Taxpayers footing bill for Foley alcohol rehab

A taxpayer funded medical plan covers the type of alcohol rehabilitation program that former Rep. Mark Foley is using, a spokeswoman for the clerk’s office at the U.S. House of Representatives said Friday.

“Most, if not all (lawmakers), have some coverage as far as rehabilitation for drug and alcohol,” said Salley Collins, a spokeswoman for the House clerk’s office.

When Foley selected an insurance plan he could have chosen from six fee-for-service providers, Collins said. Each provider has two to four plans to choose from. Lawmakers also have the option of choosing a health maintenance organization _ or HMO _ plan from their home state, Collins said.

Collins said she could not reveal Foley’s specific medical plan.

The former congressman, however, is currently covered by “temporary continuation of coverage,” a limited program available to federal employees who lose their coverage when they leave or resign from their jobs.

Foley can continue receiving health care benefits under that plan for up to 18 months, said Pete Sepp, a vice president of communications for the National Taxpayers Union.

It is unclear where Foley is being treated for alcoholism and behavior problems. In a letter released by his lawyer earlier this month, Foley said he had entered a “renowned in-patient facility to address my disease and related issues.” The lawyer, David Roth, has said Foley will be treated for 30-days.

Roth could not be reached for comment Friday.

In-patient treatment at alcohol facilities can be expensive. At the Betty Ford Center, one of the best-known alcohol and drug treatment facilities in the country, a 30-day stay has a price tag of $21,000.

The Hanley Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., typically charges about $23,000 a month for treatment programs that normally last 30-36 days. Insurance policies are factored into the treatment costs, and usually cover a percentage of the price. If a patient’s insurance company discontinues its coverage, the center has funds that cover the remaining cost of the treatment.

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  1. galois

    Former Rep. Mark Foley checked himself into the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center in Arizona two days after he resigned from Congress in disgrace, ABC News has learned.

    This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse.

  2. Nojo

    WE NEED TO “CLEAN HOUSE,” in D.C. of all the perverts!

  3. Bill Jonke

    Alcohol rehab is supposed to be for the treatment of alcoholism; it’s not a safe haven or a closet for one to hide his or her other skeletons and stay away from the legal implications.

    Going into rehab for all the wrong reasons to me is abominable.

    It certainly isn’t going to help treat Foley’s sexual problems either.

  4. GOP Group of Pedophiles

    Pedophilia: The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

    Coward: One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain

    Lechery: Excessive indulgence in sexual activity; lewdness.

    Swindle: The victim is defrauded after his or her confidence has been won.