On background, literally: What’s love got to do with it?

There was genuine love shown on the stage and in the audience at Invesco Stadium last night. The color of the background during Obama’s speech was too close in hue to his complexion to have been accidental. Perhaps it was chosen to be a subliminal reminder that most Americans will look like Obama a century from now. Even the most ignorant racists know this and if asked how they feel about it would probably say “at least I won’t live to see it happen”. But their own children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren may very well fall in love with someone who doesn’t have lily white skin, marry and have children.

Not only will non-Hispanic whites be in the statistical minority in a dozen years, but it seems inevitable that these whites will be smallest minority in a hundred years.

To make this my shortest column every, I have a simple message to white racists across America.

Get over it.


  1. colocritic

    Yes, there was love shown on that stage last night. It’s very refreshing to see two couples that truly love each other and are not afraid to show it in public. I love it when Obama talks about Michelle being “the love of his life.” He loves those darling little daughters and doesn’t hesitate to show it. They are a very good looking family.

    Biden says his Jill is drop dead gorgeous! I think it’s great when men really show their affection for their wives and families! She is a very attractive woman and he is a very handsome guy.

    In spite of Dobson’s prayer for rainy weather, Denver put on her best display of the kind of weather we get to enjoy this time of year. It truly was a beautiful evening for this very historical event!