God’s gonna get the Bush boys for making fun of him

No one should be surprised that President George W. Bush and his senior aides privately ridiculed right-wing Christians and evangelicals that helped put them into office. Bush has shown repeatedly that he lacks respect for anything, be it the Constitution, freedoms that once were considered sacrosanct in the nation, the law or the truth.

Now a White House insider who once ran the administration’s “faith-based initiative” reveals that the whole “God is my copilot” shtick is just another callous, cynical political ploy to get votes and political support.

Reports Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times News Service:

A new book by a former White House official says President Bush’s top political advisors privately ridiculed evangelical supporters as ”nuts” and ”goofy” while embracing them in public and using their votes to help win elections.

The former official also writes that the White House office of faith-based initiatives, which Bush promoted as a nonpolitical effort to support religious social-service organizations, was told to host preelection events designed to mobilize religious voters who would most likely favor Republican candidates.

The assertions by David Kuo, the former No. 2 official in the faith-based initiatives program, have rattled Republicans.

Some conservatives lamented Thursday that the book, Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, also comes in the midst of the scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley’s computer messages to male Congressional pages, another threat to conservative turnout.

The book is scheduled to hit stores Monday, but the White House responded to its assertions Thursday as excerpts began leaking out.

In the book, Kuo, who quit the White House in 2003, accuses Karl Rove’s political staff of cynically hijacking the faith-based initiatives idea for electoral gain. It assails Bush for failing to live up to his promises of boosting the role of religious organizations in delivering social services.

White House strategists ‘knew `the nuts’ were politically invaluable, but that was the extent of their usefulness,” Kuo writes, according to MSNBC, which obtained an advance copy.

“Sadly, the political affairs folks complained most often and most loudly about how boorish many politically involved Christians were . . . National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs.”

This doesn’t surprise me. Republicans have long been hypocrites when it came to the religious right. Even Ronald Reagan, the darling of the right-wing, ridiculed the Christian conservatives.

But Bush embraced the Bible thumpers with carefully-orchestrated public enthusiasm while he cursed like a sailor and ridiculed them behind closed doors. He called the Constitution a “goddamned piece of paper,” refers to political enemies as “fucking idiots” and lies without remorse to Congress, the American people.

Kuo’s book uncovers another sham by the Bush White House, another callous use of supporters for political gain and another lie from an administration whose record is built on deception.

God’s gonna get ’em for that.


  1. anthny

    What can we expect from a Nazi regime.
    Hitler used the I am in power because of GOD thing and these crooks use Hitlers hand book.

  2. Jim

    I will give Bush and his “gang of crooks” credit for one thing, they know that if you want to control people, you do it through religion. Want proof? Just look at the religious world, a bunch of “controlled freaks”.

  3. keith

    Actually, I have to agree with Mr. Bush’s assessment of the “Bible-thumpers”. My experience has shown that most of them ARE ignorant, fanatic nut cases!

  4. Michael

    I have to agree that the christian right are just plain stupid. And do I think they are nuts. WHY. YES. All anybody has to do is say the word Jesus and they would vote for satan. I used to go to church until I saw threw them as to what they really are.

  5. Ken Crawford

    Allow me to make three points. First, the shameless way Bush has used ‘religion’ for political gain has been apparent for years. Second, I am a Bible-believing Christian who teaches at a university; I do not believe I am a ‘controlled freak’, ignorant, fanatic, or a nut case. Finally, I am a left-leaning loyal Democrat and have been for years – and can hardly wait til November 7th to throw out those who have totally misued their Christian friends.

  6. Richard Melvin

    This is the most recent chapter in the epic of continuing bad news being authored by the Republican party and one has to wonder what effect it will have on the ‘faithful’ come election day. Also, this story, along with the recent ongoing Foley scandal have me thinking ‘what new revelation is next’ for the Republican Party? My wish list is as follows: A Republican ‘donkey porn’ scandal, or perhaps a Hannibal Lecter-style scandal featuring ‘Hannibal Lecter Specter’ while Arlen serves on the Judiciary Committee. One can only hope.

  7. G.S.

    I think if you look at the history and dynamics of most religious movements, it has to draw you to the question of who is using who?

    Does the Republican leadership and machine, who apparently believe they’ve managed to suck in and exploit the religious factions in order to maintain power, actually control the vote of this category of constituents?

    OR, is the Religious Factions using the Republicans as a vehichle to gain political and judical power with the goal of creating a Theocracy?

  8. Jack

    Common sense and its use no longer exist. Always follow the money. Consider how many hundred millions of our tax buck$ were spent to buy out organized religion with no accounting required of their (ab)use. It’s ok when churches are used by government to preach political agendas from the pulput when those favor the administration, but not when they question the administration’s policies? No. The pocket lining churches only began (superficialy at that) to consider how much they’d been compromised when Bush demanded endless data on their individual members.

  9. Virginia Lee

    Perhaps Tecumseh and Patrick Henry said it all…”Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.
    Our state motto in NH is “Live Free or Die”.
    It is our personal responsibility to protect the freedoms that Mr.Bush is taking from us. Write to your representatives and let them know how you feel.

  10. Shag

    Just a few weeks ago, Dick Armey referred to the Religious Right as, “Thugs,” in a Wall Street Journal interview.

  11. m wilson

    None of this comes as a surprise. All of these scam artists still don’t realize they went into some very dangerous territory when they made God a Republican. Well, the covers are slowly coming off each of them (Bush, Rove, Senators, House, and ALL). It’s too bad they don’t realize God is real and He is not at all pleased with them. They can blame anybody they want, but the Almighty will continue to expose them. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the bad news for the White House and Congress before Nov. 7. Very interesting developments. Stay tuned, folks.

  12. Makes perfect sense – if you’re promoting a dim bulb for President (as KKKarl Rove was) you don’t want to try and convince a thinking population that your idiot is suited to the job – you align yourself with people who are comfortable with accepting without proof – you go to the hard core Bible thumpers.
    You claim to be a keeper of family values, you speak about “dangers” to those “values” – like Islam, homosexuality, abortion – and you beat it into peoples heads that you stand WITH them in their God based stance against those ideas or things or people.
    Like sheep they follow you – not paying any attention to what you DO but rather just hanging on what you SAY (same as they follow their ministers and give money to their church) – you get the churches on your side by pushing for Federal money to be used in “faith based” initiatives.
    You cannot sway those who base their decisions on emperical evidence – only those who accept things as being true without evidence.

    “Christians for Bush” makes for an effective slogan.
    “Idiots for Bush” does not.
    Sad to say – in many cases – there is little distinction between the two groups targeted …




    … and keep in mind … Jesus was not a Christian ..

  13. Thucydides2k

    I have been wondering what the republican political strategy was for
    decades and I finally awoke yesterday. It should have been obvious, they
    even told us but I was too conventional to understand. Fiscal
    responsibility was that it. Obviously not the debt and government
    programs keep growing. Loose money or tight money, maybe return to the
    gold standard? No, just a credit card mentality. How about really
    pro-business and anti-regulation? Besides from gutting some oversight
    and shipping jobs to China, nada. Where is the infrastructure
    improvements? Bridges to nowhere are good for local jobs and major
    construction donors but how about new airports, more roads in Nebraska
    or big port projects that may have some competitive advantage? How about
    broadband to every house. That’s really a lot of money to hand out and
    might even get our infrastructure to the level of South Korea. But no,
    nothing, not even a Ronald Reagan National Dam to give away.
    Reagan said it out in the open “government is the problem”. They have
    no policy, they have no vision because they don’t believe in one. All
    they have is Hypocrisy and that they have used to stay in office for the
    money and the power. Hypocrisy that the Mark Foley incident has exposed
    finally. Hypocrisy is their creed and calling card. As the Macaca Man
    George Allen has proved, you can be a blundering racist but if you’re a
    racist for sale “Support me and I’ll support you,I remember my friends”
    then you to can participate in a Culture of Hypocrisy. From the wink,
    wink, nudge, nudge comments of GW “we’re makin’ the world safer” when
    the reports say otherwise to the labeling of any disagreement as “cut
    and run mentality” when they enlisted Baker to formulate just that after
    sending in Rice to give the Iraqi government a head’s up they push
    Hypocrisy to a high form of statecraft not just internal power grabbing.
    I have to hand it to them. This is why they are so hard to attack or pin
    down, they really do stand for nothing. Their government policy is
    literally nothing. The emperor really has no clothes.

  14. Kent Shaw

    Jesus and Muhammad were both Jews, according to “Saudis, Inside the Desert Kingdom” by Sandra Mackey, Penguin Books, Inc., 1990. I doubt either is much pleased by current events.

  15. bryan mcclellan

    Why is everyone so surprised by this latest revelation, bush is a bonesman,a card carrying D-average yaley who will use anything or anyone to stay in power and push the globalists agenda.HELL is a big place and the devil better watch his back when these bastards arrive..Note..not all believers try to stick it in your face,the door to grace is wide open,you only need to walk through,be wary of those that seek to help you get there by raising your guilt level,chances are they can’t find their own asses with both hands….

  16. Kerry Snyder

    Does anyone remember the neck lanyards and wrist bands that people were wearing pre 9/11…WWJD? Notice how since 9/11 no one especially not even the Christian Fundalmentalists have been wearing them. Bush used this tag line during his campaigning in 1999/2000. I’ve been pointing this out to people for the past few years. This really should have been a clue for people that those who make the most noise about what is missing in our schools, gov., homes, lives, etc…are the ones who probably need to look at their own homes and hearts. And please to remember, not all Christians are of the fundamentalist breed.
    I like to look at things as mirrors reflecting back what we need to see the most both the stuff we’d rather not see, but also the stuff we see in others that we like but have a more difficult time seeing that too is a reflection ourselves.
    What I hope the fundamentalists begin to see (but highly doubt they will) is that which they suppported in the Republican party as it is now is exactly what they are harboring and supporting within.
    As above, so below, as within so without.
    Years ago I was involved with a 12 step program, one valuable lesson I took away with me was that the path is not it’s followers, somehow I think that that people forget that.
    Also, isn’t there something in the Bible about reaping what one has sowed, maybe this the lesson for the fundamentalists…

  17. TruePatriotWarrior

    Evangelicalism has had a long history of trying to legitimize itself in the wake of the Enlightenment especially in light of it inattention to the rational mind! To do so it has had to market itself, accommodating itself to the demands of secular consciousness, both culturally and politically. This is why we find evangelicalism growing among the rednecks and the corrupt who seek political office. Once more the evangelical mind has failed.

    (Source: The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark A. Noll)

  18. ClarkB

    WWJD = “What would Judas Do?”

    Judas knew that Jesus had to die in order to “save us” from our “original sins”. Judas’s kissing Jesus was doing “God’s will”. If he can make 30 in coin at the same time, so much the better. God bless Judas.

    Similarly, GWB possibly believes that Armagedon is near and is a requirement for Revelations to transpire as in the Bible. If GWB can make 30 billion in coin at the same time, so much the better. God bless GWB.

    I’m not religious, but ya’ gotta’ admit that if the religious right weren’t so scary then they’d be funny. Instead they’re just scary.

  19. A book to read is “Kingdom Coming, The Rise of Christian Nationalism” by Michelle Goldberg. The Religious right does want to take over the country. They and the Republicans are using each other. Both want to destroy the US as we know it. The “Religious Right” are not religious or right. They are “Christians” without Christ.

  20. Jerry Pardue

    This is a Rove deal. Many years ago when Karl Rove was beginning to work as a political operative, he was hired by a candidate that was running for judge in Alabama. Rove and his candidate outspent their opponent by more than two to one but were soundly defeated. The judge was Roy Moore late of Ten Commandmant fame. Rove never forgot this lesson and began injecting religion into his campaigns as much as possible from then on. I like to think I have respect for all including the religious right but their powers of judgement and perception in teaming up with Bush and Rove shows me that I continuously overestimate them.

  21. Erik

    Wait a minute. Wasn’t the story of Bush calling the Constitution a ‘goddamn piece of paper’ removed from this website because it could not be verified?

  22. Lou Raskin

    Ghee Whiz, another October “back firing” Surprise. Woodward, Foley et.al, Warner, Kuo, UK Gen Bennett, courtroom actions; can’t hardly wait to hear about the next thing to keep the Bushies off message and in the damage control mode.

  23. Samuel

    If the corperate press were not doing damage control for this admin.,all of this would have been known by the public long ago. Watching CNN the last few days,I still feel that they and other more obvious right leaning press, are still trying to minimize the impact of these scandals. I don’t see any investigative reporting going on, they are just passing on the info that have been dug up by others. For ongoing coverage of the sometimes illegal, and even more often disreptuable actions of this bunch, one must look to the net or news from abroad. The repeated election scandals, the Iraq prison scandal, and other evil deeds are often covered for weeks, months and even years, before they are picked up over here in the mainstream, even though sites, such as this one, are on top of it all. I have followed this service for over two years, and as has been said, the important stories are broken here first. The watered down versions come down the pipe weeks later, where anywhere else it would be deemed old news. I knew when I first read that the CFR had formed a media division, that the darlings of media were being wined and dined by representives of the super rich, and no doubt were dazzled by the afluence of making the ‘big time’. Samuel

  24. dave

    Wow. And we thought Nixxon (sic) had a nasty mouth back in the day.

    Well, God will get them. I’ve personally been praying for it since, oh, November of 2000. And although 6 years seemed interminable to me, I guess to God that’s a thought’s span of time. I think the Bush team will prove to have single-handedly delivered the nation into Democratic hands for another couple of decades – and that will be pure hell for them.

    Now, if we could just put the bunch of bastards in Gitmo for gutting our Constitution… that does constitute aiding the enemy, doesn’t it? At the very least it’s acting against the institutions of the nation and its people.

  25. Kent Shaw

    John Hanks wrote:

    Anyone who speaks for “God” or who thinks someone else speaks for “God” is either a sucker or a crook.

    Yes, I agree, or perhaps psychotic. The Decider told a gathering of Amish in Lancaster County, PA, that God spoke through him.

  26. Kent Shaw

    dave wrote: I think the Bush team will prove to have single-handedly delivered the nation into Democratic hands for another couple of decades – and that will be pure hell for them.

    I hope you are correct, dave, but let us not forget that W’s buddies will be counting the electronic votes without audit trails, and that the Democrats are equally corrupt and corporate owned. But we have to start somewhere. We need to vote out all incumbents, democrat or republican, including the “good” ones. Its the only way they may begin to catch on.

  27. Politics always uses religion to accomplish an agenda, then throws religion out. It was that way when Billy Graham endorsed Nixon and in every instance since. That’s only going on what I have been around to remember.

    Many evangelicals, including this writer, have awoken to find that they have been had by the entire Religious Right agenda.

  28. Jerry Pardue

    Dave, I’ll take the judgement of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Ben Franklin to yours and George Bush, Karl Rove, and our two fumbling attorneys general anytime.

  29. Foley Just Needed Understanding, That’s All

    “Understanding is to Peace, as Wisdom is to Knowledge,” were the words spoken directly into my spirit from Wisdom the moment I stepped foot onto the campus of the University of the Kingdom of God, after two decades of proudly wearing gay-Christianity like the Purple Heart. If Mark Foley understood Her ageless admonition the former Congressman might still be voting bills into law without interruption. Although, should the demystified ex-politician ever decide to seek out the true culprit behind the recent chaos that has sent his world into a spiraling nosedive, he need look no further than the corrupt fruit that has fallen from his own family tree, according to The Bible.

    By his own attorney’s admission, Foley is just one of countless people trapped in same-gender-attraction, who coexist in this world from within an unseen, yet dense fog of inner spiritual unrest. Whether closeted or not, many fear for their livelihoods, and in more than a few cases, even for their very lives, feeling forced to conceal this particular weakness behind false disguises of approved cultural expression.

    Same-Gender-Attraction (homosexuality) is nothing short of a generational curse, as identified in Scripture (Exodus 20: 5-6). It is a grossly debilitating spiritual stronghold that’s passed along to children through the male, the Bible teaches. Indiscernible under a microscope, but when studied through spiritually prudent eyes – it amounts to just compensation being visited upon our fathers, who’ve committed past, grievous, sexual sins against God’s law, thereby proving their hatred toward God.

    At its core, s-g-a is a disorder of the human spirit resembling the natural and hereditary disorder, Diabetes. This invisible force travels along with the seed of the male into the womb of the future mother then attaches itself to the spirit of her unborn child during pregnancy. It’s an illegal and corrupt implant with roots that grow like that of a tree, way, deep down into the inner recesses of its prey during early childhood development. As the child grows wiser so to the temptations he or she will face with s-g-a. Childhood molestation, rape, and even improper parenting – all the popular misconceptions about homosexuality – are only emotional traumas, which merely license this intangible force to begin carrying out its deadly, calculated assignment.

    For the person blinded from birth by its death grip, homosexuality can only be conquered with the Word of God, through Wisdom of God, using the Faith of God in an atmosphere where the Presence of God remains actively leaned upon. Not strictly adhering daily to this spiritual regimen is why so many ex-gay Christians, both small and great, denounce homosexuality only to backslide into ‘the life’ again. Without remaining relationally dependent upon the Wisdom of God for guidance, s-g-a can be as difficult a challenge to control as Diabetes, for patients requiring daily insulin injections, and just as blinding too, if gone unchecked.

    But the answer to s-g-a is not a confounding one for the wise. Just humble yourself before God, deny yourself, then pick up your cross and conduct your life each day as if you were Christ, to the best of your human ability. This is the only system, sets of principles, processes, keys, or steps that will lead the truly blood-bought Christian out of homosexuality – for good.

    God hates homosexuality! I’m eternally convinced that The Word of God unambiguously declares this to be Truth, and so are ever-increasing multitudes of X-gay Christians. We’re exiting Egypt in droves because Christ, Most Sovereign, won’t think twice about reaching through sin in order to reclaim anyone, especially sheep lost from His fold, who seek first The Kingdom. And unless the scales of spiritual blindness supernaturally fall off the eyes of people affected by s-g-a, it will be near impossible for them to ever fathom a Righteous God, capable of orchestrating, creating, and then sustaining everything seen and unseen, but who also commands that all humanity perpetuate a heterosexual or celibate lifestyle, only. But how can they hear without a preacher?

    Since this is a spiritual issue the Church, the ‘salt of the earth’ sorely needs to understand homosexuality for the sake of all humanity. But as long as Christian leadership remains apathetic about the diverse challenges associated with homosexuality, continuing to classify it as “just another sin,” and refusing to dissect its origin and developmental complexities from within the framework of the Love of God, all the earth will continue groaning from being force-fed rancid seeds sown in corruption, apathy, and ultimately, spiritual neglect.

    “For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap,” the Book of Galatians reads in the Amplified version. Unfortunately for Mr. Foley, he discovered this the hard way. Nevertheless, Christ’s grace is sufficient even for the humbled, former civil servant.

    “Understanding is to Peace, as Wisdom is to Knowledge,” Wisdom eternally admonishes.

  30. keith

    Perhaps I was a bit insensitive in my earlier post when I said that my experience has shown that most “Bible-thumpers” are ignorant, fanatic nut cases. I should have said that some of their fundamentalist evangelical LEADERS often appear to be thus. I have known a number of highly religious people in my life and most of them have been some of the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet. So, my sincere apologies to those I might have offended with my boorish comments.

    I certainly have no problem if someone chooses to run their lives according to a certain set of beliefs…fanatic or otherwise. But, I DO have a problem when such people try to ram their narrow beliefs down MY throat, or attempt to infiltrate our Government in an effort to turn it into an extension of their religion by legislating their own narrow ideas of “morality” into the laws of the land.

    Our founding fathers realized full well what happens when Church and State mix. That’s why they carefully crafted the 1st Amendment to our Constitution, which beautifully and simply states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof…”

    Unfortunately, it now seems that a number of the “ignorant, nut-case, religious fanatic LEADERS” (including a number of their elected representatives in both the White House and the US Congress), now desperately want to nullify this basic precept of our Constitution by establishing fundamentalist Christianity as the USA’s new “State Religion”.

    This is just one more example how Mr. Bush and his crowd of finatics and frauds have been running roughshod over our basic freedoms as Americans.

  31. I guess now would be a good time to tell the right wing Christian Bush Supporters, “I told ya so”.
    As it probably means more now than it would have in 1999 when all they wanted to do was believe Bush was the answer. And instead of believing I walked away because I was not looking for a religious fight to go with a jihad….

  32. rbank

    I am sadened by this news about the republicans. People like my mother are pretty inocent. They live sheltered lives and try to control everything. They trusted these people. Although I am angry at them for falling for the propaganda, I feel sorry that their blind trust was used. I know it was very hard on me when the myths I was thought were taken away under the Regan/BushI administration.

  33. SEAL

    I find all of this conversation rather amusing. As long as the world’s population continues to worship myths, the megalomaniacs will have no problem acquiring the power they seek. The failure of the Bush administration to deliver will have little effect upon the so-called christians. They are used to that. God has never delivered anything for them, either.

  34. STEVE

    So, the religious right finally begins to see the Republicans for what they really are. So much the better. Now we hear that many of them may not vote because of their disappointment. They don’t reallise that by not voting Democrat they are in effect voting Republican.As for they being Christians, after listening to their rantings it brings to mind a saying, “Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car.”


  35. Gerald Sutliff

    It appears that the signers of that “God damned piece of paper” knew what they were talking about. I’ve felt for long time that maybe you can trust a politication who “talks to God”; but one who claims that God talks to him cannot be trusted.

  36. Rhonda

    God himself chose President Bush and everyone else should shut up and support the president in this awful awful time we’re living in.

  37. Jennifer

    Hope some of you are still reading these, because my point is a good one.
    “Keep on rocking in the free world” by Neil Young. He sang it at FARM AID, many years ago, trying to help folks keep their farms!Remember?
    Listen to the words….”Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them…………………..”we have a 1000 points of light for the homeless man,(Bush said), we got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand”. Now torture!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are not rocking in a free country anymore……………but Neil’s words can still ring true!
    Wake up America, we uses to be free & have rights………………
    Niyawa (I thank you, Doug) in Shawnee.

  38. Hey, if Jim Jones can brainwash 900 people using religion and have them all commit suicide together, then so can Bush brainwash the right wing nutcakes to carry out his mission too!

    It’s so disgusting. It’s my hope that Americans have woken up and have realized that having the right wing zeolots in charge of our nation is BAD FOR AMERICA. I want to see a landslide victory in November favoring the democrats!!!!

  39. Ray


    Makes no difference which party is in the white house, anymore. The leaders of each party are equally selfish, arrogant, bought by corporations, and just plain evil. That has been proven in the last three administrations. We all think we have the right to vote, which is true. But, we don’t have the opportunity to choose. Our candidates basically all come from the same bunch of slackers, whether right or left or whatever. All make big promises and all take the oath to protect our interests, but in the end we always find that they are just liars, users, and could’nt really care less for the common American Taxpayer. The system, as it is, is now beyond repair. The gutting of the Constitution was passed almost unaminously by the senate and congress.

    I doubt anyone who voted for it, even read one sentence of the Bill. There will be another false flag event that will give Bush the excuse to enact martial law and that will complete his rise to gain ultimate dictatorship of this highjacked government we used to call a Republic. All the groundwork has been put in place. We have no rights anymore. No balance of power. No true party lines. And most of all no Honesty in our Leaders. Be it Republican or Democratic. If God was here, He’d tell it to thier face, “Man your some kind of Sinner” The United States of America has been highjacked, while the people were busy watching american idol and beleiving main stream media lies.

  40. Judith

    Anyone besides me read the “Left Behind” series of books?

    Anyone besides me see G.W. Bush as ‘Nicolae’?

  41. Terry (Catholic Eagle)

    No sense in blaming religion. Non-religious types don’t come off too well in the marketplace of inhumaneness. Stalin and most Marxists quickly jump to mind.

    As far as Christians-as-brainwashed goes, most Americans smile at the pope but ignore almost everything he actually asks of them.

    Political evangelicals, now that’s another story. Given that modern evangelicalism is fundamentally idiotic and diametrically opposed to reason, and given that the loudest among them want to protect Israel only in order to foster the end of the world, even though scripture says no one, not even the Son knows its timing (oops, there goes sola scriptura; that is, strict interpretation of Scripture) well, res ispa loquitur.

    The modern breed of preened, blow dried religious phonies would be well off to actually try practicing Christianity and find salvation in God and not in political power, but that God might actually smile on the American people and make it the grand land it ought to be if they would just honor Him instead of suckling poison at the political teat.

    Funny thing is, evangelicalism as practiced today in no way resembles the traditional American practice of faith. Notwithstanding the Know Nothings, our ancestors were better Christians.

    Such as? Well, such as the Founding Fathers.

  42. jennifer

    God’ going to pay them back,,,,,,,,no, we do…it’s our prophecy,,,we get all of Turtle Island back. Manifest Destiny they thought that they owned this land and that they could rape and pollute it and they still are doing that, because they though that they were going somewhere else “heaven”, but the joke to them is that heaven and hell are right here, no where else and what you do to others comes back to you…there is no retribution…..when you rape small children, when you steal their resoursces, when you think you are better than them, then realization comes to play and this time you loooooose and there is no “I’m sorry”.Wisdomkeeper