CNN’s Beck Talks About Poverty

    Commentary: The poverty of Democrats’ ideas for cities

    Beck: Detroit, Buffalo rank highest on list of cities in poverty

    Democrats have been in office for decades but haven’t solved problem, he says
    Beck says voters wanting “change” should throw incumbent parties out
    Why is an issue like poverty “owned” by one political party, he asks

    America’s economy has crashed twice. Once in the early 30’s and once,so far, in 2008. Both times Republicans were “leading” America. So, it looks like the Republican’s motto might be “make no small poverty” plans. Poverty “flourished” under the Republicans. And it’s “flourishing” today – in cities that missed Beck’s list – in cities that are not used to poverty.

    Republicans are still working “experimental” economics in politics. Once it was called “trickle down effect”. But another called that “voodoo economics”. And the condition of America’s economy today, should have given Mr. Beck pause prior to trying to assign poverty to the Democratic party.

    Mr. Beck has spoken of his fondness for President Reagan. It is difficult to believe that firing the striking(illegal) aircraft control tower workers was the only solution that could come out of that labor disagreement.

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