Is Biden a change Vice President?

On January 20, 2009, if John McCain takes the oath of office as the next President and Barack Obama returns to the Senate to figure out what happened to his once promising campaign, he should remember Friday, August 22, 2008 as the day he made a mistake that cost him the Presidency.

That was the day Obama named Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. as his running mate.

So much for the dream, so much for the promises of change, so much for casting aside the old way of doing things. If you want to deliver on those promises, you don’t pick a two-time loser as a Presidential candidate, a long-winded speaker who puts people to sleep or a known plagiarist who also lied outright when he said he would never accept an offer of the vice presidency.

Obama might, possibly, have come up with a worse choice than Joe Biden but that would be a short list.

Bringing Biden into the fold is a sellout of the highest order, a capitulation to the old-style liberalism that has sunk the Democratic Party time and again.

Picking Biden suggests Obama is not an agent of change but simply a purveyor of false hopes and impossible dreams.

Like many, I wanted to believe in the guy. He talked good but his actions since wrapping up the nomination have betrayed the trust of those who supported him and offered nothing but the same political pabulum to a nation that needed a candidate who would deliver on his promises.

Joe Biden? This is change?

Forget the future. Forget any hope of salvation for a nation in need.  Get ready for the Presidency of John McCain.

The mafia has a saying for what we are facing:  new boss, same as the old boss.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: I revised this column on August 27 after deciding some of the original column was just too far over the top. I still think Biden was a bad choice but was wrong to consider it a fatal one. My bad.)


  1. AveryMoore

    Agree with the state of status-quo-politics comments, but not necessarily the concluding question.

    One problem is Hillary and the other is the election of Obama.

    For Obama to succeed he has to do what only a very bright person can do – find ways to keep a lot of people happy and contented that he’s doing the job well. Bush has not come close to doing the job, and McCain’s eccentricities offer every indication that he is too far off the beam to go about unsupervised near things that could go boom.

    Obama has no choice. He has to prove himself at a higher standard than any of those who came before him – or forget the idea of any other American minority ever occupying the big job. Including Hillary.

    That’s a hopeful prospect.

    Is this good for Hillary?

    If Obama wins and does a great enough job the first 4 years, no. It means Hillary is geriatric before she gets the next shot at the White House in 8 years. At which point former Obama voters ask, “Hillary who?”

    This thought must have occurred to at least one Hillary adviser and this contingency puts further pressure on Obama to deliver in a big way. Because in no way is his back covered from other contenders in his own camp.. The kind of pressure which Hillary has already demonstrated can only be imposed on her by The Big States. The ‘important’ ones. Obama must build an expanding coalition. Period.

    I think there really is one shot at the change you want. And only one way to get it with a vote.

  2. griff

    I appreciate the thoughtful reply. Let me first state that I am neither a McCain troll, as suggested in other comments, nor am I a Clinton supporter. In fact, you won’t find many carpetbagging Clinton fans here in upstate NY.

    There still happens to be some free-thinking Independent Americans that don’t buy into the false left vs right control system. I happen to be one of them.

    Some comments by Obama supporters just serve to strengthen my argument. I am automatically labeled a neocon apologist or McCain supporter for no other reason than that I oppose Obama. I can’t possibly have any other reason.

    I care not about race or gender in a President. I care about what the candidate intends to do about righting the ship. I see nothing from Obama but empty rhetoric and vague promises, an any-port-in-a-storm mentality brought about by the galactic failures of the “opposing” party.

    Failures, of course, that weren’t failures at all, but wild successes for the military-industrial complex.

    The same dance set to a different tune. I just see no solutions in his policy positions, nor have I met any of his supporters that can accurately define them. I see nothing but a blind faith campaign based on a wait-and-see approach. I’ve been waiting and seeing for forty years, and nothing ever changes.

    As for voting, I’ll vote the way I always do – third party.

  3. AveryMoore


    Ackroyd studied criminology and sociology at Carleton University but dropped out before completing.

    The Joe Friday role was perfect for him.

  4. pollchecker

    Pollchecker has not slipped through the cracks. I only post 1 blog a day per our publisher’s request and I do my best to time that post so it bumps an old blog that I wrote off the front page and not someone else’s.

    I have complied with every request our published has asked of me. I have even listened to the suggestions of other bloggers and limited my links to pertinent and current posts per their requests.

    AS far as I can tell, I have broken no rules as they have repeatedly laid out. My only frailty is that occasionally I let some HATER get to me which only proves that I am human.

    However, I would like to point out that no one is forcing you to read anything I write. My handle is clearly on any entry so it might behoove you to gloss right over it since you find it so ad nauseum.

    At least I am doing something by keeping the truth in lieu of the vicious and fictional Republican attacks where people can clearly read them and decide for themselves.

    A country that is run on fear is NOT a free country at least NOT IMHO!

  5. pollchecker

    Mr. Thompson, sorry it took so long to reply. I have been traveling this weekend.

    I can, do and will admit when I am wrong, you just have not proven it to me yet.

    But I must admit, I do remember some Hillary for POTUS ads on this site. I do not recall Obama ads although that does not mean they were not present. Perhaps it has to do with the placement of the ads. BTW, who is in charge of that?

    I was addressing the current situation though. I did not mean to imply that you would not accept ads from Obama. You are a business man, that would not be prudent.

    I just made an observation….sarcastic as it may have been. But I will concede the point you are definitely an equal opportunity hater. I look forward to your equally voracious attack on McCain’s choice for VP next Saturday.

    So I took the night to review your rants since you came back and declared a NEW season in July before I wrote this reply.

    You have called Obama balless and unfit to be POTUS. Unfit even though he voted identically to McCain on the FISA bill. I went back and reviewed and did not see any reference to that in that in that particular rant.

    Yes, you have called McCain a racist, bigot and a pimp however, in my opinion, those words were well deserved. Never in the history of our country has a candidate offered up his wife as a sacrificial lamb in order to get votes. Perhaps McCain is so old that he comes from a time when people sacrificed virgins to the gods in order to win favor with the Gods.

    And you attack Biden’s past but I have not seen any Rants LATELY about McCain’s association with the Keating 5. (althought I will admit I did not search the site for any OLD articles)

    Senator Obama has said all along that he was going to pick a diversity of people to be part of this administration. His Biden pick means that he has lived up to his word by picking a man who has supported IRAQ ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It will be interesting to see who he selects for the rest of his administration when he wins.

    And his Biden pick shows that he is willing to listen to the concerns of the people by picking a white man who isn’t afraid to stand up to terrorists so he can keep the sheeple safe ….. ….unlike Bush who listens to no one but Cheney and has declared himself to be the Decider or McCain who mirrors Bush like a shadow.

    Lastly if being a member of the staff (a volunteer at that) means that we can’t disagree then I might as well join GW’s staff because after all, that’s what we have had for the past 7 1/2 years….an administration of YES men.

    I have broken no rules here as you have repeatedly defined them, except to question this so-called non-partisan stuff. Personally I do not believe there is such a thing and I also do not believe that our forefathers would agree with you on that. But I will concede the point that your rants are balanced in that you obviously deplore the system and EVERYONE who is involved with it.

  6. almandine

    I had wondered how, given your piece not too long ago that some were posting ad nauseum and monopolizing space and time, pollchecker was slipping thru the cracks.

    Crystal clarity now…

  7. Doug Thompson


    Lastly if being a member of the staff (a volunteer at that) means that we can’t disagree then I might as well join GW’s staff because after all, that’s what we have had for the past 7 1/2 years….an administration of YES men.

    Obviously, you paid no attention to what I wrote. I said you were welcome to disagree with me on issues but that you will not post misinformation on this site. You clearly suggested that the appearance of a McCain ad on this site was a sign of partisanship. That is crap.

    In addition, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a businessman. Capitol Hill Blue is not a business. Never has been, never will be. It is a labor of love by those who volunteer considerable amounts of time to make it happen. The ads on this site pay for about 40 percent of the cost. I make up the rest out of my own pocket. Any accountant will tell you that this is not good business.

    Furthermore, I hate no one. I have no personal animosity against John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden or any other elected official. I dislike what most of them are doing to the country I love. I am disappointed in Obama. I expected more. Long time members of the CHB team know this. Sadly, you never took the time to learn.

    You owe the many people who work to make this web site what it is an apology.

  8. pollchecker

    I read what you wrote. I have read every single word you write. I just don’t buy into every word you write just like you obviously don’t buy into every words the pundits write.

    I mean no disrespect to those that work hard on this site so if an apology is in order, then consider it made.

    But perhaps you should go back and reread some of your words because to some one who might stumble across this site for the first time, they come across sometimes pretty hateful.

  9. Doug Thompson

    Obviously, we disagree. Obviously, we are not going to agree. Obviously, you are not happy with the way I do things about here. Obviously, I am not going to change.

    This site does not exist to support any political party or candidate. Never has, never will.

    I suggest we leave it at that and move on. I’ll find a moderator who can check his or her political beliefs at the door.  Thanks for your help.

  10. Southerner

    Where are the Obama ads on Capitol Hill Blue? I haven’t looked at every link on this website, but I’ve yet to see one. Are Obama’s handlers not buying ads for your site? I’d like to know. Meanwhile, I see McCain ads constantly on your site. So if Obama is buying ads here, my perception is that they aren’t as visible as McCain’s.

    So, Doug, what’s up?

  11. Doug Thompson

    It’s common for a candidate to buy saturation ads during the opposing party’s convention.  We will see Obama ads during the GOP convention.

  12. Flapsaddle

    I am truly amazed that, despite ample evidence to the contrary, so many feel and/or imply that you and this site are somehow extensions of the “Rovinator” and that you have to expend so much energy explaining otherwise.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  13. AveryMoore

    Warren, you are gifted,

    “Inspiring that energetic conversation” is such a nice way of saying pushing opinion in ways that suit your agenda.

    It’s also little short of professing clairvoyance and omniscience, isn’t it?

    Not that Doug would ever stoop to being a less than impartial “moderator”

    What could be more prudent than to start with “he made his final, fatal mistake and proved the skeptics right – he was not ready to be President of the United States.”?

    A Doug groupie?

  14. griff

    …Me. HaHa. Anyone that doesn’t have a D or an R beside their name is a good start.

    Of course, being the realist that I am, I know that one of these two buffoons will win.

    From a purely objective view – and don’t take this in any way as a vote for McCain, but just political pondering – but I think that, given the very real possibility of a super majority going to the Democrats in the Congress, that a McCain presidency would, at the very least, maintain some semblance of balance in Washington.

    You may argue that the Democrats will use that power to right all the wrongs of the Bush administation, but history and cold logic tells me that won’t happen. The Clinton years began the same way that the Bush years did – with the same party controlling the Congress and the President – but the Congress went Republican in the next mid-terms. The country wanted balance.

    After a few years of Republican control of both the Congress and the Presidency, the country elected a Democrat Congress to balance the equation. Only the Democrats failed to heed that message, and lifted not one manicured finger to that effect.

    From my independent viewpoint, I think the Democrats need to prove themselves worthy of higher aspirations before we hand them even more power than Bush enjoyed during his first few years. A strong Congress can neutralize a rogue President, and since the voice of the people resides in the Congress, that is where the most change can occur.

    The Congress has the power, should they be inclined to use it, to legally undo the sins of the past. I get the distinct feeling that they don’t want to, and have proven it these last few years. They merely want to inflict upon us their own brand of a moral majority, and are happy to allow the suffering to continue to see that end.

    You can argue these points, and rightfully so. Neither party truly wants to drastically change anything, the mere illusion of change will suffice. Tinkering on the periphery while ignoring and stifling real debate on the underlying and institutional causes of our problems is the real problem we have, and both parties are content to keep the debate superficial and meaningless.

    Democrats seem content to focus on emotional social issues that are beyond the scope of the government’s control. Real equality comes from prosperity, and prosperity comes from sound economics and a strong currency. Neither party seems willing to address these basic underlying issues, such as the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of our currency and the markets.

  15. Azariel

    Most all the sites I’ve been looking at are blanketed with PUMAS and snide McCainonites. For every comment I’ve read from someone for Obama there are four screamers for Clinton or some manic agent-provocateurs for McCain. They’re out in droves-like all the vampires have flown out of their caves. It’s like Halloween out there. Someone fired a starter pistol and they were off and running.

    Anyone who is going to be pushing McCain is going to start doing it now because Clinton was rightfully dropped on her head in such a grand gesture by Obama-who did a great job choosing Biden, despite the GOP’s assault on him visa vie Clinton.

    I’m non-party and glad of it but I like Obama. No, he is not perfect-no one ever was or could be in politics. But I like him. He thinks. He functions. He can spell and he can put his thoughts into words. And some of his thoughts are not bad. I never agreed one hundred per cent with any politician. I think he could restore this country to some semblance of dignity and reason. Rather than look for any provocation to start a war-any war…anywhere. For eternity.

    I have always liked Joe too. Had occasion to contact him on some legislative issues. One thing he was always gracious and down to earth. And he knew his stuff.

    Joe may not be perfect either. I know everyone is upset about the Zionist thing but, hey folks, they all are. One way or the other. And those that aren’t with Israel don’t come to the table but there is always hope that incrementally-these guys could work for the greater good of this country.

    It seems, too, a lot of blogs out there and “non-partisan” sites have swung more right just these last days. I can just hear the collective and panicked breath of the big players in the background when their little spin with Clinton and her mythical eighteen million “doubtful” votes sank like a stone.

    I’m not sure that Biden and Obama are the team that those heavy-hitters want. Must be a reason.

    Next flank will be McCain trying to attack Biden and Obama with everything he’s got-petty, nonsensical foolishness like that silly Rovian thing the Clintons tried with Wright. McCain must be reaching deep in his bag of garbage for whatever desperate stuff he can float. I’m pretty sure that will sink too. He’s got to get the spotlight off himself, his gorilla rape joke, Sturgis, his bumbling and his multi-real estate quagmire.

    Meanwhile-I found it interesting that McCain was tooling around in a golf cart with the sinister George H. W. Bush, Sr. and that old Billster played golf with him. Maybe they all met on the green to hit a few…FORE!!!!

    “You get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word” – Al Capone

  16. Warren

    Good job, Doug.

    I hope most of your readership realizes that it’s not possible to inspire energetic conversation by taking the centrist position. One must take a position that’s slightly over the top and let people respond. Your self-appointed job seems to be inspiring that energetic conversation. I’d say on this one you were quite successful.


  17. Baal

    Totally disagree with you, Doug. I feel Biden is an excellent choice. Honest, blunt, with superior foreign policy experience to placate the Hawks..

    He will help Obama learn the ropes for the next 8 years, while we slowly try and get ourselves out of this 8 year nightmare…..

    Now, put Hillary in @ Sec of State so she & Bill can be OUT of the country most of the time….and away from the Oval Office as much as possible… She will prosper in the position, and it will be a better place to run from, come 2012…

    Im a college educated, 54 year old white guy, and Im voting for Obama-Biden come November…

  18. Nick Lento

    Azariel on August 25, 2008 – 11:53pm.


    Most all the sites I’ve been looking at are blanketed with PUMAS and snide McCainonites. For every comment I’ve read from someone for Obama there are four screamers for Clinton or some manic agent-provocateurs for McCain. They’re out in droves-like all the vampires have flown out of their caves. It’s like Halloween out there. Someone fired a starter pistol and they were off and running.

    Consider the cash flows involved. It’s easy to project a trillion dollar difference to certain industries/sectors if Obama beats McCain.

    We already know that the McCain clients fight dirty.

    Is it so far fetched to suspect that many/most of the “vampires” referred to above are just paid trolls? At five bucks a post, it wouldn’t take much to rack up a 500 dollar days work.

    The web is a wonderful place with great potential; but we’re at a point where anything that’s said anonymously needs to be “taken” with a ton of salt.

    Hell, wait til we get some decent AI! People will be programming the things to become trollbots (!).

    Anonymity is rooted in fear at best and malevolence at worst. (Of course behind malevolence there is fear…but that’s a deeper point.)

    Bottom line; the entities behind McCain are absolutely depraved; Obama is a saintly virgin compared to his opposition.

  19. AveryMoore

    Outrageous! Five bucks a slur!

    The Beijing government pays their stooges only fifty cents each! No kidding!

    The Fifty Cent Party, or wumaodang is a group of highly trained people, a cadre, working the internet for their government. Such employment earns them pocket money and perhaps future considerations in The Party: The Chinese Communist Party. (They’re so different from us, aren’t they?)

    Their job is to cruise the web looking for Anti-Beijing-Thought either in Chinese or English and strike back with the CCP’s talking points. Or threats.

    Anyone who trots out the party line, they love-bomb with congratulatory posts. “Brilliant!” “Loved it!” “Wow!” “You boogie down!”

    And so forth.

    How they came up with the idea? Does FOX News broadcast in Beijing?

    I think every neo-con, send-all-our-jobs-offshore-pronto, ‘Profit Is God’, upper class twit should demand that this vital service to Senator McCain should be transfered to Beijing, forthwith! They already have a motivated team ready and waiting to pounce!

    …OK, there may be some translation glitches and some screwy looking responses, but think of the savings in cost!

    But look at this ‘positive spin cycle wise.’

    With enough posts saying , ‘You go to hell, running dog, leftist deviationist, Obama-lovers!’ it will really mess up the forums but good.

    FIVE DOLLARS a slur!

    It’s a scandal!

  20. AveryMoore

    The Fairness Issue.

    We need to address a controversy over who is and who isn’t quite up to honesty in their posts. It can be done democratically via software. I recommend doing it promptly.

    At issue are certain posts which profess to support Obama – you know true Obama lovers – who ‘finally realize’ that he’s just this loser, now they detest the guy, and they’re just SO DISAPPOINTED! Let’s all bewail it together!

    There should be a BS metre along side the post. With each person who reads the post and thinks ‘what a load of lying PUMA crap!’, the BS Meter gets incremented by 1 click only.

    Since PUMAs will target this meter as well there should be a second BS\PUMA counter, which can be incremented when too obviously PUMAs have rated a good post with negative clicks.

    To start each post we need to see statements of intent. So there’s three options.

    Support Obama
    Support McCain
    Space Case [undecideds or over-medicateds]

    This too will help. We all know there’s a tendency not to read every comment posted and only look for positive support of personal views. For McCain supporters the pickings might be slim but the prospect of reading through all that other horrifying support for “God no, A Democrat!” would lower their cardio rate. They could go out shopping for ocean liners rather than phone the emergency ward.

    Space cases could look for others equally lost, and Obama people could be spared the insult of reading troll-swill.

    I call it Win-Win-Win.

    Pls advise.

  21. griff

    Right. So we support one or the other, or we are some kind of over-medicated space cadet. It must be nice to be so righteous and perfect.

    Further proof that the two-party system breeds nothing but mindless obedience and blissful ignorance.

    For the last hundred years our country has gotten progressively worse due to the uncontested control of these two parties, and the people that have no faith in either are the contemptable fools?

    The real intellectuals and thinkers – problem-solvers – are the ones that think outside the tight confines of this stricly controlled duopoly and cast aside the false partisan bickering that passes for political debate these days.

  22. Ladywolf55

    My husband stated it perfectly last night. He was born in Germany and became a naturalized Australian before becoming a US citizen.

    He stated: “In Germany we get at least TEN choices or more for the leader of the country. In Australia, there are at least five choices. But here in the USA, we only get to choose between S#%^head or DumbAss. What kind of country is this?!?

  23. AveryMoore

    Given the reality of the obnoxious and imperfect two party system under which you live:

    …and your solution to the question of who is to be the next President of The United States is…..?

  24. AveryMoore

    Good points.

    And a simple “what-if?”

    You enter a casino and there are only two open tables.

    At one table the dealer is an old hack, but first rate at palming cards, dealing off the bottom, and masterful at setting up friends with winning hands. He’s been at it for decades.

    At the other table is a newbie. You watch him. Nothing gets palmed, nothing off the bottom, nobody wins too obviously. For no apparent reason – he’s smart enough for now to be honest with his cards, not slick and bent by the game. He may be resisting the system.

    Where are you going to join the game?

    I think Obama is the ONLY candidate vulnerable enough to be pressured to play a straight game. The house won’t lose, not all the players will walk away happy, but the players get better than a scam.

  25. Hoosier_CowBoy

    The “experience” arguement doesn’t hold water after 8 years of the most incompetent Administration since Harding.

    If the people haven’t upchucked after 8 years of the roller coaster ride they’ve been on, they have to be insensitive to motion sickness by now.

    Anyone, anything is a step up from where we are now.

    How much experience did it take to allow the nation to be vunerable to a terrorist attack when anyone in the security community knew it was coming months in advance?

    How much experience did it take to allow the financial and housing bubbles to expand beyond all reason when anyone in the economic community knew it would eventually explode?

    How much experience did it take to let the infrastructure of the nation crumble and fail when anyone crossing most bridges gets white knuckles and prays to God they’re not going to go for a quick flight into the drink?

    Experience? Yes we’ve had experiences already and we don’t need any more.

  26. Warren

    No, not a Doug Groupie by any stretch of the imagination. Merely a student of technique. Doug gets a discussion started by taking a radical position. He could have started an equally impressive discussion by praising Obama’s choice of Biden for VP. No difference. Same discussion. He was successful in that this one was very lively.

  27. kat

    Very well written! You read my mind. I’m in the “anybody but Hillary” camp but truthfully it never occurred to me that he actively would entertain Biden as his choice.

    The disappointment is close to crushing. Not sure if it’s even worth voting this time around. Hate to pull the lever for McCain but I cannot/will not vote for a ticket that’s more suited to a Saturday Night Live skit.


  28. peace


    with all the crap as this is a presidential campaign and we all cannot be happy all the time!!!!!!

    First NO ONE IS “PERFECT.” Democrats have to win in the fall. PERIOD!

    Joe Biden is someone who can go out and get the job done. Good guys do not win, sorry that’s reality in the politcal world. I for one do not like all the crap, but that’s the way it is and believe me it will be like that for sometime to come. I am 57 years and willing to give Obama-Biden a chance as the old man, well I cannot think of another four years.

    Do you really want the old man who cannot remember how many homes he ownes or what year or time of day it is!

    I still believe the American people will give Obama a chance. I wish the HC people would remember health care, ending the occupation in Iraq just to mention two! The old man will keep us in war and no chance for any health care reform.

    I am willing to give Obama a chance and stop looking for perfect. I am never going to say President McCain and it would do you well to stop writing down to us and get out and do something to help get Obama elected. That’s are only hope!

    Thank you. Chance that’s what politics is!

  29. bryan mcclellan

    Like they say at the drag strip; you got to run what you brung.
    They also say; chrome won’t take you home.
    The worn out jalopy that is the Democratic party would fare better in a sailboat race what with all the wind that this will generate.

    I’m going to forego the popcorn and head straight for the liquor cabinet. PMFOT,s

  30. almandine

    For whatever role the VEEP would play in an Obama administration, Joe Biden has been there and seen it, done quite a bit of it, and has always seemed a fairly reasonable guy to me. HIs early take on Iraq was particularly logical. Many other points he has made in speeches, debates, etc, are not the same old Demo pablum that other Demo so-called leaders spew ad nauseum, and he has learned the art of keeping his mouth shut when to do otherwise would just bring grief.

    I had written Obama off – not even considering voting for the man – but now I’m interested in listening to and watching further developments.

    So much for consensus, eh Doug ??

  31. pollchecker

    Obama is damned for whatever he does by someone around here.

    How does that old say go?

    You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people, all of the time

    Oh, and add to it…you can’t please Doug, period!

    By the way, you got the date wrong. Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice the McCain for POTUS ad on the site. So much for non-partisanship (har,har)!

    At least he picked a good attack dog! Biden is going to CRUCIFY McCain on EVERYTHING!

    BTW, Do you ever eat your words when you are wrong?

  32. Doug Thompson


    As a member of the staff here you should at least learn how this site functions before making a complete fool of yourself by claiming an ad paid for my the McCain campaign suggests this site is partisan.  If you had taken the time to inquire you would have learned that our two national ad reps have booked ads from both the Obama and McCain campaigns and that during the primaries nearly every candidate on both sides of the fence purchased ads on Capitol Hill Blue.

    We allow both sides to buy ads because we are non-partisan. Ask some of the partisan web sites if they allow ads from candidates on the other side of the political spectrum.

    You’re welcome to your opinion on the issues, just like everyone else around here but the next time you post such an uninformed piece of crap that questions my integrity it had better include your resignation as moderator of the blog sections. You can disagree with me all you want but you will not lie on this web site about my political non-partisanship.

    As for eating my words, I have done so more than once over the past 14 years. I would expect you to know that. The fact that you don’t makes me wonder if I made a wise choice in bringing you on board.A more pressing question is, will you eat your words when you are wrong, as you are so completely in this case?

  33. JudyB

    Doug I disagree with you completely this time, but know the feeling well. I had nightmares when Bush chose Cheney as his V.P…but they were mild compared to what reality wrought with this combined duo at the helm.

    I can’t believe however, that you truly believe…”This action makes the insanity of George W. Bush look reasoned and sober.” For me, there is NOTHING nor ANYBODY who can or will ever make “the insanity of Bush look reasoned” perhaps on occasion sober, but NEVER reasoned! I am curious, who would you have suggested as Obama’s veep?, please share that with us.

    Joe Biden is respected on Capitol Hill and has the experience and knowledge under his belt that Obama will sorely need. I wish them luck and give them my support.

  34. griff

    It doesn’t really matter if Obama picked Dumbo the elephant as his running mate, both parties will see fit to continue the selling off of America and her citizens.

    There will never be real change in this country because there is too much money and power to be had, at our expense of course. Real change would mean dismantling the institutionalized corruption that represents just another day at the office for our Political Class.

    No, they will still take our money under the guise of helping us, and distribute it amongst their friends and associates. We will still start wars around the world under the guise of helping those that we slaughter, because miltarism is all we have left.

    And Americans will continue to fund their own destruction, happily swallowing every fetid morsel of shit our worshipful masters and their media whores ejaculate. It’s far easier to believe in a lie than to fight for the truth.

    The only things left in this country are prisons and the military. Slavery was never abolished, it was expanded to include all of America. A scientific slave state is what we have now, complete with digital chains and virtual cells. Hardly noticeable, really, until you become aware of them and try to break free.

    A new shade of lipstick for the hideous, slovenly pigs in Washington. Nothing more, nothing less.

  35. Watchman

    Welcome to the club of Obama skeptics, Doug.

    McCain only needs to stay alive till November and he will win. The Dems are nominating a new version of Mondale and Dukasis – well-meaning guys who are doomed to lose.

    Obama is a dreamer and a talker. He should be a preacher or an entertainer. Give the guy a job he can handle.

  36. Stratocaster

    It’s time for a reality check. This is not the greatest nation on the face of the earth. It does not have the highest standard of living nor the highest per capita income. It does not have the highest moral values. It is probably the most hypocrital and corrupt nation on the face of the earth and what little it does have is being taken away by illegal immigrants. It is one nation, under God with liberty and justice for a priviledged few.

  37. AveryMoore

    The joke starts in the title, “The day the Obama dream died.”

    It’s just so impartial, isn’t it? It’s not that he’s directing your attention, from a great and noble height, towards a particular theme. He merely offers a pre-corpse requiem solemnly pronounced. ‘We gather here today to remember the not quite deceased…’

    It’s not as though Doug secretly harbors any axe to grind against Obama personally. He’s already said he hasn’t. So there.

    But speaking objectively Doug already has astral traveled across America and conducted an espionage mission: a voter satisfaction survey of like-minded blokes. Really very scientific.

    And those supporters of The Book Of Doug responded in kind appreciation of his crystal ball certainty of future events. (BTW, could I borrow it for the Stock Market, Doug?)

    Why doubt what he says? If you think the way Doug does Obama MUST lose. So stop fidgeting and just submit, won’t you?

    Or, imagine that it isn’t Doug but gorgeous Seven Of Nine telling you what’s what – “Resistance is Futile.”

    A self-wished prophecy.

    Otherwise your points, not Doug’s are more to the issue – why would anyone sane let anyone as unstable as McCain win, and usher in 4 more years of Bush lunacy?

    For Doug, it is best that we all become the dejected and pathetic losers who sigh and watch the boob tube in sorrow on election day. As the economy crashes we can sigh collectively “If only more people had voted! Obama not McCain would be in the White House – but we didn’t turn up and vote.”

    Doug was so right to encourage us not to.

    A visionary that guy. He’s just being helpful…

  38. mrtshw

    Obama/Biden are so far superior to McCain/? that Obama’s cynical pragmatism/(flip-flopping)in this era of dumpster-diving journalism has to excused. What alternative do you offer Mr. Thompson aside from pissing on the Obama parade and threatening a staff member who disagrees with your churlish buffoonery.

  39. ChescoRes

    Forget the future. Forget any hope of salvation for a nation in need. Get ready for the Presidency of John McCain. The kid from Chicago ain’t got what it takes to play with the big boys.

    The mafia has a saying for what we are facing: new boss, same as the old boss.

    So that’s it Doug? We should just give up now? We should stop following the election? We should stop reading this site? We should not bother voting?

    Beyond the arrogance of writing like you already know all the answers, there is the idiocy at believing that this one decision will in and of itself, decide the election. Frankly Doug, you should know this better than any of us. A thousand things will happen between now and November that will dramatically effect the outcome of this race. For you to declare the race over when you know perfectly well that it’s not, only sets yourself up to look foolish, again.

  40. ChescoRes

    Replying to myself here Doug as I see you’ve “revised” this article, or at least the title.

    Interesting that you admit to “some” of the article being over the top, but even more interesting that you didn’t remove the last two graphs that I quoted above.

    You may want to consider a 2nd revision.

    Hopefully, you’ll get it right before November.

  41. Tinker

    Obama finally proved that he does have good judgment by picking Joe Biden for VP, except it should be Joe on the top of that ticket. Now we will vote for Obama/Biden. We were going to just stay home.

    And Doug, you have just proven to me that you are the same sort of political hack that just spews garbage. In short, you don’t know the difference between your butt and a hole in the ground! Even gawd-awful, sour-puss Brit Hume had only one thing to say about Joe on FOX yesterday, and it was that Joe Biden was a genuinely nice and decent man.

    So go take a flying leap, Doug. I volunteered for Joe Biden in Iowa and anyone who bad-mouths him is on my s**t list!

  42. Siannan

    I have said from the very beginning that Obama was not going to win and this only convinces me more. Not only is he incapable of the office, he is unable to select a viable running mate. Talk about the final nail in the election year coffin with Doug hitting it right on the head. I’m glad you finally turned around and saw the light.

    The damned shame of it is, we’re still stuck with BushCo.

  43. AveryMoore

    Tell us all how deeply you will suffer for letting it happen.. Don’t spare us your pain.

  44. AveryMoore

    Can’t understand it.

    I’m pushing 70 and I’ve never seen so many people so dejected that they last thing on their mind is stepping back from 4 more years of floundering in quicksand and just trying another path to survival.

    They keep posting – ‘Sure. It’s true and all. I know it’s gonna be just as bad with McCain as it was with Bush …’

    And then they punt.

    Heard an interesting quip on the net from BBC’s “The Bugle” (“an audio broadcast for a visual world”)

    “..he used to sell parachutes to indecisive lemmings.”

    Well, they can’t be American lemmings, because this election cycle by marching with the we’re-too-funked-up herd they’re going to follow all the misery they can imagine right over the cliff.

    Go figure.

  45. Siannan

    As I said, Obama is going to lose. McCain will receive the majority of electoral votes (a poor system, IMHO, but the only one we have at this point), and he will be the winner. As I said to my friend, who is going to vote for Obama, it won’t matter in NJ, because he will carry the state anyway. If you lived in a different state, where it might matter how you voted, your vote and others could make the difference. But in NJ it won’t.

  46. Nick Lento

    AveryMoore Said it well….

    We can all keep bickering and at least be satisfied that we have vented. But if you don’t want 4 more years of a reincarnated Bush – a guy too erratic and feeble to be safely given an air traffic controller’s post – it’s time to swallow the indignation, stop kvetching about what you’d rather see, and get rid of two disasters.

    First: the Bush machine.

    Second: reform the Democratic Party from the top down.

    Neither will happen if McCain wins. It’s dead certain that if Obama loses that’s what a fool’s bargain will bring us: Four more years of crap in your corn flakes.

    I think he has it backwards on one point. We need to re-form/take over the Democratic party and our democracy from the bottom up. Grass roots networking and community building (in the 3d world AND cyberspace) is the only real long term solution. People who understand each other and are committed to common aims and values are not going to be swayed by any kind of Rovian bullshit.

    Obama isn’t a revolutionary, he’s moderately progressive; but he will follow the lead of the people if/when we become a real massive “movement for quality”.

    Electing Obama is just a first step to real change.

    If we allow McCain to win because Obama’s not “pure” enough for us then all of our worst case scenario may become self fulfilling prophecies.

    I know that if I’m Karl Rove and I read the “rant” above I would be cackling with great glee.

    I’m not stupid or ignorant; I understand and acknowledge just how far Obama/Biden is from ideal….but I’m also smart enough to know that when you’re stranded in a desert about to collapse and you’re thirsty enough to drink a gallon of water (metaphorically speaking 😉 you would be seriously mistaken if you turned down a cold pint on the basis of it not being good enough.

    Electing Obama; Good. Allowing McCain to “win”; bad. It’s really that obvious.

  47. AveryMoore

    Agreed. In terms of ideals, you’re absolutely right.

    “I think he has it backwards on one point. We need to re-form/take over the Democratic party and our democracy from the bottom up.”

    In terms of political reality, the system you recognize to be corrupted and dysfunctional won’t blithely let that happen. Not without a leader to lead the charge..

    And that’s a huge threat to the money train of the status quo in the Dem politburo.

    There’s something else to consider. Regardless of nationality, corrupt systems are keenly aware of how very corrupt they truly are. They do not suffer reformers gladly and if it comes to civil war over reform, as long as the oligarchs are relatively unscathed in wiping out ‘disloyal’ opposition then so be it..

    Witness Burma. And those horrible pacifist Monks. Or another absurdity and land grab, Tibet.

    The calculus alters however where movements are too massive and popular to be put down – even the troops start to say, ‘no more, not this time’ – Witness the old Soviet Union.

    So yes, I put the priority of reform at electing Obama first.

    Because if Obama loses, as so many on these pages urge others to let happen, he is finished. He will join Gore, and Kerry in the non-grata department and all hopes possible to a young man with a willingness and the capacity to listen and learn, and the brazen intelligence to lead, will be shelved.

    The ‘Obama’s Not Ever Perfect Enough’ emphasis will never acknowledge the positives of Obama’s candidacy. They will predict that his ‘failures’, to satisfy his most ardent opponents, presage a disastrous inability to satisfy people who admire and\or adore him for being bright, fresh and currently their only hope.

    Thus the K-Street talking points barrage will continue and accelerate. Until enough Democrats and undecideds notice just who it is claiming to be loyal Dems, while urging other Dems to throw in the towel.

  48. ChescoRes

    As I said to my friend, who is going to vote for Obama, it won’t matter in NJ, because he will carry the state anyway. If you lived in a different state, where it might matter how you voted, your vote and others could make the difference. But in NJ it won’t.

    And you DON’T see the problem with this? You’ve bought into the notion that polls can replace elections. If 100,000 NJ democrats were to take your advice and stay home because “Obama is going to carry the state anyway”, don’t you see how that greatly DECREASES his chances of carrying the state?

    I certainly hope your friend in NJ told you to shut up and stop screwing with his vote.

  49. AveryMoore

    You got it right.

    Aren’t you glad that so many people are offering “It’s Hopeless!” in place of a the simpler democratic electoral option?

    – by not voting do I keep Bush policies going till we’re all bankrupted or dead, or kick these pickpockets out for screwing the country?

    Amazing isn’t it? For seemingly, intelligent, fed up people, how can this be such a brutally tough call!

    Their solution? Let’s all be demoralized instead..

    Like that’s going to help anyone!

  50. ECT.


    Doug Thompson your Rant has me wondering if you are on McCains Payroll, are McCain in disguise or just another Puma.

    Furthermore your comment to pollchecker about his position, and the additional “{ a volunteer at that }” displays a well know McCain type attack…slimy.

    That crude remark also shows your lack of knowledge, and a total disrespect to the many Volunteers across the land…who are indispensable to the many businesses and organizations…who could not function without volunteers. SHAME ON YOU DOUG THOMPSON.