Terrorists struck Pakistan and Mr. Bush commented. Mr. Bush seemed to say that had Pakistan allowed him to blow up terrorists on Pakistani soil Pakistan might be safer from terrorists.

But in reality, that may have added one more problem that Pakistan would have to deal with.

Pakistan would only need look at neighbor Afghanistan to see examples of how Mr. Bush’s plan is working there.

The Bush plan blows up terrorists when they come out of hiding. A possible problem with this is, the terrorists may be mingling with very-innocent town’s people – as has been the case in Afghanistan.

Blow up the terrorists and town’s people go with them.

But collateral damage is an acceptable fact of war – right?

The Bush team apparently would not want to waste time and money by blowing up caves along the Pakistan – Afghanistan border. That strategy might not kill anything or anyone.


What if you were in a sports stadium in Afghanistan and all 50,000 of you were watching a favorite sport. What if one of the sport’s announcers leans over to the other announcer and whispers, “two high ranking al-qaeda members are in attendance”. And What If the announcer who whispered, did not know that he spoke near a HOT microphone. Now everyone in the stadium has been told of an al-qaeda presence in the stadium. You look to the skies and see two fighter planes heading toward the stadium. What would you do and how fast would you do it?