job Brownie, etc.etc.etc.

    No shame, everything to gain with a lie, GOP.

    By the way, I flipped on a light switch this morning, so according to Cindy Mccain, I’m a goddamn electrician. HACK!

  20. No Blood for Hubris

    Of course, “Trophy VEEP” is pejorative!

    That’s the whole point!

    McCain’s choice is an insult to America.

    The only reasonable quality she has is that she’s a total Talibangelical conservative.






    That’s IT.

    So suddenly McCain has made it the Vanna White House?


  21. Rob Kezelis

    I don’t know her personally, but several publications, including Alaskan papers have discussed her push to teach creationism in Alaskan skules.

    Her sex is immaterial to me. her total lack of experience, combined with her youth, McCain’s growing mental problems, and her willingness to sign on to all of Bush’s foreign policies and mistakes – those are problems.

  22. DonKrieger

    Price Fixing in Alaska:

    Here’s a link to the sample oil lease from the 2001 “Report of the Alaska Oil Lease Sale.” Governor Palin was not governor when this report and lease were written, but she is now.
    Royalties and Value This page describes the “value” of gas and oil used to compute the 12.5% royalty owed to the State of Alaska on production:

    “The value of the royalty shall not be less than the highest of:
    (1) ….
    (2) …. average of the three highest field prices ….
    (3) ….
    (4) …. average of the three highest posted prices ….”

    This is price fixing. If a producer sells their oil or gas for a lower price than the average of the 3 highest prices, they must still pay 12.5% of that higher price.


    Don Krieger
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Everything is free and permanent.

  23. ExtremeViewpoint

    But, more importantly… she’s a runner up beauty queen!

    Trophy, Celebrity, or Token?

    Like McSame, Sarah Whats-her-name is shooting blanks.


  24. keith

    Sarah WHO?

    Once again, the Republicans are showing just how little they have left to “sell” in this election, not to mention how horribly fractured and politically bankrupt their party has now become. By all accounts I’ve read so far, Mr. McCain’s choice of VP is just slightly left of Attila the Hun.

    Whats more, the Nutter Center (in Dayton…actually Fairborn) Ohio where Mr. McCain introduced his VP choice this (Friday) afternoon just happens to be right next door to one of the largest US military bases (Wright-Patterson AFB) in the world.

    Somehow, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Mr. Bush quietly passed an “unofficial” word to give everyone at the Base the afternoon off just to make sure the Nutter Center was filled to capacity.

    Once again, this whole performance is in keeping with my earlier observation that the only audiences Mr. McCain seems to truly resonate with these days are veterans and the military.

    That’s probably because, sadly, those audiences comprise the last handful or so of “friendly” constituencies the Republicans now have left. But, even members of the military (both past and present) are not as solidly Republican as they used to be.

    I also can’t help but compare and contrast the 17,000 or so who “volunteered” to show up at the Nutter Center today to see Mr. McCain and his “far right” choice for VP with the 80,000 cheering fans who showed up in Denver last evening to see Mr. Obama.

    Clearly, the numbers speak for themselves.

  25. CheckerboardStrangler

    “Once again, this whole performance is in keeping with my earlier observation that the only audiences Mr. McCain seems to truly resonate with these days are veterans and the military.”

    —Ummmm…not ALL veterans.
    Stop by and talk to a few at the VA some time.
    There are quite a few “staunch” Repubs but you might surprise yourself to find an equal number or better on the other side.

  26. VietnamVet

    Wow! I can hardly wait for the vice presidential debates. Joe Biden will clean her clock thoroughly. But, then I guess it won’t be anything to crow about when you are debating a literal “nobody” on the political scene, huh?

  27. acf

    Don’t assume that. Al Gore easily defeated Bush in each debate. The pre and post spin of diminished expectations made it impossible for him to come out of them successfully in the eyes of the duped voters. The same was true for John Kerry. All Bush had to do was not drool or look at his watch and he could claim success in the eyes of a compliant media.

  28. Hal Brown

    Monty McCain’s Flying Circus:

    Somehow (wonder why) this announcement made me think of someone far more qualified to run for vice president (if he wasn’t British), another Palin whose name is Michael.

    I’m sure others have noted that not only was she the mayor of a town much smaller than Obama’s Illinois Senate district, but that Alaska is number 47 in population (around 650,000).

    For reference, Arkansas is (about) 37th (pop. about 2.8 million) and Bill Clinton was governor twice.

    Perhaps being number two in the Miss Alaska contest qualifies her to be number two on the Republican ticket.

    Can you imagine her discussing a world crisis with Angela Merkel? Going head to head with Putin?

    My wife, who spots these things, just noticed something interesting. Palin was running her tongue over her front teeth while standing next to McCain. This isn’t just vanity. This is something beauty contestants do because they have to smile so much and it apparently saves wear and tear on their guns.

    I’m so glad you wrote this since my column was already in and I was dying to write something about McCain’s selection of Palin.

  29. sherry

    I know very little about Palin. The nice thing is, the media is all about Palin. And to think Obama, sans toga is just fuming…. rofl
    All the fireworks and all that glitters. Gone is less than 12 hours.
    Hey Barack, bring those columns with you to the next speech. I only watched after the GREAT ONE finished his speech, but I was just waiting for the ghost of John Belushi to come out screaming “TOGA”!

  30. keith

    Sherry wrote:

    And to think Obama, sans toga is just fuming…. rofl. All the fireworks and all that glitters. Gone is less than 12 hours.

    Actually, Sherry, I think Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden are the ones now “rolling on the floor laughing”. My hunch is that they couldn’t be happier at this point.

    In one fell swoop, Mr. McCain has unequivocally taken one of the principle alleged shortcomings of Mr. Obama…the “ready to be Commander in Chief” issue….right off the table.

    Mr. McCain is already 71 years old and would be our oldest serving President to ever be elected. Do YOU honestly believe Ms. Palin, who, before she was a first term Governor of Alaska, was the mayor of a town of just 6,000 people, now has the unique qualifications to take on the likes of a Vladimir Putin or a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across the negotiating table?

    I don’t know about you, but THAT prospect scares me FAR more than whatever “lightweight” shortcomings (and, don’t get me wrong…there clearly are some) now being hurled in Mr. Obama’s direction.

    And, as I said in a related post here on Capitol Hill Blue, the numbers….some 17,000 or so who “volunteered” to be present in Dayton today to hear Mr. McCain, vs. the 80,000 or so who showed up to hear Mr. Obama last evening, clearly speak for themselves.

    Quantity has a quality all its own.

  31. Catherine


    Yep… It’s pretty shocking how quickly things can come to an end. For instance, the end of J. Sidney is already being discussed. After all he is a pretty old man, and he has a fatal disease…cancer. Palin (who could be looking forward to the event) may well end up being your prez. No-one will shout toga. Everyone will whisper BURIAL CLOTH.

  32. colocritic

    Vietnam Vet – do you think Biden will have to be the gentleman he is and not pick on a “girl” during the debates?

    She’s way in over her head with this group of politicians!

    Yep, a trophy is exactly what McCain picked. No surprise there!

  33. VietnamVet

    I haven’t heard of Joe Biden holding back when he has a point to make. You are right: she is already in over her head and not even at the debate forum yet!

  34. colocritic

    oops, forgot to mention, her hubby works for BP Oil! Now isn’t that a strange coincidence? Those republicans are always tied into big oil somehow, someway!

    Be interesting to see, if McCain mentions Obama’s lack of experience again??

    What was he thinking? Would she actually ever be ready to be president, if something happens to Mccain during his first term? That scares the begeebes out of me! She was a journalism major in college and minored in political science. Pretty thin resume, no? I honestly think this choice will hurt him more than it will help him.


  35. Catherine


    Johnny Mac could only talk about Barack’s age because he was the youngest. Palin is 44, so nix on the matter of youth. But lets talk about what experience really means…it means old, not fresh. So, is Mac, who is experienced (old, not fresh) trying to be blessed by less experience? That is not going to work. He has made experience to important.Truly Mac is very experienced

  36. Hal Brown

    Palin COULD have a 180 IQ and gotten 800s on her SATs and be eminently qualified to take over as president the day after McCain is sworn in. Although if this is true it begs the question as to why she’d want to enter the Miss Alaska contest to win a college scholarship.

    No matter what some say, Miss America is still a beauty pageant. See Palin then and now.

    I just heard she opposes abortion even in the case of rape, putting her to the right of McCain on this issue.

  37. acf

    Other than Republican spinmeisters and McCain supporters posting on blogs, has their been anything positive written about Palin or her choice.

  38. CheckerboardStrangler

    “Do YOU honestly believe Ms. Palin, who, before she was a first term Governor of Alaska, was the mayor of a town of just 6,000 people, now has the unique qualifications to take on the likes of a Vladimir Putin or a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across the negotiating table?”

    —WHAT negotiating table? ROFLMAO…there would NEVER be any negotiating table with the likes of Putin or Ahmadinejad in a McCain world, especially the latter one.

  39. peace

    You are sort of correct!

    Obama is no Kerry or Gore, and with that said, the country of course would have been a better place with either.

    BO and Biden have learned a lot from the past. Look how Obama has improved through this long hot summer.

    With the old man and has been second place not too bright beauty queen if Obama and Biden relax and let those two dopes make the mistakes the Dems will be ok.

    This is a game sad to say and Obama is really good at playing.

    After eight years of a dope I cannot believe Americans will settle for two more dumb out of touch people.

  40. incog99

    If America votes for dope again, I will be convinced the entire election is rigged. Then it will be time for some European nations to come in and monitor our elections like the third world nation we are.


  41. keith


    And I said as much in my original post. Please read the rest of my comment. In the next to last paragraph, I noted that:

    “But, even members of the military (both past and present) are not as solidly Republican as they used to be.”