It’s not just the IraqNam fiasco, nor the economic meltdown, illegal domestic spying, not even the preference of corporate rights over individual ones. There’s a lot more at stake, and it is no simple boxing match.

In one corner, weighing in at Eight Mansions, wearing his POW shorts, a doddering 173 year old adulterer. His sole claim to fame: Being shot down by the enemy 40 years ago. Today, he seems to be auditioning to be the poster child for early intervention against Senile Dementia. In short, the perfect GOP representative.

In the other corner, well, not exactly my dream come true. It is party with which I’ve had many arguments, and which I continue to criticize. To my chagrin, I think I’ve been too kind to the Dems, especially those in office.

I used to think that conventions were expensive, ridiculous, and a waste of time and money. No longer.

Claire McCaskill set the tone. Short, sweet, smart, to the point. Her job? to lead into a video about Michelle Obama. Her brother did the actual intro to a truly wonderful appearance by Michelle Obama.

But first, let’s step back a few hours.

Ted Kennedy? hate him, love him, mention his early driving skills, his love of drink, deny his personal pains, and you still have to realize how much good this man has accomplished, and how America would be much poorer without his service. To have him stop his medical treatment, fly a mile high, make a fine speech, and remind America what is at stake? That takes someone special. Very special. As was his speech.

Jim Leach? A moderate GOP congresscritter, 30 years inside the bloatway, doing a fair job, and usually watching out for America. I suspect two issues drove his appearance here – 1) the damned Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which screwed up America’s finances, (he needed to apologize) & 2) He believes that the current GOP is run by greedy, lobotomized, idiots and the country REALLY needs to flush them out and replace them with people of Obama’s caliber.

Then came Michelle.

The GOP has a huge problem, and I suspect they never considered it – or her, honestly. An intelligent, loving, warm, caring, funny, and attractive woman just finished wooing and wowing not just those in Denver, but everyone who caught a glimpse of her talk.

I won’t bore you with any text. In this case, simpler is better, although I do suggest you read her words. Simply put, MICHELLE KICKED ASS and gave a fantastic speech, one that can and will lift the hopes and aspirations of every person in this country.

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