Another error in judgment

Since Texans are rising up against toll roads a new power-play is becoming the “in thing” — County Road Bond Packages.

No where are road bonds being pushed more aggressively than in Hays County.

During the current predatory economic “recession” Hays County Commissioners must NOT agree to increase the burden of local homeowners via property tax increases resulting from the approval of a $200+ Million Road Bond Package.

We need to question why every few months county residents have to fight against another road bond package pushed specifically by Commissioners Jeff Barton and Will Conley. These guys just don’t / won’t give it up. Now they are trying to push through the bond package under the guise of using a “Citizens Advisory Panel”. Whatever happened to “the will of the people”? It’s time to get rid of Barton and Conley during their respective reelection bids.

While theoretically there may be a time and place for an extravagant and costly property tax increase to generate bond revenue for road building and maintenance, but it is NOT now at a time when the American Dream of owning your own home has become a financial “nightmare”.

In fact, last month 100 homes were in foreclosure — the highest ever in Hays County. It is a signal loud and clear that financial hardships already are plaguing our homeowner population.

Adding to their burden now, with an expensive road bond package, surely will increase the record number of foreclosures and cause further hardship among the county’s population of homeowners.

In addition, approving the road bond package at this time will prevent the younger segment of prospective homeowners [our children and grandchildren] from purchasing and affording their first homes. Such a bond package at this time of economic insecurity is nothing less than foolhardy and incomprehensible.

While one day in the future such a road bond package could be the method of accruing more tax revenue for building and maintaining needed road improvements, it is NOT now at a time when the economy is in chaos and homeowners are having such a difficult time affording their monthly living expenses.

Hays County Commissioners would be making a grave error in judgment to pursue and approve any road bond package that would initiate a large increase in property taxes until the economy takes a substantial turn for the better — furthermore, it may be political suicide for any commissioners who push for and approve the plan.

Unfortunately, other counties throughout the state also are considering similar road bond packages to generate transportation financing.