Foley complained of White House snubs

Disgraced former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley complained to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush two years ago that the White House snubbed him during presidential visits to the state, according to e-mails obtained by the Palm Beach Post.

In e-mails the newspaper excerpted on its Web site ( on Thursday, Foley asked the governor to intervene on his behalf with his brother, President George W. Bush.

“Have I done something to offend the White House? … I am always getting the shaft,” Foley wrote to Gov. Bush on September 29, 2004.

The Republican former congressman said in that message he had not been allowed to accompany the president on post-hurricane visits to Foley’s district in Florida, although other local lawmakers had been invited.

“I can’t quite figure what I have done, but this is a continuing pattern of slights. … I have constantly put the president in the best possible light,” Foley wrote to the governor.

The governor responded, “I will try to help. I know it is nothing you have done.”

Foley, who is gay, resigned from Congress on September 29 amid revelations that he sent sexually explicit messages to young male congressional aides, a scandal that threatens Republicans’ control of Congress.

The newspaper said Gov. Bush and Foley exchanged about 100 electronic messages since 1999, and that it obtained copies from the governor’s office in a public records request.

It said the messages showed a friendly relationship with the governor and mostly concerned hurricanes, legislation and appointments.

After Foley’s resignation, Gov. Bush described Foley’s messages to the congressional aides as “disgusting” and said he was angered by Foley’s breach of public trust.

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  1. Dennis Hawley

    This letter to Jeb Bush seems to show that the on-going criminal enterprise known as the Bush Administration was aware of Foley’s ‘proclivities’, and did not want to run the risk of incriminating photos with Bush. Of course, with their eyes fixed on maintaining control of Congress and the flow of money Foley raised for the GOP (Gang of Perverts), they wanted to suppress any controversy.
    Just one more example of how dishonest, cynical, greedy and despicable these creeps are.

  2. Foley is not gay. He’s a freaking pedophile. After a weekend with his attorney, he decided to “become gay” because that was the lesser of the two evils facing him. There is no law against being gay. There are strict laws against being a pedophile. Gay is a convenient escape hatch for that nasty excuse for a human being.

  3. Eleanor

    Whether or not Foley is gay is not the point – the point being he is a pedophile and that folks is a what it is all about. And looks like good old W also knew as much as Hastert, et al., way back when and therefore he is no better than the others covering up for Foley.

  4. JoyfulC

    For goodness sake, the age of consent in most states is 16 or lower. Approaching 16-year-olds does not make one a pedophile — simply a person with a taste for “young stuff.” Any parent who would send their adolescent off to DC should prepare them for a whole host of evils, dick brains being the least of them.

    Foley demonstrated poor personal judgement, but let’s not let scandal mongering get the best of us — the way it did during the Clinton/Lewinsky affair.

    One thing I’m starting to wonder about Americans is if they feel that one of their god-given rights is the right to be entertained. What is this obsession with scandals? Do you really imagine it is doing your country any good in the long run?

    The Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress have been corrupt enough and wrong-headed enough in an official capacity to more than justify their thorough trouncing… so why hasn’t that happened yet? Why are Americans so shallow that they can only jump all over a scandal of a private and personal nature?? Don’t you care what these people are doing to (y)our country* and all that it stands for??

    What’s wrong with you numnuts??

    (* I’m an American, but have lived in Canada most of my adult life. The US seen from an outside perspective is not so pretty. I don’t wish it to be so, but it must be said.)