Snapshots from the third day of the Democratic National Convention:

It wasn’t quite the sentiment the Barack Obama camp wanted to hear, but former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida had to put in a few good words for his old friend John McCain.

Speaking to the Florida delegation Wednesday, Graham had praise for both Obama and McCain.

"Some of you may not like what I have to say," Graham began. "We have two quality people running for president.

Graham, who was himself a 2004 Democratic candidate for president, said "McCain is not a perfect man. He can be a little emotional … but he is fundamentally a good person. I would feel comfortable waking up in the morning with John McCain as president."

Even so, Graham said, "if you believe what we need is another four years, then vote John McCain. If you believe we need to take a different track, Barack Obama will start the process of restoring America."

— Brent Batten, Naples Daily News of Florida


At a breakfast meeting of the Wisconsin Democrats, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore pulled out a pack of condoms and announced "I’m protecting myself against John McCain," she said, drawing laughter from her fellow 104 delegates.

Her point: to emphasize the importance of issues McCain has voted against, including mandates that health insurance companies cover birth control for women.

— Kim Gregory, Denver Rocky Mountain News


Speaking of prophylactics, the Trojan condom company has set up a giant bus right next to the Pepsi Center, main site of the convention. There, yellow-shirted employees hand out condoms, not far from a giant inflatable balloon structure.

— Isaac Wolf, Scripps Howard News Service


Who knew that tossing your trash could be so complicated? At this ecologically correct convention, volunteers stand guard over the garbage cans, forcing people to sort their trash into "landfill," "recycle," and compost. The volunteers are happy to help you discern where your leavings belong, with a paper plate going in the recycle can, a plastic fork in the landfill receptacle, and an apple core in a compost pile.

— Isaac Wolf.


Bloggers who have set up shop in a downtown tent have had it tough with hot and cramped conditions, and a constant scramble for the limited number of power strips.

But don’t feel too sorry for them. They’re drinking free microbrew beer from New Belgium Brewery, and free massages next door, courtesy of The Huffington Post’s Oasis lounge. Aromas of Italian white sage and geranium oils emanate from the lounge.

— Jeff Smith, Denver Rocky Mountain News.


It wasn’t all politics on the convention floor Wednesday. Rick Minor, chairman of the Democratic Party of Leon County, Fla., sprang a surprise marriage proposal on his fiancee, Jessica Lowe, on the podium. She said yes.