The Democratic Gala in Denver

It’s not just the IraqNam fiasco, nor the economic meltdown, illegal domestic spying, not even the preference of corporate rights over individual ones. There’s a lot more at stake, and it is no simple boxing match.

In one corner, weighing in at Eight Mansions, wearing his POW shorts, a doddering 173 year old adulterer. His sole claim to fame: Being shot down by the enemy 40 years ago. Today, he seems to be auditioning to be the poster child for early intervention against Senile Dementia. In short, the perfect GOP representative.

In the other corner, well, not exactly my dream come true. It is party with which I’ve had many arguments, and which I continue to criticize. To my chagrin, I think I’ve been too kind to the Dems, especially those in office.

I used to think that conventions were expensive, ridiculous, and a waste of time and money. No longer.

Claire McCaskill set the tone. Short, sweet, smart, to the point. Her job? to lead into a video about Michelle Obama. Her brother did the actual intro to a truly wonderful appearance by Michelle Obama.

But first, let’s step back a few hours.

Ted Kennedy? hate him, love him, mention his early driving skills, his love of drink, deny his personal pains, and you still have to realize how much good this man has accomplished, and how America would be much poorer without his service. To have him stop his medical treatment, fly a mile high, make a fine speech, and remind America what is at stake? That takes someone special. Very special. As was his speech.

Jim Leach? A moderate GOP congresscritter, 30 years inside the bloatway, doing a fair job, and usually watching out for America. I suspect two issues drove his appearance here – 1) the damned Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which screwed up America’s finances, (he needed to apologize) & 2) He believes that the current GOP is run by greedy, lobotomized, idiots and the country REALLY needs to flush them out and replace them with people of Obama’s caliber.

Then came Michelle.

The GOP has a huge problem, and I suspect they never considered it – or her, honestly. An intelligent, loving, warm, caring, funny, and attractive woman just finished wooing and wowing not just those in Denver, but everyone who caught a glimpse of her talk.

I won’t bore you with any text. In this case, simpler is better, although I do suggest you read her words. Simply put, MICHELLE KICKED ASS and gave a fantastic speech, one that can and will lift the hopes and aspirations of every person in this country.


  1. Azariel

    Nice job, Rob. Hopes and aspirations-can see those lobotomized vampires now with their eyes bugging out and hissing up a storm -nothing going very right for them lately. Lovely!

    “You get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word” – Al Capone

  2. Ladywolf55

    Actually, I agree with this assessment, Rob. Michelle Obama did KICK ASS. The woman I saw up on that podium: Plucky, intelligent, warm, caring, and electric. I would be PROUD to call her First Lady.

    I’ve watched the First Lady now holding court for the past few years, with progressively glazed eyes, bobbing head, vacant smile (“Yes, yes, I’ll say that, I’ll do that, to prop up stupid George. I’ll say he won the debate, even though it’s patently clear he’s a mindless idiot who can’t think.”) slogging her way through her idiot husband’s reicht, trying to prop him up constantly by telling everyone how good he’s doing while she goes around looking like the poster child for Xanax or Zoloft.

    Michelle will be a REFRESHING, LUCID, INTELLIGENT change. I can hardly wait, even though I don’t agree with her husband’s views on most subjects. At least our new First Lady will be SOBER!

  3. Rob Kezelis

    it’s no disgrace, but a godsend that Hillary was not chosen. To be honest, Pelosi makes me mad every time I see her, given her sworn oath to uphold the constitution, and her refusal to start impeachment proceedings.

    Why should ANYONE acknowledge what bill did 16 years ago? 12 yrs ago, because he couldn’t keep his pants zipped, he put this country through a wringer that led to massive mistakes being made. When his own staffers start using the term “Wag the Dog” when it came to dealing with a sworn enemy like Osama bin Laden, please explain what this country owed that man? Mr. Clinton.

    In terms of ego size, few, if anyone can compare to either Hillary or Bill. But Hillary proved she was a truly incompetent, horrible administrator – TWICE. First with health care, then with her campaign. As for Bill? I suggest that you research the cardiac patient term of art called pump-head.

    McCain claims it is experience that matters. Obama counters that judgment is more important. The Clintons claim that Ego wins over all. Since that is all they have going for them these days.

  4. Alexandria Lupu

    The first part of the program was a total bore. The so-called music was horrible, especially pieces introducing each speaker. The highlight was Ted Kennedy, but I’m getting a little tired of the swooning of that family. I love them, but enough is enough. Michelle’s speech was meant to tug at our heart strings, but it was soap opera and I could hear violins playing in the background. It would have been nice at some point in the convention to acknowledge the administration of President Clinton, but he was totally ignored, except for a few words by Pelosi. I noticed the only great applause in Michelle’s speech was when she mentioned Hillary. It’s a disgrace that Hillary was not appointed to be vice president, but that’s another poor decision by Obama. He’ll live to regret it.

  5. Pablo

    Hillary can try again
    in 4 years to get her war on with Iran, so don’t worry hillary fans. Perhaps hillary fans will still get to see her make the pharmaceutical and medical corporations richer at the expense of the citizenry. Oh the pride they will feel to have a female in office! She missed the vice presidency this time but perhaps in 4 years she and her fans will get that chance to increase funding of the military-industrial complex and help Israel continue oppressing the Palestinians. So don’t be sad supporters of hillary. She will no-doubt get another chance to further betray her country!

  6. Timr

    COMING SOON TO A WORLD NEAR YOU. COLD WAR PART DUEX. Starring. the dark lord DICK CHENEY, the confused preppy cheerleader GEORGE BUSH, the totally overwhelmed russian specialist CONDI RICE and introducing THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY NEOCONS-current members include Big Oil, Big Arms, Big Media and Big Jesus.
    WATCH as the NEOCONS take control of foreign policy, see DARTH CHENEY threaten war with RUSSIA in countries that were parts of the former USSR, watch SHRUB BUSH threaten RUSSIA with Bluster and funny faces. WATCH as CONDI RICE breaks down and cries as BUSH is taken from her POV to that of the NEOCONS and DARTH CHENEY. WATCH as the NEW AMERICAN CENTURY NEOCONS try to get McCain elected by reigniting the cold war and scaring the hell out of the american sheeple.
    WATCH as DARTH CHENEY and the NEOCONS attempt to box OBAMA into a new cold war to replace the almost finished war in Iraq, watch as McCAIN tries out a new role as a COLD WARRIOR
    WATCH RICE spin like crazy to keep from calling AL-MALIKI’s timeline for withdrawal of all foreign troops a timeline.
    WATCH the DEMS party in Denver while the rethuglicians restart the cold war.
    This reality is rated R for adults only.No one who is under the age of 18 or is a sheeple can be admitted

  7. Flapsaddle

    A “male enhancement” infomercial would be more riveting than what happened last evening. Michelle Obama was the only relief in a night of otherwise terminal boredom.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  8. DejaVuAllOver

    Thanks, Rob. Now that the Corporate Neocon Rabid-Right Takeover of our media is complete, it’s nice to read a balanced account of the Pep Rally. Especially for people like me who don’t have the intestinal fortitude for such things. But you couldn’t be more right: the survival of this country hangs in balance and I wonder how on earth we came to the point of hoping for salvation in the party that brought us Hiroshima, Korea, Vietnam and 49.6% of Iraq.

    I too hope Pelosi shares a cell with Darth Cheney in Guantanamo, down the hall from McCain and Lieberman and next to Hillary and Der Chimpenfuhrer.