CBS NEWS August 21, 2008 7:43 am

Moscow Warns That Response To Missile Defense Pact With Poland Will Go Beyond Diplomacy.

The age of `neocons’

Neoconservative intellectuals have helped fashion a new ideology for the Republican Party in the arena of foreign policy. Their agenda is simple: to enhance greatly the U.S. military and to use this military power to reshape the world in the image of capitalist democracy.

The neocons have become at once the most feared and reviled intellectual movement in American history. Critics on left and right describe them as a tight-knit cabal that ensnared the Bush administration in an unwinnable foreign war.
Who are the neoconservatives? How did an obscure band of policy intellectuals, left for dead in the 1990s, suddenly rise to influence the Bush administration and revolutionize American foreign policy?

McCain questions Obama’s ability to be commander in chief
ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) — Sen. John McCain questioned his Democratic opponent’s ability to be commander in chief in an address before a national veterans convention Monday.

And in matters of national security, good judgment will be at a premium in the term of the next president — as we were all reminded 10 days ago by events in the nation of Georgia.

The neocons have certainly given America a busy COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. America has two wars in progress(Iraq and Afghanistan), another possible war with Iran and now gearing up for the BIG ONE – the PRIZED WORLD WAR THREE. The WWIII words were spoken by Mr. Bush as he was admonishing Iran for its nuclear activities. But a war with Iran may be another “cake walk”. Mr. Bush may not know it, but a war with Russia shall not be another “cake walk”.

And Mr. Bush’s Secretary of State, where the diplomats used to have high profile, now sounds more like a Secretary of a “WAR DEPARTMENT”.

It is unwise to dare a country’s leaders to “validate their testosterone”.

Hopefully the world does not want another Commander-In-Chief like the current one.